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Jerry Weaver




Jerry Weaver has played guitar from a young age: as a freshman in high school, he developed his love of the instrumental surf sound. In 1964, he began teaching music at a local music store.

In addition to playing tasty leads for the VibroCounts on a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 "10-Top" guitar, Jerry enjoys pumping out a driving lead with his Fender Stratocaster. Jerry employs a vintage tube 70's Fender Twin Reverb with two 12" speakers to obtain that crystal clear, wet reverb sound of the original surf era.

When playing in the Flamenco del Mar amplified acoustic sets, Jerry plays a nylon string Takamine PSF-65 or his steel string Eric Clapton model Martin 000-28.

Jerry has in his collection: 1996 PRS Custom 24 (main axe); Fender “Car-fender” ’86 MIJ custom w/ Carvin Humbuckers & Floyd Rose Type Tremolo; Fender Strat ’62 Reissue USA; Fender Tele ’62 Reissue, Flame Maple Custom MIJ. Fender Twin, ’76 USA, 135watt & 110~240volts (main amp); Fender Super Reverb ’65 Reissue, Marshall, VS100 Combo. Effects (rarely used): Digitech XP400, Pedal Reverberator; Ibanez Tub Screamer, TS9. Music/Productivity Software: MS Office 2000 Premier Version; SlowGold 5.0; Finalé 2001.

By day Jerry is an Internet Technology Instructor at a middle school, where his students learn how to "surf" the net; by night he "surfs" on the guitar with the VibroCounts! Jerry's state teaching credentials are in foreign languages, English, music, and office systems. While maintaining a full time career (14 years) at the middle school in Galt, Jerry returned to CSU, Sacramento in 1999 to earn a master's degree in educational technology. He recently completed the MA program in 2001 as a contributing member of a new 75%-online cohort program, which he co-developed with professors at CSU, Sacramento. The Internet Masters in Educational Technology (iMET) is the first such program statewide; it has received full CSU accrediation and is enjoying its third cycle.

Since 1987, he has brought together several student bands including USO (Unorganized Student Orchestra) and Short Notice, many of whom have learned and performed surf music with Jerry.


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