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The Entire issue of Ebon No.1, published December 1969.

This page is graphic intensive but no reason to wait for the load; just click on the cells with their ALTernate text to see a larger sized graphic (as opposed to just leaving).  Ebon is one of the first black independent superhero comics published and was born of my then and still strong desire to see a powerful BLACK SUPERHERO in comics.  It had a very short run (one issue) and sold less than 100 copies. I had the original idea for this character while stationed at Minot, a SAC Air Force Base in North Dakota in the mid 60s.  The origin was inspired partly by the news of a successful heart transplant.  After looking for an artist for more than a year, I drew it myself; which was, as you can see, a very amateurish effort.  One good thing -- this lead to my attending art classes using my GI bill, an altogether pleasant and enlightening occurrence.  The artwork was drawn on tracing paper and made liberal use of pose swipes from artists of the day, most notably the late Gil Kane, John Buscema, and others. Of course, this was before I knew better, and is a practice long since abandoned.  I post this mostly because it might be good for more than a few laughs to modern readers.  After a decades long absence, this character is being updated, hopefully to shortly reappear.

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