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My wife and I were once long time amateur ballroom dancers, having spent almost two decades dancing at dozens of different schools,  halls, clubs, hotels, ballrooms, parks, and any other place possible.  It was all some of the greatest fun and in this time we have noted countless episodes humorous occurrences that eventually led to the creation of both the comic strip FOOTLIGHTS! and the free clip dance clip art that accompanies the strip.  I could wax about the intricacies and attractions of ballroom dancing; instead, why not just present the pictures and you can see for yourself.  Like any dance with an good (and thus attractive) partner, I hope you enjoy!

Want to read some comic strips about ballroom dancing and/or need some free, (and we think) beautifully drawn dance clip art?  Click the first or second pictures below.

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Dramatic tango drop picture.gif


FOOTLIGHTS! and all associated artwork are copyright 2000 by Larry Fuller with all rights reserved. Questions, comments, etc., e-mail to