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Free Dance Clip Art

drama.gif (14872 bytes) Ballroom3.gif (14943 bytes) handsup.gif (14383 bytes) 2tangsb.gif (18750 bytes) skinner3.gif (14425 bytes) Swing.gif (21380 bytes)

 skinner6.gif (13487 bytes) Collage1.gif (10958 bytes) tango2.gif (30771 bytes) tangohat.gif (17772 bytes)

To see a larger sized version, click on the appropriate thumbnail, then save that picture.  Or download a zip of the files.

This artwork is free to use in personal and/or commercial projects, except that I do not give permission to be included in any collections for sale, either in print or electronically.  If you have need for this type of artwork in dance related publications, please help yourself.  The only other conditions attached are that I would really like to receive a copy of your usage, if print or a link to any usage on the web.  My wife and I were once longtime amateur ballroom dancers (we've since gravitated to and become and become obsessed with Argentine tango) but this and other artwork was created for use in dance related newsletters, flyers, posters, etc., as diligent searching failed to turn up that which I felt was necessary.  Many thanks to my good friend Dan Bulanadi for help with the inking.