Tenor Saxophone

Tom Carpenter









Tom, the Saxman

Tom has played sax since the age of fourteen. He grew up in San Diego California. When not playing in rock and roll bands around town, Tom could be found at the various beaches. He earned his way through college playing with such bands as the Debonnaires and the Rhythm Rockers. They were playing the surf tunes as they were being created.

After graduating from San Diego State College, Tom went laid down his horn and went in the Air Force for a flying career. These days he is teaching science at Cordova High School by day and playing his horn in the evenings.

Tom has a wide range of intersets in music. He is a gold card member of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, plays alto sax in the Capitol Pops Concert Band (which is featured at the annual Jazz Jubilee), he can also be found playing baritone sax in a couple of big swing bands. His primary interest is to wail on tenor with the VibroCounts.

Tom plays on a 1953 Selmer Mark VI. In his opinion, this is the finest sax ever made. This is evident by the huge percentage of pros who also play that horn. His other tenor is a Conn 10M which ranks second. This is the horn that Lester Young, Chu Berry, and Big Jay McNeely made it big with. The mouthpiece is an Otto Link 7 star. The preferred reeds are La Voz Medium Hard. This of course, is all run through a Peavey amplifier to compete with the hugely amplified guitars.










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