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Here are some links to covers and comics published over several years.  They are separated because, with the exception of The New Funny Book, they are all true undergrounds, that is the content is strictly for adults.  Each section contains covers, some sample pages, and brief info about the books and artists. All these books are out of print but can probably be purchased through distributors like Last Gasp, Rip-Off Press, etc., except the last, HandJob Library.  Most of these pages are graphics intensive, may load slower than others in this site.

   The New Funny Book

PG rated anthology, mostly slap sticky.  Or so we thought. Third issue with more variety, science fiction, adventure, westerns. Suitable for all ages.

Adults Only Comics Magazine

Just what the title says and so named to be listed early in comics catalogues.  Light  bondage, yuck yucks, disco rhymes.  Uptight?  Puritanical?   Read something else  Adult oriented material.

White Whore Funnies

Lampoons, satirizes, castigates, ridicules, embraces mixed couples.  Send ups top to bottom.  Romance comic parodies, but with sex.  Xenophobic?  Stay home. Adult oriented material.

Gay HeartThrobs

Pretty much does what White Whore did, but for/to/by/with gays.  Homophobic?  Don't go here.  Adult oriented gay material.

HandJob Library

What you might call Adults Only minis.  Long running line of x-rated mini comics that was available only through mail order. Think Tijuana bibles.  Adult oriented material.

indicates all titles trademark Larry Fuller.