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Welcome to my first website! My name is Larry Fuller and this is the first one I've built, so it's not fancy and, yeah, I know personal sites don't really need names, but I call it Trial and Error because that reflects how it and most of its content came to be.  All in all, a drawn out, sometimes frustrating, but interesting experience.  The basic purpose of this site is to exhibit -- expose? -- a portion of my artistic life that began in the arguably callow era of my late 20s and ended just about the end of my far from sedate 40s  - publishing underground comix, an activity I more or less fell into by accident and at which I was, certainly by some standards, only moderately successful.  Along the way I learned a multitude of things, some even useful, and met many different and interesting people, including a few exceptional individuals, the most cherished of whom has since departed this vale of wrath and tears. This site contains a small but heartfelt tribute to his memory. 

Even though this site is mostly concerned with things that happened in the past, I do not live there.  Some stuff here, my growing fascination with 3D for instance, is not from the distant past, but ongoing.  I fool around with several different programs.  Also, being a die-hard ball roomer, there is a related comic strip and free dance clip art for those who need it. I also have a few other comic projects in the works. Drop me a line if you'd care to be notified of updates. 


This is not a site designed with children in mind.  It contains accounts and descriptions of, as well as images from, various underground comic books, the majority of said images designed for adult view only and comprised of drawings, illustrations, and rendering (no photos or video) of sometimes naked and nude human forms.  Much of the language is strictly for adults (persons over 18 at the least), especially those of broader outlook.  Therefore, it is suggested that, if you are offended by such, please take this opportunity to quietly exit.  However, please do note that the Ballroom link is "Suitable for all ages!  Parental guidance not required!"  As are the Ebon and New Funny Book pages.   Unless otherwise indicated, all work within these pages is copyright 2000 by Larry Fuller, all rights reserved.  Having said all this, proceed or depart as you wish.  In either event, peace and health.

e-mail to lfuller@lanset.com