1600 through 1771

I have abstracted all of the following wills myself. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but some of the wills are hard to read, and I may have made mistakes. If you see a will that you need for documentation of one of your lines, you should obtain a copy of the original. See my Cornish Probate Guide for help on this.


Ames, Banfield, Basset, Bawden, Bennetts, Beryman, Blighe, Bone, Bossence, Bositheow, Boskennin, Brea, Brush, Busvargus, Curnow, Eddy/Eudy, Ellis, Harris, James, Jeffries, Julyon, Maderen, Martin, Mathew, Meringe, Meane, Messenger, Michell, Mill, Moore, Morrish, Nale, Nance, Nicholas/Nicholls, Nines, Peers, Penberthy, Polkinghorne, Praed, Thomas.

JOHN AMES alias BOSSENCE of Sancreed
Proved 5 March 1601/2, No admon extant. Inventory taken 3 February 1601/2
by RICHARD KELWAYE & WILLIAM LANYNE Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ HENRY BANFIELD of Lelant, yeoman written: 14 Jul 1689 proved: 22 Sep 1690 sister: ELIZABETH POLLARD 7 pounds between her and her children brother: JOHN BANFIELD my half in Trencrom & downs of Hellamoore cousin: BERSHEBA BANFIELD 3 pounds godson: HENRY BANFIELD my red nag poor of Lelant 10 sh. brother: ALEXANDER BANFIELD all the rest & executor Henry "H" Bandfield witnesses: ELIZABETH ( ) LEACHER, JOANE ( ) NECHOLL Inventory taken 16 July 1690 by GEORGE KELWAY & WILLIAM HAWES of Lelant. AP/B/2205 ++++++++++ JOHN BANFIELD Sr. of Lelant, yeoman written: 4 Feb 1684/5 proved: 25 May 1685 son: JOHN BANFIELD (young & unmarried) 1/2 of my moiety of land in Trencrom
in Lelant daughter: ELIZABETH POLLARD 5 pounds son-in-law: RICHARD POLLARD 20 sh. 3 grandchildren: ANN, ELIZABETH & JANE, dd/o RICHARD POLLARD 20 sh. granddaughter: BERSHEBA BANFIELD 5 pounds daughter-in-law MARY BANFIELD & her daughter AGNES piece of gold of 20 sh. son: ALEXANDER BANFIELD one of the great brass pans grandson: JOHN BANFIELD best silver spoon granddaughter: JANE BANFIELD 20 sh. cousin: JOHN VELLENOWETH 10 sh. cousin: WILLIAM PRAED 2 sh. 6 d. poor of Lelant 10 sh. son: HENRY BANFIELD | all the rest wife: JANE BANFIELD | & executors John Bandfelld witnesses: SYMON ( ) THOMAS, ELIZABETH ( ) RENELD Inventory taken 5 April 1685 by ARTHUR EDWARDS, gent, and ADRYAN STEVENS
of Lelant. AP/B/2060 ++++++++++ JOHN BANFIELD Jr. of Gulval Admon granted 9 October 1695 to JOHN BANFIELD of Gulval, blacksmith, father
of the deceased. Bond by ELIZABETH TREVAILER of Gulval and JOHN GENVER of
Gulval. No inventory. AP/B/2383 +++++++++++ JANE BASSET of Illogan Admon granted 14 October 1614 to FRANCIS BASSET, son of the deceased. Bond by EDWARD COLLINS of Illogan and FRANCIS BASSET of Illogan. Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ JOHN BAWDEN of Gwennap, tinner written: 28 Apr 1614 (nuncupative) proved: 22 Jul 1614 sister: KATHERINE BROOKE 12 d. WILLIAM THOMAS a ewe lamb & 5 sh. mother: ELYNOR BAWDEN, widow all the rest & executrix witnesses: OLIVER PEERS, WILLIAM THOMAS Inventory taken 26 May 1614 by WILLIAM BEACHAM the younger, DREW GWYND & JOHN BANNDELL Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ WILLIAM BOWDEN of St. Just in Penwith written: 7 Dec 1600 proved: 13 Apr 1602 poor of Gwennap 1 ewe or 3 sh. poor of St. Just 2 sh. godson: THOMAS BOWDEN 5 sh. goddaughter: KATHERIN MATHEW 7 d. daughter: MARGARETT 1 ewe sheep wife: AGNES BOWDEN all the rest & executrix no signature or witnesses Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ ABRAHAM BENNETT of Penzance, shipwright written: 24 Mar 1680/1 proved: 30 Jan 1681/2 father & mother: RICHARD BENNETTS & MARGERY all my goods & chattels, both moveable & unmoveable beloved friend: TAMSON GUBBS d/o JOSEPH GUBBS late of Penzance, decd. my part of the "Maria of Penzance" sister: MARGARET w/o RICHARD TONKIN 70 sh. sterling brother-in-law: RICHARD TONKIN part of my house (specific rooms named) sister: ELIZABETH SCADDEN, widow 20 sh. sterling sister: MARIA BENNETTS 20 sh. sterling LIDYOSEA & DARKES dd/o my brother JAMES BENNETT 5 sh. each MARGERY JOHN d/o THOMAS JOHN my brother-in-law 5 pounds sterling nephew: BENNONIE SCADDEN s/o ROBERT SCADDEN of Ludgvan (under 21) all my free land (after the death of my father & mother); also executor brother: JAMES BENNETTS to have all if BENNONIE dies under age & w/out heirs sister MARGARET w/o RICHARD TONKIN | MARGERY w/o THOMAS JOHN | all the rest, share & sister ELIZABETH SCADDEN, widow | share alike sister MARIE BENNETTS | Abraham Bennetts witnesses: RICHARD STONE, JAMES BENNETT, THOMAS JOHN, JOHN SCADDEN, RICHARD BENNETT, ?AGNES? BENNETT Admon granted 30 January 1681/2 to RICHARD & MARGERY BENNETTS. Bond by JOHN SCADDEN & RICHARD TONKIN. No inventory. AP/B/1938 ++++++++++ JAMES BENNATT of St. Just in Penwith Admon granted 4 May 1688 to GRACE w/o THOMAS MEANE, sister of the deceased. Bond by THOMAS MEANE of St. Just, tinner, WILLIAM JENKIN of Helston, cordwinder, and EDMUND CARNSEW of Sithney. Inventory taken 20 September 1687 by JAMES MILLETT, vicar, and JOHN USTICKE. Mentions bonds of RICHARD WATCHER, HENRY MORRISH and ETHEBIRD? BENNETT. AP/B/2161 ++++++++++ JAMES BENNETS alias CERROW of Lelant written: 16 May 1696 proved: 12 Jun 1696 daughter-in-law: MARY BENNETS 20 sh. son: GEORGE BENNETS a brass pan daughter: CATHRINE 2 cupboards, 1 crock, 8 pewter platters, 2 pewter dishes, 1 flaggon & a tanket, 1 chest, 1 trundel bed HENERY TREVOROE my bed and bedding wheron I lie daughter: MARY 20 sh. son GEORGE & JOHN BENNETS all the rest & executors parish of Lelant 10 sh. James ( ) Bennets witnesses: HAN: CURNOW, JOHN ( ) JOHNS Inventory taken 2_ May 1696 by JOHN STEVENS & WILLM. HAWES. States he died 18 May 1696. AP/B/2426 ++++++++++ RICHARD BENNETT of Penzance, shipwright written: 16 Feb 1686/7 proved: 11 Apr 1687 son: JAMES BENNETTS, shipwright 12 d. his daughter: LYDIA w/o DANIEL HAWKEY, shopkeeper 20 sh. his daughter: DARCUS BENNETTS 20 sh. son-in-law: THOMAS JOHN, blacksmith 12 d. his wife: MARGERY 10 d. his 2 daughters: MARGERY & MARY 10 sh. each MARY JOHN d/o ROGER JOHN of Maddern, blower 20 sh. granddaughter: MARGERY SCADDEN 20 sh. son-in-law: RICHARD TONKIN of Penzance, yeoman all the rest & executor wife: MARGERY to be maintained by the executor Richard "RB" Bennett winesses: JOHN TREMENHEERE, ANDR. VIGURS Inventory taken 5 April 1687 by GEORGE VEALE & THOMAS EDWARDS. AP/B/2135 ++++++++++ ROBERT BENNETT of Lelant, tinner Admon granted 6 July 1683 to KATHERINE BENNETTS of Lelant, widow of the deceased. Bond by EDMUND CARNSEW of Sithney, yeoman, and RICHARD PEARSE of Towednack, yeoman. Inventory taken 5 July 1683 by JOHN BANFEILD & ADRYAN STEVENS of Lelant. Mentions moiety of tent. of Worvas after the death of JANE RICHARDS. Administration account dated 25 May 1685 mentions ROBERT BENNETTS, ELIZABETH BENNETS, MARY BENNETTS, FRANCES BENNETTS (all crossed out--possibly children of the deceased). AP/B/1986 ++++++++++ THOMAS BENNETT alias KERROW of Gulval, carpenter written: 20 Dec 1692 proved: 15 May 1693 eldest daughter: KATHERINE 15 pounds daughter: JACQUET 10 pounds when age 21 son: THOMAS 20 pounds son: RICHARD 10 pounds brother: WILLIAM BENNETTS alias KERROW 20 sh. son: JOHN all the rest & executor Thomas Bennats "B" als. Kerroe witnesses: SOLOMAN COCK, JOHN "+" MICHELL, WILLIAM BOSKENNINGE Inventory taken 20 January 1692/3 by WILLIAM BOSKENINGE & JOHN MITHELL. AP/B/2325 ++++++++++ WILLIAM BERYMAN of Zennor (very torn and hard to read) written: _ ___ 1600 proved: 21 Jul 1601 church of St. Just ( ) of barley eldest son (not named) 1 ( ) youngest son: THOMAS 5 ( ) daughter: ELIZABETH 12 d. daughter: AGNES 5 sheep WILLIAM ?QUICK? 1 ( ) THOMAS BERYMAN s/o NICHOLAS BERYMAN ( ) MAN s/o RICHARD MAN of Tew( ) wife: JOAN BERYMAN ( ) BERYMAN, JOHN BERYMAN & EDWARD ( ) witnesses: JOHN RUSSELL, NICHOLAS ( ) BERYMAN, JOHN ( ) BERYMAN, WILLIAM ( ) GILBERT Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ ROGER BLIGHE of St. Ive written: 27 Jan 1611/2 proved: 9 Jan 1614/5 poor of St. Ive 3 sh. 4 d. wife: BLANCHE 20 sh. son: HUGH 20 sh. son HUGH's 4 children 5 sh. each son: WILLIAM 11 sh. daughter: JOAN SMALY 11 sh. which RICHARD SMALY her husband owes me & 10 sh. more daughter: ANN STEVEN 11 sh. if JACOB STEVEN her husband give a release for all manner of matters between him and me son: JOHN BLIGHE all the rest & executor no signature witnesses: EDWARD HAWKIN, JOHN HODGE, JOHN HITCHEN Inventory taken 27 Jan 1613 by EDWARD HAWKIN & WALTER HOCKIN Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ JOHN BONE of Gulval written: 27 Feb 1683/4 proved: 11 Apr 1684 sister: MARYE ROBARTS 2 sh. 6 d. her daughter: MARGARETT 2sh. 6 d. sister: ELIZABETH BONE 5 pounds brother: HENRY BONE all the rest & executor John ( ) Bone witnesses: RICHARD NICHOLLS, JOHN BARNES, MARGARETT ( ) NICHOLLS Inventory taken 8 April 1684 by SIPPREN NICHOLLS & FRANCIS LANION. AP/B/2044 ++++++++++ JOHN BOSSANCE of St. Ives, yeoman Proved March 1601/2, no admon extant. Inventory taken 16 February 1601/2 by WILLIAM TRENWTH. gent and LAWRENCE ALLE_, husbandman Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ JOHN BUSSITHIOW of Gulval written: 20 Dec 1606 proved: 12 Jan 1606/7 poor of Gulval 12 d. JOHN RONALT 1 cow that I bought of THOMAS PAYNE son: RICHARD a red heifer, a steer & half of the ground at Bone w/ 1/2 the corne in paying 1/2 the rent daughter: MARY a heifer of 2 years wife: JONE BUSSITHIOW all the rest & executrix witnesses: JOHN BUSITHE, NOWELL OTES & others Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ NICHOLAS BOSITHEOWES of St. Ives, mariner No admon. Inventory taken 15 September 1612 by WILLIAM PRAED, gent and GEORGE HICKES. Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ JOHN BOSKENIN of Gwithian, husbandman written: 14 Jun 1611 proved: 13 Mar 1611/2 poor of Lelant 3 sh. 6 d. granddaughter: THOMASINE EDWARDS a ewe lamb & 12 d. eldest son: RICHARD BOSKENIN a ewe & a lamb son: JOHN a ewe & a lamb son: THOMAS a ewe & a lamb son: ANDREW a ewe & a lamb daughter: MARY a ewe & a lamb, 1 brass pan of 7 gallons poor of Gwithian: all my wearing apparell wife: ANNIS all the rest & executrix John ( ) Boskenin witnesses: JOHN ( ) CARDEW, RICHARD ( ) BOSKENNA Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ JOHN BREA of St. Ives written: 30 Nov 1613 (nuncupative) proved: 28 Feb 1613/4 daughter: BEATRICE BREA 40 sh. daughter: CHRISTIAN BREA 40 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH BREA the elder 40 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH BREA the younger 40 sh. daughter: ALICE w/o THOMAS RAWE 20 sh. children of THOMAS RAWE and ALICE 5 sh. each wife: AGNES BREA | all the rest son: THOMAS BREA | & executors no witnesses Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ THOMAS BRUSH of Penzance, yeoman written: 23 Jul 1683 proved: 24 Sep 1683 daughter: KATHERNE 5 pounds when age 14, bed, bedstead & furniture over the shop "the child my wife is now with" 5 pounds mother (not named) 20 sh. wife: ELIZABETH all the rest & executrix overseers: friends THOMAS GROSSE Jr. of Penzance, gent, & Mr. THOMAS JOHN of St. Leven Thomas Brush witnesses: THOMAS GROSSE Jr., JOHN KEATH, ANN ( ) CHIRGWIN Inventory taken 6 August 1683 by BEN PENHALLOW & THOMAS COREY. AP/B/2004 +++++++++++ JOAN BUSVARGUS of St. Just, widow written: 19 Jul 1611 proved: 27 Feb 1613/4 cousin: JOHN BUSVARGUS (decd)-- his 4 children 20 sh. cousin: WILLIAM BUSVARGUS-- his 4 children 20 sh. poor of St. Just 2 sh. godchildren 6 d. each cousin: THOMAS all the rest & executor Joan ( ) Busvargus, widow witnesses: W. DRAKE, JOHANNIS NOYE, THOMAS BOSVARGUS, ALES BUSVARGUS Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ JOHN BUSVARGUS of St. Just written: 14 Apr 1607 proved: 9 Jun 1608 to be buried in the church at St. Just poor of St. Just 20 sh. mother: JONE 10 pounds yearly eldest daughter: ALLCE 200 marks sterling when age 20 2nd daughter: ELIZABETH 100 pounds sterling when age 20 youngest daughter: TAMSYN 100 marks sterling when age 20 brother: THOMAS BUSVARGUS all rents due to me from him for both my stamping mills & also for grinding in both my gristmills brother: WILLIAM BUSVARGUS all money due to me from him for grinding in my mills MARTIN ANGWIN all the money due to me from him for grinding in my mills sister: JANE EVA best milch cow godson: EDWARD BUSVARGUS a heifer of 12 months age godson: JOHN BUSVARGUS a heifer of 12 months age every other godchild a ewe wife: MARIE | all the rest son: JOHN | & executors overseers: THOMAS RANDELL, gent, JOHN CLIST, MARTIN ANGWIN John Busvargus witnesses: JOHN CLIST, JOHN BUSVARGUS, MARTEN ANGWIN, JOHN BOSITHOWE Wills, "B" 1600-1615 ++++++++++ PETER CURNOW of Gwithian, yeoman written: 12 Jan 1771 proved: 7 May 1771 daughter: ANN w/o PETER ELLIS of Sancreed, yeoman 100 pounds to be paid 1 month after the birth of a legitimate living son of her and her husband PETER ELLIS 15 pounds nephew: JOHN s/o brother JOHN 5 pounds & wearing apparell nephew: PETER CURNOW now abroad in the King's service 3 guineas when settled in his parish of birth or the neighborhood son-in-law: ROWLAND VEALE scarf, 1 pair of gloves son-in-law: PETER ELLIS scarf, 1 pair of gloves daughter: JANE w/o ROWLAND VEALE of Gwithian all the rest & executrix mentions lands in Gwithian & Lelant witnesses: MARY COCK, HENRY REYNOLDS, HUGH REYNOLDS ++++++++++ JOHN EDDY the elder of Zennor, yeoman written: 18 Oct 1690 proved: 3 Dec 1691 father: DAVID EDDY his maintenance wife: JANE EDDY her maintenance son: JOHN EDDY (under 21) land that SAMSON VEALE is landlord of in Bosseggan in Zennor son: DAVID EDDY all the rest & executor John ( ) Eddy witnesses: BARNARD OSBORNE, JOHN ( ) OSBORNE Inventory taken 5 November 1690 by JOHN SWEETE & WILLIAM UDY AP/E/458 ++++++++++ JOHN EDYE of Zennor Admon granted 21 November 1690 to ELIZABETH EDYE, widow of the deceased. Bond by JOHN SWEETE of Zennor, yeoman and WILLIAM EDY, yeoman. No inventory. AP/E/435 ++++++++++ JOHN EUDY of St. Erth written: 8 Jul 1668 proved: 3 Jul 1669 son: WILLIAM EUDY my great pan daughter: JANE EDYE my metal pan wife: JANE EDYE all the rest & executrix John ( ) Eudy witnesses: JOHN TANBYN & WILLIAM EUDY Inventory taken 31 December 1668 by JAMES MORLY & JOHN TAMBYN AP/E/294 ++++++++++ PHILLIP EDY of Zennor Admon granted 16 April 1683 to MARGARET EDY of Zennor, widow of the deceased. Bond by JAMES QUICK of Zennor, yeoman and JOHN EDY of Zennor, yeoman. Inventory taken April 1683 by NICHOLAS BERRYMAN, JOHN ( ) RICHARD & JOHN ( ) EDY. Administration account dated 31 July 1684 names DAVID, RICHARD, ZENOBIA, REBECCA & ANN (apparently children of the deceased). Mentions debts paid to: JOHN BURLAISE, JOHN THOMAS, JOHN DANIELLS, MATHEW DANIELLS, ELIZABETH PORTHMEARE & RICHARD JAMES. AP/E/387 ++++++++++ WILLIAM ELLIS of St. Ives written: 16 Feb 1609/10 proved: 23 Jan 1610/11 wife (not named) all the rest & executor daughter (not named) 1 gold ring in my father's keeping poor of St. Ives 5 sh. William Ellis witnesses: THOMAS PUREFOY, HENRY URIN, JOHN MANN Wills, "E", 1599-1714 ++++++++++ THOMAS HARRIS of Camborne, yeoman written: 9 Dec 1700 proved: 27 Feb 1700/1 son: JOHN HARRIS estate in Caslepan & park Michell; 1 pan called Bossence pan & a great crock which was my mothers; 1 bed son: JOSEPH HARRIS tent. in Bojosa with house & garden son: THOMAS HARRIS tent. in Reskajeage called Cockes tent. with house & garden daughter: ELIZABETH DAVY 40 sh. granddaughter: ANN DAVY 10 sh. wife: ANN HARRIS 5 pounds prentice: EDWARD REMFREY 10 sh. son: WILLIAM HARRIS all the rest & executor Thomas Harris witnesses: JOHN DISSETT?, FRANCIS HOCKIN Inventory taken 3 January 1700/1 by JOHN GILBERT & JOHN HARRIS AP/H/2635 ++++++++++ BAWLDEN JAMES of Zennor written: 16 Nov 1610 proved: 15 Dec 1610 poor of Zennor f__ sh. 8 d. poor of Camborne 5 sh. poor of Phillack 5 sh. poor of Gwithian 3 sh. 4 d. each of my godchildren 12 d. JOHN DANIELL's children 10 sh. DAVIE DANIELL's children 10 sh. PASKOW WICKETT 10 sh. JOHN BARRAWANNAT & his wife 6 pounds MARIE his eldest daughter 6 pounds (which sum of 12 pounds I have with JOHN BARRAWANNATS) JOANE his youngest daughter 5 sh. JAMES COCKE the younger 10 sh. JAMES COCKE the elder 6 sh. MOATT CARRIN & ALCE her daughter 5 sh. MARIE CARREN 5 sh. NICHOLAS CARREN 2 sh. JANE EDIE & her children 10 sh. ELIZABETH TAYLER 1 sh. WILLIAM PIELL 20 pounds JANE w/o GEORGE PIELL __ BAWLDEN s/o JOHN RICHARD 10 sh. JOHN PHILLIP 10 sh. JANE w/o RAPHE RENORDEN 5 sh. STEPHEN HENDRA 1 ewe servant: JOHN PAWLE 1 jerkin & paire of breeches GEORGE PIELL my best suit of apparell JOHN BARRAWANNATS my second best suit of apparell PASKOWE TREGELLAS 20 sh. ELLENOR w/o JOHN BARRAWANNATS to be stowed in apparell for her 10 sh. RICHARD GOODMAN's children 1 ewe wife: PASCAS to deliver up to GEORGE PIELL such writings as I have in my keeping & he is to pay her 21 pounds HUMFRIE WILLIAMS 6 sh. 8 d. parish of Towednack 5 sh. THOMAS FFOWELL 1 sh. WILLIAM s/o JOHN PAINTER 10 sh. JOHN CARTHEWE 10 sh. J___ HINFFEY 1 heifer of a year old EDWARD OTES' child 10 sh. wife PASCAS all the rest & executrix overseers: HUMFRIE WILLIAMS & GEORGE PIELL Bawlden ( ) James witnesses: JOHN BARRAWANNAS, JOHN DANIELL, HUMFRIE WILLIAMS & others AP/J/126 ++++++++++ DAVY JAMES of Gwithian written: 1 May 1604 proved: 9 Sep 1605 son: ROBERT 20 sh. son: JAMES 20 sh. daughter: MARGERY 20 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH 20 sh. church of Gwithian a lambe sister: CONSTENCE JAMES one hogget sheepe wife: ALICE all ther est & executrix AP/J/47 ++++++++++ JENNITT JAMES of Gwithian, widow written: 28 Mar 1615 proved: 25 Apr 1615 WILLIAM MICHELL 1 ewe his daughter 1 lamb ANTONYE GOBE's children 1 ewe lamb JENNITT CARDUE 1 ewe WILLIAM MICHELL's wife petticoat, apron, kercher, collar JONE GUYAIE 1 kercher, 1 hat, a grey petticoat, apron JENNITE CARDUE 1 apron, a kercher and band ELYNOR CARDUE 1 red waistcoat MARGERY GOBE 1 smock, a kercher RENYALL MICHELL's wife 1 petticoat & waistcoat her daughter AMYE 1 smock & 1 silver pin JOHN MICHELL 1 silver ring JANE MICHELL a paire of teches? of silver WILLIAM MICHELL 1 coser JANE GREGER 1 coffer AMYE MICHELL 1 coffer brother: RENALL MICHELL all the rest & executor no signature witnesses: RICHARD HOCKINGE, HUMFREY WILLIAMS Inventory taken 18 April 1615 by JOHN CARDEWE & HUMFRIE WILLIAMS AP/J/185 +++++++++++ HENRY JEFFRIES of Gwithian Admon granted 6 February 1609/10 to JOHN CARDEWE, of Gwithian, yeoman. Bond by the said JOHN CARDEWE and HUMFREY WILLIAMS of Gwithian, farmer. Inventory taken 21 April 1610 by RICHARD WHITA & WILLIAM DREWE. Administration account dated May 1610 mentions payments to BAWDEN CARTHEW, ALICE DAVY and MARGARET HOCKING. AP/J/114 & AP/J/122 ++++++++++ JOHN JULYAN of Gwithian written: 24 Sep 1604 proved: 9 Apr 1605 poor of Gwithian 12 d. grandmother: JENET WHITTA 5 sh. aunt: JANE WHITTA 5 sh. mother (not named) a cow uncle: RICHARD WHITTA 7 sh. father-in-law: WILLIAM DREWE 7 sh. sister: KATHERIN JULIAN 20 sh. brother-in-law: 20 sh. HARRIE, RICHARD WHITTA's son 4 sh. BENNET, RICHARD WHITTA's son 4 sh. JAMES, RICHARD WHITTA's son 4 sh. CHESTON, RICHARD WHITTA's daughter 4 sh. MARY, RICHARD WHITTA's daughter 2 sh. uncle JAMES WHITTA's children 3 sh. uncle BENNET HARRY's children 2 sh. uncle: WILLIAM WHITTA 2 sh. THOMAS GAYAN 6 d. ALSON GAYAN 6 d. JANE CARDEWE 6 d. JHANE HARRIE 6 d. brother: RICHARD DREWE a ewe & 2 sh. 4 d. RICHARD WHITTA & WILLIAM DREWE all the rest & executors no signature witnesses: THOMA TEAGE, clerick, RICHARD WHITTA, WILLIAM DREWE, THOMAS GAYAN Inventory taken 24 September 1604, no signers. AP/J/65 ++++++++++ JOHN MADEREN the younger of Madron Proved 30 October 1622. No admon extant. Inventory taken 15 October 1622 by RICHARD KEGIWINE & RICHARD PEALE, clerk. AP/M/358 ++++++++++ JOHN MARTIN of Towednack, husbandman written: 16 Nov 1629 proved: 11 Dec 1629 church of Towednack 1 heifer calf brother: HENRY MARTIN 1 ewe sheep mother (not named) ?? godchildren 6 d. apiece godson: ROBART CORNOW 12 d. brother-in-law: GEORGE NINES whatsoever he oweth me (to be divided among his children) brother-in-law: WILLIAM AMBATH whatsoever he oweth me his children 1 ewe lamb kinswoman: MARGARET RICHARDS 1 ewe sheep kinsman: JELBERTE 1 ewe lamb daughter: JOANE my roan mare; to have all my chattel tents. in RICHARD TAILOR his lands in Amalibrye & the Lady Downes son: DAVIE my red mare wife: TEMPERENCE | all the rest children: DAVIE & JOANE | & executors John ( ) Martin witnesses: JOHN PARSONS, THOMAS CORNOW, RICHARD TAILOR, JAMES TREWHELA Inventory taken 27 November (1629) by JOHN PARSONS, GEORGE NINES & HENRY MARTIN. AP/M/492 ++++++++++ LUCE MARTEN of Gulval, widow Admon granted 27 July 1670 to JOANE w/o WILLIAM HARVEY, daughter of the deceased. Bond by WILLIAM HARVEY, yeoman, and JOHN DOWNING. Inventory taken 23 July 1670 by WILLIAM THOMAS & ROGER MARTEN of Gulval. AP/M/983 ++++++++++ MARGERY MARTEN of Gulval, widow written: 16 Oct 1631 proved: 16 Nov 1631 sister: PATIENCE 1 blanket, 1 canvas sheet, 1 woman's mantel "on condition that she come to receive it herself" AGNES d/o PETER GILL 1 little brasen pan nephew: THOMAS BERRY 1 iron crock MARTEN s/o RICHARD MARTEN Jr. 1 goat; also a caudron "with the condition that his father leave with PETER GILL my part of the Tucker's shares which came from Polkinghorne, otherwise AGNES d/o PETER to have 1/3 part of the caudron" goddaughter: MARGERY JENKIN 12 d. son-in-law: PETER GILL & his daughter AGNES all the rest & executors no signature witnesses: JOANE BRINTON, ALCE STANNINGE Inventory taken 31 October 1631 by WILLIAM DONITHORNE and JOHN RANKIN. AP/M/522 ++++++++++ PASKUS MARTEN of Gulval, widow written: 17 Dec 1678 proved: 21 Nov 1679 brother: MARTEN EDMONDS 40 sh. his sons: GEORGE EDMONDS & HUGH EDMONDS 10 sh. each EM EDMONDS 20 sh., 1 pan MARGARETT EDMONDS d/o MARTEN EDMONDS 20 sh. & my mother's best coat JONE w/o MARTEN EDMONDS & his two daughters EM & MARGARETT all my woollen clothes EDWARD EDMONDS executor Paskus ( ) Marten witnesses: NICHOLAS FOX, MARTEN "M" EDMONDS, MATHEW ROWE Inventory taken 14 January 1678/9 by THOMAS PAULE the elder & NICHOLAS FOX the elder, both of Gulval. AP/M/1143 ++++++++++ RICHARD MARTEN the elder of Gulval written: 7 Nov 1623 proved: 14 May 1624 youngest daughter: ELIZABETH 7 plates, one crock daughter: ALSE 6 d. daughter: MARGERY 12 d. son RICHARD's child 6 d. son: PETER 12 d. wife MARGERY, son RICHARD & daughter ELIZABETH all the rest & executors no signature witnesses: PETE MARTEN, PETE GILL, MARGERY MARTEN Inventory 22 Nov 1623 by WM. DONITHORNE, JOHN RESMORIE, WILLIA. COLLINS. AP/M/401 ++++++++++ MARY MATHEW of St. Erth, widow written: 26 Mar 1676 (nuncupative) proved: 5 Jul 1680 daughter: JOANE MATHEW 1st years' rent of tent. of Rose Town in Camborne sons: THOMAS & DIGORY MATHEW 2nd years' rent of said tent. youngest daughter: MARY MATHEW all the rest Stated on 3 July 1680 on the oath of ANNE HAMPTON and JONE ( ) TREMELLYN before WILLIAM MICHELL, JAMES TRENIKE & JOHN JAMES Admon granted 5 July 1680 to JAMES RAWLINGE of Egloshaye and THOMAS RAWLING of the same. Inventory taken 1680 by JAMES TREMIKE, WILLIAM MICHELL & JOHN JAMES. AP/M/1163 ++++++++++ THOMAS MERINGE of Zennor written: 10 Mar 1620/1 proved: 12 Jul 1621 wife: JOHAN | all & sons: JOHN & HENRY | executors no signature or witnesses Inventory not dated or signed AP/M/348 ++++++++++ ALEXANDER MEANE of Camborne written: 25 May 1629? proved: 24 Jun? 1629 son: JOHN MEANE 1 sh. son: PASKOW MEANE 1 sh. daughter: MARY MEANE w/o HENRY HUMPHRY 1 sh. son: THOMAS MEANE | all the rest daughter: ANNES MEANE | & executors overseers: JAMES BADGE of Camborne & JOHN BRYAN Allexander ( ) Meane witnesses: JONSON BRYAN, JAMES BADGE, JOHN BRYAN the elder AP/M/498 ++++++++++ NOWELL MESSENGER of Lelant Admon granted 15 June 1642 to THOMAS MESSENGER of Lelant, yeoman, son of the deceased. Bond by the said THOMAS MESSENGER & JAMES HAMTON of Lelant, yeoman. Inventory taken 31 January 1641/2 by SIMON PRUST, JOHN USTICKE & JAMES MORRISH. AP/M/680 ++++++++++ ANDREW MICHELL of Gulval, yeoman written: 18 Mar 1693/4 proved: 9 May 1694 brother: JOHN MICHELL 6 d. cousin: MARY MICHELL a ewe & lamb poor of Gulval 5 sh. wife: MARY all the rest & executrix Andrew "O" Michell witnesses: JOHN "+" MICHELL, JOHN THOMAS Inventory taken 9 April 1694 by JOHN MICHELL of Gulval and BENAT HARVEY of Maddern. AP/M/1422 ++++++++++ CHRISTOPHER MICHELL of Gwithian written: 2 Oct 1675 proved: 20 May 1676 wife: MARY | joint 2 sons: CHRISTOPHER MICHELL | executors ROGER MICHELL | daughter: ELIZABETH 2 pounds daughter: JANE maintenance & 3 pounds when married Christopher ( ) Michell witnesses: GEORGE WHITE Inventory taken 1675 by WILLIAM STEVENS & CHARLES COCKE AP/M/1091 ++++++++++ EDWARD MICHELL of Zennor written: 9 Mar 1674/5 (nuncupative) proved: 18 Feb 1675/6 mother: SYBILL MICHELL all witnesses: JOHN USTICKE, RICHARD EDWARDS & others Inventory taken 12 May 1675 by NICHOLAS BERYMAN & RALPH MICHELL AP/M/1067 ++++++++++ JAMES MICHELL of St. Just Admon granted 4 May 1668 to HONOR MICHELL, widow of the deceased. Bond by JOHN MICHELL of St. Just, yeoman. Inventory taken 20 March 1667/8 by THOMAS SANDERS & RICHARD BENNETTS. Administration account dated 24 November 1671 mentions payments to: JOHN MICHELL, AUGUSTINE RICHARDS, WILLIAM PENHALURICK, merchant and JOHN PEARSE, merchant. AP/M/958 ++++++++++ JOHN MITCHELL of Gwithian written: 6 Feb 1683/4 proved: 21 May 1684 wife: JANE MITCHELL right of my land in Nanstown Wollas, and after her death to REGNOLD MITCHELL BENJAMIN HOCKIN 1 sh. THOMAS HOCKIN 1 sh. JAMES COCK 1 sh. JOHN WILS 1 sh. JOAN WILS 1 sh. PHILLIP MITCHELL 2 sh. ANN w/o CHARLES HOCKIN 1 sh. ELIZABETH w/o JOHN JENKIN 2 sh. wife JANE MICHELL | all the rest SON: REGNOLD MITCHELL | & executors John Mitchell witnesses: RICHARD HARRY, RICHARD HARY Jr., CHARLES COCK Inventory (not dated) taken by BENNETT COCK & CHARLES COCK. States that he died 9 March 1684. AP/M/1230 ++++++++++ KATHERINE MICHELL of Penzance, widow written: ? proved: 20 Sep 1675 daughter: SARAH LEASE? w/o JAMES LEASE? executrix & to pay to ELIZABETH TONKIN of Penzance 12 pounds sister: ALLES? mentions son WALTER MICHELL & his children mentions "my daughter-in-law" mentions bond of sister BLANCHE BONITHON overseers: friend JOHN TREMENHEERE and son-in-law JAMES LEASE? Katherine ( ) Michell witnesses: SIBELLA ( ) TREMENHEERE, SIBELLA USTICKE Inventory taken 20 September 1675 by REGINALD TRENHAYL & RICH. FOWLLER AP/M/1066 ++++++++++ NOWELL MICHELL alias ANGOVE of Gwinear written: 19 Feb 1630/1 proved: 27? Dec 1632 poor of Gwinear 5 sh. son: ARTHUR 12 d. his children 6 d. son: WILLIAM 12 d. his children 6 d. son: JOHN 12 d. his children 6 d. son: HENRY 12 d. daughter: ELIZABETH VERRAN 12 d. her children 6 d. children of BENNAT ROSEWARNE 6 d. daughter: ANNE MICHELL 12 d. daughter: MARGARET 12 d. daughter: MARGERY 12 d. for tithes forgotten 3 sh. 4 d. wife: AMIE all the rest & executrix mentions: chattell lease held of Mr. WILLIAM GODOLPHIN, knight Nowell ( ) Michell als. Angove witnesses: OTHO POLKINGHORNE, WILLIAM ( ) PENWARDEN Inventory taken 22 May 1632 by THOMAS MICHELL & WILLIAM PENWEARN AP/M/544 ++++++++++ THOMAS MICHELL of Morvah written: 1621 (nuncupative) proved: 27 Feb 1621/2 eldest son: ROBERT MICHELL 1 butt of bees sons: GEORGE & ISRAELL 1 lamb apiece eldest daughter: JENNET PERRY 1 ewe her 3 sons: GEORGE, THOMAS & JOHN 1 lamb apiece youngest daughter: ABIGAYLE 1 butt of bees her son: HANNIBALL 1 lamb wife (not named) all the rest & executrix no witnesses listed Inventory taken 12 March 1621/2 by Mr. JOHN LANYON & JOHN RICHARDS. States that Thomas died 5 March (sic). AP/M/351 ++++++++++ WALTER MICHELL of Gulval, yeoman written: 2 Jun 1626 proved: 12 Jul 1626 poor of Gulval 3 sh. 4 d. poor of Maddern 3 sh. 4 d. poor of Penzance 3 sh. 4 d. daughter: SARA 20 pounds, 13 sh., 4 d. when age 15 wife: KATHERINE | all the rest & son: WALTER (under age 21) | executors son to be maintained by KATHERINE his mother overseers: HENRY FOSSE & RICHARD PAWLY Walter ( ) Michell witnesses: HENRY FOSSE, RICI ( ) PAWLY, JOHNA DURRANT Admon granted 12 July 1626 to KATHERINE MICHELL, widow of the deceased. Bond by the said KATHERINE, THOMAS BARBER of Penzance, and ROBERT DUNKIN of Penzance. Inventory taken 10 June 1626 by PASCOWE ELLIS, HENRY FOSSE, JOHN CLERE & RICHARD PAWLY. AP/M/454 ++++++++++ WILLIAM MICHELL of Ludgvan written: 16 Apr 1624 proved: 27 Apr 1625 wife: JOANE 5 pounds daughter: ELIZABETH 3 sh. daughter: MARYE 3 sh. ALLES, JOHN HARRY's daughter 2 pounds at her marriage day SAUNDRIE, JOHN HARRY's son 10 sh. "his son" RICHARD (probably also JOHN HARRY's) 10 sh. JOUNE WEARNE, SAUNDRIE WEARNE's daughter 10 sh. ALLES WEARNE his daughter 10 sh. MARYE WEARNE his daughter 10 sh. JOHN ______ a lamb godchildren 6 __ apiece servant: ALLES WILLIAM 12 d. Ludgvan church 3 sh. 4 d. mentions: the living in Garrack son: JOHN MICHELL all the rest & executor no signature witnesses: THOMAS MYCHELL, PASCOWE MICHELL Inventory taken 7 January 1624/5 by JOHN HODGE & THOMAS? MICHELL. AP/M/438 ++++++++++ WILLIAM MICHELL of Gwithian Admon granted 7 May 1694 to THOMAS MICHELL of Gwithian, tinner, son of the deceased. Bond by the said THOMAS MICHELL, JOHN HOCKIN of Gwithian, yeoman, and THOMAS CARTHEW of Gwithian, yeoman. Inventory taken 3 December 1693 by CHARLES COCK and JOHN HOCKIN. AP/M/1424 ++++++++++ WALTER MILL of Lelant Proved 5 July 1641. No admon extant. Inventory taken 10 February 1640/1 by JAMES PERS & JOHN BOSSOW. "MARIE JAMES nepti des." at bottom of inventory. (Mary, niece [or possibly granddaughter] of the deceased). AP/M/668 ++++++++++ ANNE MOORE of St. Erth, widow Proved 7 September 1630. No admon extant. Inventory taken 2 April 1630 by ERASMUS TREVISSA & HENRY PENBERTHIE. AP/M/513 ++++++++++ RALPH MORRISH of Madron, yeoman Admon granted 17 April 1667 to THOMAS MORISH, natural son of the deceased. Bond by the said THOMAS MORISH and JOHN BODDYE, yeomen. Inventory taken 2 March 1666/7 by JOHN BARNES Sr. of Maddern & WILLAM JAMES als. MULFRA of Gulval. A second inventory taken 3 April 1668 by JOHN GAWMAN & JOHN CHRISTOPHER; mentions a tent. "on the death of THOMAS MORRISH." Administration account mentions debts paid to: GEORGE REEDE, JAMES JOHN, BLANCHE COOKE, CHRISTOPHER TONKIN, KATHERINE DEGORY, JAMES GILBART, GABRIELL WHITE, JOHN TREMENHEERE, TOBIAS PASKOW (also TOBIAS HARRIE), WILLIAM CALLENSOW, WILL: PEARSE, JO: RICHARD & CIPIO NICHOLL. AP/M/949 +++++++++++ THOMAS MORRISH of Madron, yeoman written: 11 Feb 1664/5 proved: 11 Oct 1666 son: SAMPSON the great pan & the great crock which was his grandmother's daughter: JANE 3 pounds that was promised her in marriage daughter: AMY 3 pounds when married daughter: ANNE 4 pounds when married daughter: MARY 5 pounds when married WILLIAM s/o MARTIN RODDA 2 sh. 6 d. grandchild: HONOR d/o CHRISTIAN BARNES 10 sh. wife: ELIZABETH | all the rest son SAMPSON | & executors Tho. ( ) Morish witnesses: WILLA. NOYE, THOMAS NOYE Inventory taken 10 October 1666 by JOHN "IR" RICHARDS & RICHARD NICHOLLS AP/M/925 +++++++++++ WILLIAM MORRISH of St. Just Proved 24 February 1624/5. No admon extant. Inventory taken 13 March 1624/5 by CHARLES ELES & JOHN EDWARDE. AP/M/413 ++++++++++ WILLIAM NALE of Ludgvan, tinner written: 14 Jan 1619/20 proved: 7 Mar 1619/20 parish of Uni Lelant 1 ___ 2 brothers: STEPEHN NALE & NICHOLAS NALE all my clothing that my wife think fit godsons: THOMAS TIRREL & JOHN GRENE a ewe each wife: MARGARETT all the rest & executrix "in the presence of JOHN BEGG and others" 6 March 1619/20 "before THOMAS TROWSEN, RICHARD STEVENS, DAVID TIRRELL, JOHN IBOLGRENE, THOMAS IBOLGRENE" Inventory taken 5 March 1619/20 by THOMAS TROWSEN, JOHN BEGG, RICHARD STEVENS, DAVID TYRELL and others. AP/N/104 ++++++++++ JOHN NANCE of the town of St. Ives, gent written: 29 Nov 1613 proved: 1 Mar 1614/5 son: WILLIAM NANCE 40 sh. son: HENRY NANCE 40 sh. children: RICHARD NANCE, GRACE ELLIS widow, ELIZABETH CLARCKE, ANNE w/o THOMAS PUREFOY merchant 2 sh. each poor of St. Ives 3 sh. 4 d. wife: JOHAN NANCE all the rest & executrix overseers: friend WILLIAM HOCKIN and son-in-law THOMAS PUREFOY, merchant John Nance witnesses: WILLMI. ( ) HICKES, JOHANNES SPRIGGE Inventory taken 28 February 1614/5 by SAMPSON ROWE & HERCULES ASHE AP/N/68 ++++++++++ MARTIN NICHOLAS of Towednack, yeoman written: 14 May 1624 proved: 9 Jan 1624/5 JOHN SOUTH vicar of Uny Lelant 12 d. (for forgotten tithes) parish stock of Gulval 1 ewe sheep parish stock of Towednack 1 ewe sheep MARGARET d/o JOHN RICHARDS, late decd. 1 ewe lamb TAMESINE d/o BARRIE ODGER 12 d. TAMESINE d/o GEORGE RANDELL 12 d. CEASSEN d/o JOHN HODGE 12 d. ALICE w/o WILLIAM MADDERN 12 d. BESSEYE MARTIN ___ JOHN DRITHEARN's children 18 d. between them GEORGE NINES' children 18 d. between them wife: JANE all the rest & executrix "now before given between the children of JOHN NICHOLAS of Gulval" 2 d. no signature witnesses: JOHN ( ) MARTIN, BARRIE ( ) OGER, GEORGE "X" NINES Inventory taken 22 May 1624 by RALFE OSBOURNE, JOHN MARTIN and GEORGE NINES AP/N/134 ++++++++++ ANDREW NICHOLLS of Gulval written: 19 Feb 1624/5 (nuncupative?) proved: 27 Apr 1625 son: RICHARD 1 cow RICHARD's daughter: 1 lamb wife: MARY | all the rest sons: JOHN & EDWARD | & executors witnesses: RICHARD NICHOLL, JOHN & EDWARD NICHOLL & others Inventory taken 25 February 1624/5 by JOHN TREVAILER and HARRY JOHN AP/N/138 ++++++++++ JOHN NINES of Perranuthnoe, husbandman written: 8 Mar 1623/4 proved: 20 Jan 1624/5 son: DAVID NINES 50 sh. son: OLLIVER NINES 50 sh. parish of Perranuthnoe 12 d. godchildren 6 d. apiece grandchild: RICHARD NINES of Perranuthnoe all the rest & executor John "X" Nines witnesses: RICHARD ( ) ROWE, JOHN FREETHY Inventory taken 5 July 1624 by WILLIAM FAVILL and WILLIAM NENES AP/N/130 ++++++++++ JENNETT PEERS of St. Just written: 19 Dec 1604 proved: 11 Apr 1605 poor of St. Just 1 ewe sheep poor of St. Sennar 1 ewe sheep daughter: MARGARET 4 pounds & the rest of my clothes JOHN NICHOLAS' daughter 1 lamb THOMAS ANSOGER's children 1 sheep daughter: PHILLIP a muffler said daughter PHILLIP & her son 1 sheep NICHOLAS COCK's daughter 1 pig ALSE BLASIE 1 calfe JANE her daughter 1 petticoat, 1 waistcoat, 1 apron, 1 band & a kercher JOHN NICHOLAS a cloak JANE his wife a petticoat & a smock son: JAMES PEERS all the rest & executor no signature witnesses: JAS. WATARES, THOMAS MATHEW, RICHARD WEAREN Wills, "P", 1600-1647 ++++++++++ ALICE PENBERTHY of Lelant, widow Admon granted 17 September 1691 to LEWIS PENBERTHY of Lelant, tinner, son of the deceased. Bond by JAMES BENNETTS of Lelant, tinner and ROBERT ANBARTH of Lelant, tinner. Inventory taken 11 June 1691 by RICHARD THOMAS & WILLIAM HAWES. AP/P/1825 ++++++++++ ANN PENBERTHY of Lelant Admon granted 16 June 1698 to JOHN PENBERTHY of Lelant, yeoman, grandfather of the deceased. Bond by JAMES PENBERTHY of Lelant, tinner and WILLIAM HOCKEN of St. Ives, tinner (signed WILLIAM HAWKING). Inventory taken 7 May 1698 by RICHARD THOMAS and JAMES PENBERTHY. AP/P/2042 ++++++++++ ISAAC PENBERTHY of St. Just in Penwith, tinner Admon granted 7 May 1691 to CATHERINE PENBERTHY of St. Just, relict of the deceased. Bond by THOMAS HALL of Maddern, yeoman and RICHARD HALL of Maddern, yeoman. Inventory taken 4 Oct 1690 by WALTER ( ) LANYON, ABRAHAM CHIRGWIN and MARTYN HALL. States the deceased died on 20 July 1690. AP/P/1826 ++++++++++ BLANCHE POLKINGHORNE of Maddern, widow Admon granted 7 March 1648/9 to KATHERINE w/o THOMAS GROSS, daughter of the deceased. Bond by THOMAS GROSS of Burian, gent, and WILLIAM NOYE of Maddern. Wills, "P", 1644-1700 ++++++++++ ROGER PRAED of St. Erth written: 10 Apr 1694 proved: 24 Apr 1699 wife: ANN all & executrix Roger Praed witnesses: FFRA: PENROSE, PASCOWE BARENS, THOMAS TOMS. Inventory taken 27 July 1698 by FFRANCIS PENROSE, RICHARD STEVENS and LEONARD MILLETT. AP/P/2066 ++++++++++ GEORGE THOMAS alias TRITHWALL of Zennor, yeoman written: 13 Sep 1664 proved: 17 Apr 1667 poor of Zennor 2 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH w/o THOMAS RENODEN 5 pounds son: WILLIAM THOMAS 5 pounds son: JAMES THOMAS 5 pounds son: THOMAS 3 pounds unpaid of the 5 pounds promised him in marriage RICHARD, HENRY & RACHAELL THOMAS 12 d. apiece son: JOHN THOMAS featherbed, the mazor cupp, 3 silver spoons son: MATHEW THOMAS 3 silver spoons son MATHEW's 2 children 5 sh. each son THOMAS' children 5 sh. each grandchildren: ARTHUR BERRYMAN's children 6 d. each AGNES & WILMOT THOMAS 10 sh. each PHILLEP THOMAS 2 sh. 6 d. sons JOHN & MATHEW all the rest & executors George Thomas ( ) als. Trithwall witnesses: SYBELLA ( ) GILBERT, THO: DEWEN Inventory taken 7 Dec 1666 by WILLIAM PILE and NICHOLAS BERRYMAN of Zennor, yeomen. AP/T/980 ++++++++++ JOHN THOMAS alias TRITHWALL of Marazion Admon granted 11 February 1646/7 to WILLIAM THOMAS als. TRITHWALL, son of the deceased. Bond by the said WILLIAM THOMAS and WILLIAM NOYE. Inventory taken 26 Feb 1646/7 by WILLIAM NOYE and WILLIAM ROBINS. AP/T/782

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