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This page contains samples of my on again, off again strip, FOOTLIGHTS!, dealing with the humorous aspects of ballroom, swing, Latin, and partner dancing in general. It became somewhat of a wallflower because of a protracted family illness, but now I am preparing to resume it and put it back on the dance floor. I already have several new additions that merely need to be lettered and they will be uploaded here.  FOOTLIGHTS! has appeared in numerous dance related publications, in and out of the USA, and is given away.  The only stipulations are detailed here.


Why are you staring FOOTLIGHTS STRIP.gif

Oh Dear, the last waltz FOOTLIGHTS STRIP.gif

Devil without a mask.gif

I'm so glad I took lessons FOOTLIGHTS STRIP.gif

Thanks for asking me to dance FOOTLIGHTS STRIP.gif

FOOTLIGHTS! CONDITIONS OF USAGE.  FOOTLIGHTS! is provided free as a service to publishers of dance oriented magazines, newsletters, etc.  Individual strips may be published repeatedly with the only request being that no editorial changes are made to any strip published and that the author and owner of FOOTLIGHTS!, Larry Fuller, whose e-mail is be notified of any instance of publication and, if at all possible, presented with a copy of the publication containing the strip.  Also, these strips may not be offered as part of any collection, in print or electronically, for sale or as part of any other collection.  Any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, even praise, will be gladly received at the above e-mail address.  FOOTLIGHTS! is copyright 2000 by Larry Fuller with all rights reserved.