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What's New: December 5, 2005

It's been over a year since I've last updated the site. Most of my time has been going into working on wxBasic, a free, open source cross platform version of Basic. I've also been working on Inyo, an open source raytracer for Sascha Ledinsky's free JPatch 3D animation program.

My Games

These are clones of existing programs, written by me in Euphoria or wxBasic.

My Music Stuff

Cool Stuff I've Done

  • wxBasic is my cross-platform Basic interpreter.
  • Inyo is my raytracer.
  • Yolo is creates timesheets for lipsyncing animation.
  • JLipSync is an older pogram that also creates timesheets for lipsyncing animation.
  • TunaFish is a work in process pitch correction program.

Cool Stuff by Other People

  • JPatch is a Java-based 3D animation program along the lines of Animation Master.
  • Art of Illusion, a cool Java-based raytracer that can do animation. Cool global illumination and stuff.
  • wxLua is a cross-platform scripting version of Lua. If wxLua had been around a couple years ago, I would never have started wxBasic and it would Lua would be by programming language of choice.
  • Knoppix is a cool live CD version of Linux.

Contacting Me

You can reach me at my email address.

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