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EE: An Integrated Euphoria Editor

Example of a dialog using TextGU
TextGUI supports character and VGA modes

The Text-Based Version

EE is combines the features the Win95 DOS editor and the QBasic editor. It was written in Euphoria using TextGUI, a library for creating text-based GUI applications. Features include:

  • Integration with Euphoria
  • Syntax coloring
  • Familiar look and feel
  • Mouse support
  • Context sensitive help

The Graphical Version

TextGUI allows the creation of text-based GUI elements in text mode, VGA and SVGA. In graphics mode, various looks and feels of popular interfaces are supported:

Download EE v1.2b (includes TextGUI Library, 252K).

The Linux Version

With the help of Irv Mullins, I've made a Linux port of EE. It's currently missing a number of features of the DOS version, because they were not supported by Linux port of Euphoria:

  • No mouse support
  • Only text mode is supported
  • Shift+Arrow keys don't work

Download EE for Linux (96K).

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