White Whore Funnies
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Came here by accident?  Underage?  Don't like sex humor? Xenophobic?  Go back.  Otherwise, read this disclaimer and make an adult decision, as this is a page for adults. You must be at least 18 to view its contents.

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Facts about White Whore Funnies No. 1:  The book that started everything.  Published 1975 in response to rejection and refusal to pay for story already contractually and editorially accepted by another publisher.  Pissed me off!  Color cover by Wiley Spade from art direction by Larry Fuller, 32 pages guts on smooth newsprint.  Entire book contains only work by Raye Horne and Larry Fuller, aka Wiley Spade and A. Christian Black.  An underground that parodies, lampoons, and satirizes interracial relationships in format of romantic comic book stories and cartoons.  Frankly ahead of its time, a premiere effort from two hungry amateurs just beginning.  Once advised by a distributor to "Make up something and do it good", I did just that.  Never had so much fun, before or since.  Not, at least, involving a comic book.  Sold out, reprinted and reprinted.

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Facts about White Whore Funnies No. 2:  The biggest and thickest underground of all time and the first with a $2.00 cover price, published in 1978, 76 pages of black and white -- hyuk hyuk! -- guts between mirror ended full color glossy stock covers painted by newly discovered brother, The Great James Davis -- a reformed shoe salesman and ex-heroin addict -- called The Great because he was once witnessed to jump over a coffee table from a sitting position on the couch!  Features more and better drawn variety than predecessor, with artists being Wiley Spade, A. Christian Black, Dan Bold, Eddie Badajos, Areola Corona, and more.  More than any other, this issue put us on the underground map!  In 1989 a magazine published by Penthouse carried an article featuring a survey that voted this book as No. 5 on a list of the ten all time greatest hardcore comix.  A dubious achievement, no doubt, but right in the company of artists like Robert Crumb (the "father of underground comix"), S. Clay Wilson, Bill Griffith, and others.  Sold out, naturally, but reprinted and reprinted.

 White Whore Funnies 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 2000 by Larry Fuller.  All rights reserved.