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Me and the rest of the family. Well, except for Fiona.

Fiona Beatrix Cuny

If you don't know by now that we've got a new daughter, you've really been out of the loop! She's pretty much eaten up into my late night programming time. Things are beginning to settle back down to normal, but I probably won't be able to get back to coding in earnest until some time early 2003.

Sorry there are no pictures yet. I'd love to include them, but there's never a good time to take them. Either Yvette is nursing her, or she's sleeping (not likely), or she's got suckling away on my finger.

Those of you who know us will be thinking: Wait a minute! Isn't the name Fiona taken by the Risos?

Excellent question. After a long, protracted (yeah, I know that's redundant) legal battle, it was determined that it was possible for us to use the name Fiona, despite the Risos having laid earlier claim to it.

Yes, I know - stunning news. The next thing you know, the courts will start ordering Microsoft to include Java in Windows...

What About wxBasic?

For those not yet in the know, wxBasic is a programming language written by me. It's based (more or less) on the QBasic programming language, but is linked to the powerful wxWindows C++ library. Really geeky stuff; skip this section if you're easily bored by tech stuff.

Anyway, I'm still working on it. Well, planning on working on it is probably more apt. I've hacked the YACC parser to generate bytecodes, and I'm working on replacing the current array system with something more powerful, along the lines of Lua's tables.

One of these days, I'll actually be able to organize all this stuff, so I can get an official update posted. But not before the holidays are over.

Anything Else?

I've stumbled upon Moho, a cool spline-based 2D animation package. I'd love to be able to do 3D animation, but after years of dabbling I don't really have anything to show for it. Moho looks like I might actually be able to accomplish something with it.

Of course, there's the not so small issue of the $100 registration price. It's a great product, and quite reasonably priced. The problem is, who's got $100 in "extra money?" Not me. Heck, I don't actually thing there is such as thing as extra money.

Naturally, my immediate reaction is "I'll just write my own version of it", which is easier said than done.

Just in case, I've been reading up on the Flash file format, and looking at various free libraries - Ming looks pretty cool. It's also an incentive to get wxBasic running faster, so it can handle programs like this.

If nothing else, it's causing me to fix a number of missing graphic wrappers in wxBasic, like DrawPolygon.

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