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Came here by accident? Underage?  Don't like sex humor? Go back.  Otherwise, read this disclaimer and make an adult decision, as this is a page for adults. You must be at least 18 to view its contents.

 Adults Only No. 1 Cover.gif BEAUTIFUL Inside cover Adults Only No. 1.gif Adults Only No. 1 splash page.gif Nick Ryder page Adults Only No. 1.gif Disco Splash with poem by Larry Fuller.gif

Adults Only Comic Magazine No. 1 facts:  Published in 1979, black and white glossy stock cover by The Great James Davis, 32 pages guts on standard newsprint.  In your face sexy, sexual, (sexist?) humor, sometimes slapstick, some more subtle (yes, Virginia), and some straight up nonsense.  Very well drawn throughout, featuring Dan Bold (Bulanadi), Wiley Spade, The Great James Davis, The Vaquero Kid (you'll never guess and I wouldn't tell you anyway), and others.  Good seller for an underground, reprinted and reprinted.  Strictly hardcore but silly as can be.

Adults Only No. 2 Cover by Wiley Spade.gif Wiley Spade in action.gif More Wiley.gif Wives of Slick and Wylie.gif

Adults Only Comic Magazine No. 2 facts:  Published 1985, glossy stock color cover by Wiley Spade, 32 pages guts on standard newsprint.  Features some awful early computer -- Commodore 64 -- traced and drawn strips by Larry Fuller, but really a showcase for Wiley Spade, with skits and sketches featuring none other than Wiley himself.  Sold out original print run, reprinted once.  Hardcore but think benignity.

The angry pimp.gif  

Adults Only Comic Magazine No. 3 facts:  Published in 1986, glossy stock color cover by Wiley Spade, 32 pages guts on standard newsprint.  More Wiley showing off -- a bit too much it turned out, resulting in a broken friendship, later repaired, but also representing our last business dealing in this life.  Also features Dan Bold, Yves Regis Francois, Larry Fuller, and more.  Would you believe hardcore with laughs?

Adults Only Comic Magazine  1979, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1986, 2000 by Larry Fuller.  All rights reserved.