1589 through 1869

I have abstracted all of the following wills with these exceptions--the wills marked with an asterick * are courtesy of Ray Glasson from the Glasson Archive. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but some of the wills are hard to read, and I may have made mistakes. If you see a will that you need for documentation of one of your lines, you should obtain a copy of the original. See my Cornish Probate Guide for help on this


Adams, Anthony, Berriman, Bryant, Clemo, Cock, Davy, Donithorn, Edwards, George, Glasson, Harris, Hockin, Hosking, Jenkin, Michell, Moorshead, Nicholas, Pascoe, Pawley, Perry, Phillips, Potter, Pulglase, Richards, Rowe, Sadler, Stevens, Thomas, Trevorrow, Tyack, Uren, Williams, Wood.

JOHN ADAMS of Phillack

3 February 1589, admon granted to RICHARD PENGWIN, husbandman, of

.......... THOMAS ANTHONY, yeoman, of Lelant written: 4 Dec 1735 proved: 13 May 1736 ANNE RICHARDS w/o JAMES RICHARDS of Lelant, deceased 10 L EDWARD RICHARDS s/o said JAMES RICHARDS, deceased | all the rest JOHN KING of St. Erth, Innkeeper | & executors Thomas ( ) Anthony witnesses: SAMUELL JENNINGS, PHIL: BARONS, WM: BARANS Vol. 12, p. 26
RICHARD BERRIMAN, yeoman, of Zennor written: 1 Oct 1726 proved: 23 May 1728 wife: MARGARET BERRIMAN 4 L yearly eldest son: DANIEL BERRIMAN 5 L son: JOB BERRIMAN 40 L daughter: MARGERY w/o RICHARD BLIGHT 5 L daughter: REBECCA w/o JOHN BERRIMAN 5 L daughter: THOMASINE 30 L & my white cow grandchildren 5 sh. each 2 sons: NICHOLAS BERRIMAN & JOHN BERRIMAN all the rest & executors Richard ( ) Berriman witnesses: RICHARD LEMBREY, MARGERY LEMBREY Vol. 8, p. 165

, of Lelant written: 8 Oct 1759 proved: 12 May 1760 son: JAMES BRYANT 1/48th pt. of my Adventure in Gothebrose in Lelant and Ludgvan; 1 long table board, 2 ash chairs etc. daughter: JOAN BRYANT 5 sh. daughter: MARY w/o SAMUELL MEAN 1 sh. son: THOMAS BRYANT 1 sh., coat with brass buttons, other clothing daughter: ELIZABETH BRYANT 1 sh. wife: MARY & son: WILLIAM all the rest & executors James Bryant witnesses: ANDREW HOSKING, RICHARD ( ) HOSKING Vol. 7, p. 33 .......... ANN CLEMO, of Gwithian written: 29 Dec 1816 proved: 24 Apr 1817 JOANAH & ANN MICHELL, spinsters, dd/o ANN MICHELL of St. Day, Gwennap 10 L each ELIZABETH COCK, spinster & BENJAMIN COCK d & s/o ELIZABETH COCK of Gwithian 5 L each ALICE KEMP of Gwithian my dark gown, a bed gown, 1 blue shawl, blue & check apron & a working day skirt ELIZABETH COCK, senior remainder of clothes except my new gown & coat ANN MICHELL of St. Day Gwennap w/o GEORGE MICHELL new gown & coat, all the rest & executrix Ann ( ) Clemo witnesses: RICHARD DAVEY, SUSANAH "X" NOTINGHAM Vol. 33, p. 243 ..........
ANN COCK, widow, of Redruth written: 14 Feb 1715 proved: 29 Jul 1719 daughter: ANN w/o JOHN SHUTT 20 sh. granddaughter: JANE w/o GEORGE LUDGEY 20 sh. granddaughter: ANN BLEWETT 20 sh. son: EDWARD COCK all the rest & executor Ann ( ) Cock witnesses: ANTHONY COCK, STEPHEN JOSE, EDWARD BLEWETT Vol. 4, p. 358 .......... PRISCILLA COCK, widow & adminitratix of BENNETT COCK late of Gwithian written: __ Jul 1815 proved: 3 Jun 1817 nephew: THOMAS s/o WILLIAM CLEMENTS 5 sh. nephew: JOHN s/o RALPH CLEMENTS 5 sh. niece: MARY w/o WILLIAM GILBERT 5 sh. nephews: PHILIP & WILLIAM WILLIAMS ss/o SEPERUS & ALICE WILLIAMS 1 sh. each niece: JANE d/o HENRY & ELIZABETH SCADDEN 5 sh. nephew: HENRY s/o HENRY & JANE SCADDEN 5 sh. MARY d/o Mr. RICHARD HOCKING Junr. of Gwithian 1 guinea niece: FANNY SCADDEN d/o aforesaid HENRY & ELIZABETH all the rest & executrix Priscilla ( ) Cock witnesses: JAS. J: BORLASE, Atty at Law; RICHARD HOCKING Junr, Camborne Vol. 33, p. 328 .......... JOAN DAVY, widow, of St. Erth written: 1 Feb 1724/5 proved: 9 Oct 1727 kinsman: HUGH WHITEING 5 L JOAN, widow of WILLIAM BARNES 10 L kinsman: THOMAS RALPH, clerk a gold ring of 1 guinea LOVEDAY w/o THOMAS HUGH 6 L cousin: PEARCE JUD? a gold ring of 1 guinea WILLIAM s/o ROBERT DAVY all my tin bounds in St. Hillary Down & elsewhere in regard of his father's service in looking after the same kinsman: ROBERT DAVY 2 cane chairs cousin: LOVEDAY w/o MATTHEW REED one other cane chair JANE & MATTHEW, children of MATTHEW REED another cane chair "all of which I bought since I sold my Estate of Treneddres to HENRY COURTIS" poor of St. Erth 20 sh. poor of Ludgvan 20 sh. Vicar of St. Erth a stick of land in Marazion of about 1/2 acre, now in possession of HENRY TRELUDDRA (with instructions for the preaching of a yearly service) kinsman: THOMAS PEARCE, clerk | all ther rest kinswoman: MARY RALPH | & executors Joan ( ) Davy witnesses: THOMAS ELLES, MIRIAM ELLIS Vol. 8, p. 49 .......... JOB DONITHORNE, of Zennor written: proved: 23 May 1728 daughter: MARY 6 L daughter: MARGERY 8 L daughter: ALICE 10 L all daughters are under age 21 son: JOB all the rest & executor Job Donithorne witnesses: JOHN OLLIVER, MATTHEW PHILLIPPS, ANNE ( ) OLLIVER Vol. 8, p. 164 .......... JOHN EDWARDS, yeoman, of Lelant written: 24 May 1763 proved: 21 Sep 1763 brother: THOMAS EDWARDS 1 sh. brother: HANIBAL EDWARDS 1 sh. brother: CHRISTOPHER EDWARDS 1 sh. brother: WILLIAM EDWARDS 1 sh. sister: MARY w/o CHRISTOPHER PENBERTHY 1 sh. wife: SARAH EDWARDS 1/3 of all & executrix John Edwards witnesses: THOS UREN, ANN ( ) THOMAS, JOHN MICHELL Vol. 8, p. 531 .......... JOHN GEORGE, of St. Erth written: 31 Oct 1726 proved: 22 Sep 1727 daughter: CATHERINE 20 sh. wife: HANNAH all the rest & executor John ( ) George witnesses: JAS WILLIAMS, ANN ( ) GUBNOW, GRACE ( ) PENGELE Vol. 8, p. 38 .......... CHARLES GLASSON of Camborne* Admon granted 21 March 1727/8 to JULIAN GLASSON, widow of the deceased. Inventory taken 7 October 1727; states that he was buried 29 September 1727. .......... JOHN GLASSON of Crowan* written: 24 Oct 1763 proved: 20 Oct 1771 wife: ANN GLASSON 5 L a year 1/2 the milk of a cow, a room and bed and bedding daughter: DOROTHY GLASSON 5 L a year, 1/2 the milk of a cow, use of the room with her mother-in-law brother: ROBERT GLASSON 50 L in trust for my daughter DOROTHY at her marriage daughter: ELIZABETH 1 guinea her 2 children SAMUEL & ELIZABETH 5 L each son: ROBERT GLASSON 1 guinea his son EDWARD GLASSON 5 L when of age son-in-law: RICHARD WATERS 5 sh. daughter-in-law: ELIZABETH WATERS 5 sh. daughter-in-law: ANN WATERS 5 sh. daughter-in-law: ALICE WATERS 5 sh. son: JOHN GLASSON all the rest & executor John Glasson witnesses: JOANNA MICHEL, JA GILLARD .......... JOSIAH GLASSON, of Phillack* written: 23 Mar 1867 proved: 12 Aug 1867 wife: ELIZABETH rent derived from my several houses & interest on the money deposited with Mrssrs. SANDYS VIVIAN & Co. sons: JOHN, GEORGE, WILLIAM and HENRY | 100 L daughter: MARY DUNSTAN | each 4 grandchildren: 1 son & 3 daughters of late son JOSIAH 100 L between them daughter MARY DUNSTAN to have house and premises I now live in & 18 L a year granddaughters: ELIZABETH MARY GLASSON COCK & CHRISTIAN ANN GLASSON COCK rest of the rents from the said houses executrix: MARY DUNSTAN Josiah Glasson witnesses: GEORGE TAWDREY & FRANCIS WYATT Codicil 13 Apr 1867 witnessed by EDW. M. HANCORNE & GEORGE TAWDREY Proved by oath of MARY DUNSTAN GLASSON, spinster, daughter & sole executrix. The deceased died at Hayle 22 July 1867. .......... ROBERT GLASSON, of Gwinear* Admon granted 14 February 1739 to MARGERY GLASSON, widow & relict. Bondsmen WILLIAM JENINGS, joiner, of Redruth & JOHN PAULL, tinner, of Illogan. Admon granted 14 May 1742 to JOHN GLASSON guardain of ROBERT GLASSON for goods and chattles of ROBERT GLASSON decd., unadministered by his widow MARGERY GLASSON. Inventory and bond to JOHN GLASSON, guardian during the minority of ROBERT GLASSON, the son; daughters MARGERY PAUL & MARY JENNINGS renouncing. Bondsmen JOHN GLASSON, yeoman, of Gwinear, WILLIAM JENNINGS, carpenter, of Redruth and JOHN PAUL, tinner, of Illogan. .......... ROBERT GLASSON, yeoman, of Crowan* written: 28 Jul 1788 proved: 20 Feb 1790 wife: SUSANAH 12 L yearly from my leasehold estate calle Trethanas son: ROBERT GLASSON 3 L 10 sh. yearly after my wife's decease son: WILLIAM GLASSON the same son: JOHN GLASSON the same daughters (not named) 1 guinea each granddaughter MARY GEORGE 1 guinea provided she live with my wife son: RICHARD GLASSON all the rest & executor .......... ARTHUR HARRIS, Esquire, of Kenegie in Gulval written: 30 Sep 1627 proved: 12 Jul 1628 poor of Gulval 20 sh. poor of Marcajewe 40 sh. poor of Hillarie 20 sh. poor of Clemanotes 20 sh. poor of Stowford 20 sh. poor of Lifton 40 sh. poor of Pathericke Stowe 40 sh. wife: MARGARET HARRIS: misc. plate, furniture from house at Kenegie; benefit & use of Tent. of Riviton held of the heirs of BROWNE; all the goods I have at Marland daughter: MARGARET DENHAM 40 sh. to buy a ring + her unpaid marriage portion daughter: ALICE HARRIS 1000 L + maintenance 2nd son: WILLIAM HARRIS 100 L upon condition that he assign over his right in Rinsie of the grant of Mistress BLANCHE STABIN to his brother THOMAS HARRIS 3rd son: THOMAS HARRIS bedding, linnen and various furniture which are now at the Mount + 50 L granddaughter: MARIE d/o son THOMAS 6 L 13 sh. 4 d. when age 16 grandsons: ARTHUR & JOHN ss/o son THOMAS 40 sh. apiece when 21 4th son: TOBIE HARRIS 100 L 5th son: PHILLIPP HARRIS 300 L daughter: NEWCORTE 40 sh. grandchild: JOHN NEWCORTE 40 sh. when 21 grandchildren: ELIZABETH & JANE 6 L 13 sh. 4 d when 21 or one year after my death sister: KATHERINE MARTIN 40 sh. to buy a ring her children 20 sh. apiece "my executor shall cause to be made a Tombe or Monument at Lifton for my worthy father" kinsman & sometimes servant: WILLIAM HARRIS 10 L servant: GEORGE PARSON 10 L servant: WILLIAM CHIGWINE 5 L servant: THOMAS HARVYE 5 L PHILLIPP WHITE, OLIVER COLLIN, THOMAS HILL, JOHN SLADE, JAMES TRENEARE & WILLIAM WHITE 40 sh. apiece all the rest of my servants at Hayne & Kenegie both men and women dwelling with me at my death half a year's wages eldest son: JOHN HARRIS all the rest & executor overseers: son-in-law JOHN DINHAM; brother-in-law JOHN NORLEY; cousin WILLIAM KELLIE of Kellie; uncle MICHAELL MALLETT, Esquire mentions: the leases which I have by Sir THOMAS BROWNE's will; the Barton of Browne; THOMAS & HERCULES CURRINGTON Arthur Harris no witnesses P.C.C., 1628, Barrington, folio 67 .......... FRANCIS HOCKIN, yeoman, of Camborne written: proved: 3 May 1729 eldest son: FRANCIS 5 sh. 2nd son: JAMES 5 sh. 3rd son: BARTHOLAMEW 5 sh. eldest daughter: MARGARETT 5 sh. 2nd daughter: ELIZABETH 5 sh. wife: AMEY all the rest & executrix Francis ( ) Hockin witnesses: THO: HOCKIN, HUN ( ) JACKSON Vol. 8, p. 279 .......... JOHN HOCKIN of Phillack written: 3 Nov 1739 proved: 14 Feb 1739/40 wife: CATHERINE HOCKIN 10 L son: JOHN HOCKIN 1 guinea in gold 2 grandsons: JOHN HOCKIN & WILLIAM HOCKIN ss/o sd. JOHN HOCKIN my share in all my adventures in tin mines, copper mines daughter: ALICE w/o HENRY SAMPSON of Lower St. Columb, yeoman 60 L sterling daughter: GRACE w/o THOMAS WITHELE of Perranzabuloe, yeoman 1 guinea in gold daughter: MARY HOCKIN all the rest & executrix John Hockin witnesses: JOHN NOALL, ELIZ: NOALL Vol. 14, p. 92 .......... JOHN HOCKIN, yeoman, of Gwithian written: 28 Mar 1765 proved: 4 Oct 1765 elder sister: BLANCH PHILIPPS 5 L her 5 daughters 5 sh. each second sister: JANE HARRIS 5 L nephew: RICHARD PHILLIPS right in tent. called ?? in Illogan sister JANE HARRIS' four children to have 3 L each per year from the said tent. during the lives remaining kinsman: BENJAMIN HOCKIN moiety in Burncose in Illogan w/ rights in the tin mine servant man: PHILLIP ANDREWARTHA 10 L & all my wearing apparel (except my best shirt) brother: BENJAMIN HOCKIN right in Nanterrow Wollas in Gwithian & Nandenelling East in Camborne; he paying the rent to my wife 20 L a year wife: ANNE HOCKIN all the rest & executrix John Hockin witnesses: RALPH CLEMENS, ANN ( ) MICHELL Junr., ROGER COCK Vol. 9, p. 282 .......... WILLIAM HOCKIN, yeoman, of Gwithian written: 3 Mar 1755 proved: 21 Jan 1757 son: WILLIAM 2 sh. 6 d. daughter: ELIZABETH 2 sh. 6 d. | having been already portioned daughter: JANE 2 sh. 6 d. | or sealed in marriage daughter: GRACE 50 L son: OLIVER all the rest & executor witnesses: CHAS. HOCKIN, WILLIAM HOCKIN Junr. Vol. 5, p. 490 .......... JAMES HOSKING, tinner, of Lelant written: 4 Feb 1733/4 proved: 13 May 1736 daughter: MARGARET 20 sh. a year for 10 years after she attain the age of 20 wife: CATHERINE to live with son and daughter RICHARD & MARGARET son: RICHARD all the rest & executor if children die without issue all to JAMES s/o brother THOMAS HOSKING mentions: SAMPSON s/o brother JOHN HOSKING and PETER s/o brother PHILIP HOSKING James ( ) Hosking witnesses: PHIL: BARONS, GEORGE ( ) STEVENS, KATHERINE ( ) BARONS Vol. 12, p. 27 .......... JAMES JENKIN, gent., of St. Columb Major written: 13 Feb 1627 proved: 28 Oct 1628 poor of St. Columb Major 200 L brother: HENRY JENKIN all debts forgivn him daughter: HONNER PRAD's children 200 L between them godson: JOHN BEAFORD 5 marks "the poor parish boy" HENRY MICHELL the bastard (if he continues with me in service) 5 marks poor kinswoman: MARGERT GWNTER & her children 20 marks cousin: ELINOR JAGOE 5 marks poor cousin: KATHERIN LIBBY 40 sh. GRACE d/o JOHN RETALLECKE 40 sh. goddaughter: RICHARD RETALECK's daughter 20 sh. godson: s/o JERMAN RETALLECKE 20 sh. other godchildren 2 sh. apiece son: PEETER JENKIN all the rest & executor John Jenkin no witnesses P.C.C., 1628, Barrington, folio 92 .......... ROGER MICHELL, yeoman, of Gwithian written: 15 Aug 1729 proved: 18 Feb 1730 BARBARA BAWDEN w/o RICHARD BAWDEN of Illogan 5 L sister: JANE NUTON of Camborne 1 sh. kinsman: CHRISTOPHER NOTTELL of Camborne | all the rest THOMAS HOCKING of Gwithian | & executors Roger ( ) Michell witnesses: WM. BONYTHON, THOMAS HARRIS Vol. 9, p. 258 .......... EDMUND MOORSHEAD, of Lelant written: 7 Oct 1724 proved: 9 Mar 1724/5 brother: JAMES MOORSHEAD one of a stock of bees now in his garden sister: ELIZABETH the other stock of bees now in JAMES' garden sister: ANN 1 sh. nephew: ARTHUR MOORSHEAD 2 sh. 6 d. wife: ALICE all the rest & executrix Edmond Moorshead witnesses: WM. DAVIES, WILLM. MICHELL Vol. 6, p. 351 .......... JOHN NICHOLAS als TREVOROW, tinner, of Lelant written: 20 Jul 1682 proved: 22 Oct 1683 daughter: MARGARET w/o JOHN HOSKING 1 sh. her three children 7 sh. daughter: HONOR w/o VENCSENT UREN 1 sh. her 4 children: RICHARD, MARY, THOMAS & EDMOND 10 sh.? son: JAMES NICHOLAS als. TREVOROW 20 ?? eldest son JOHN NICHOLAS als TREVOROW's children 20 sh. between them son: RICHARD NICHOLAS als TREVOROW all my household goods sons: RICHARD NICHOLAS als TREVOROW & TOBYAS NICHOLAS als TREVOROW all the rest of goods & chattles (TOBYAS to dwell with his mother for her life) wife: KATHERYNE NICHOLAS als TREVOROW 3 L and executrix and to manage the goods and chattles son JOHN NICHOLAS als TREVOROW's son HENERY NICHOLAS als TREVOROW one heifer of two years on condition that he dwell in the house with said sons John ( ) Nicholas als. Trevorow witnesses: WILL: EDWARDS, JAMES ( ) BENNATS senior, WILL: ( ) LEANE Inventory taken 25 September 1683 by WILLIAM EDWARDS of Lelant and STEPHEN THOMAS of Ludgvan AP/N/353 .......... ROBERT NICOLAS, tinner, of Illogan written: 21 Oct 1727 proved: 23 May 1728 daughter: JANE NICHOLLAS 5 L & maintenance daughter: SISLY BLIGHT 1 sh. RICHARD BLIGHT the younger, s/o RICHARD BLIGHT 5 sh. wife: SISLY & son ROBERT NICOLAS all the rest & executors Richard ( ) Nicolas witnesses: WILLIAM HOCKING, DAVID NICHOLAS Vol. 8, p. 156 .......... THOMAS PASCOE, of Penzance written: 1 Apr 1728 proved: 23 May 1728 brother: EDWARD PASCOE 10 L sister: CHRISTIAN w/o STEPHEN RAWLINGS 15 L after the death of her husband, but only the interest in his lifetime sister: MARGERY 10 L brother: WILLIAM PASCOE 15 L when he is at liberty from prison, but only the interest while he remains in prison uncle: WILLIAM EDWARD's children 3 L between them JANE WILLIAMS, spinster, of this town 1 1/2 guineas Mrs. ANNE BODILLY of this town 1/2 guinea or 10 sh. 6 d. brothers: JOHN & NICHOLAS PASCOE executors mother (not named) 10 L yearly to be paid by my executors Thomas Pascoe witnesses: WILLIAM EDWARDS, MARGET. ( ) SYMONS Vol. 8, p. 156 .......... HUGH PAWLEY, gent, of Gunwin, Lelant written: 20 Jul 1721 proved: 24 Jul 1722 daughter: PRUDENCE PAWLEY all my money, various jewelry, dishes, furniture, various lands including Porthminster, the Warrens & the Sands in St. Ives in the occupation of THOMAS DIGGENS of St. Ives; a rope works in possession of JENKYN VINGOE of St. Ives, ropemaker; rents from RICHARD THOMAS son: HUGH PAWLEY: various lands daughter: MARY COLE 5 L and an annuity son: WILLIAM PAWLEY (having formerly received several sums of money) 2 pair of silver sleeve buckles, 1 silver box, 4 gold rings daughter-in-law, w/o son WILLIAM (not named) a broad piece of gold granddaughter: JUDITH COLE 20 L sterling + 40 sh. yearly grandson: GEORGE COLE "late being born at Gwinear" 5 L to every one of my grandchildren newborn 20 sh. apiece all my servants living w/me at the time of my death 5 sh. each Vicar of Lelant 20 sh. poor of Lelant 10 sh. grandson: WILLIAM PAWLEY 1 dwelling house in St. ives; various lands, all the rest & executor Hugh Pawley witnesses: WM. POLKINGHORNE, W. BUSVARGUS, JHN. UREN Vol. 5, p. 410 .......... JOANE PAWLEY, widow, of Lelant written: 6 Mar 1677? proved: 22 Jul 1678 ( ) BUSVARGUS chest in the parlor daughter: JANE EDWARDS feather bed in the parlor and one cow daughter: MARGARET PUREFOY 10 L daughter: MARGERY PENLEASE 5 sh. daughter: JOANE PHILLIPPS 5 sh. granddaughter: MARGERY MASON best feather bed & bolster in the chamber over the new hall, 4 brass pans & the cow let to LEWIS PENBERTHY grandson: WILLIAM BUSVARGUS one heifer of two years grandson: HUGH BUSVARGUS my young pied nag grandson: HUGH PUREFOY 10 sheep, (5 ewes & 5 wethers) granddaughter: MARY PUREFOY one heifer of two years grandson: JOHN BUSVARGUS ?? GREGORY PHILLIPS 5 sheep AMOS s/o THOMAS MASON a young ?? household servants MARY TU____ son: HUGH PAWLEY rest & executor Joane "I P" Pawley witnesses: JOHN BUSVARGUS, JOANE "I P" PAWLEY the younger, WILLIAM BUSVARGUS AP/P/1423 .......... JOHN PERRY, yeoman, of Zennor written: no date (nuncupative) proved: 12 Apr 1675 son: ALEXANDER 1 L 15 sh. 1 d. (which was given to him by his grandmother) + 1 sh. daughters: HONOR, ELIZABETH & ELIZABETH 1 sh. each sons: DANIEL & GEORGE ? sh. each wife: JONE tent. in Boswidnack (to GEORGE after her death); all the rest witnesses: wife JONE PERRY, JOHN THOMAS Inventory taken 24 February 1674 by NICHOAS BERYMAN and JOHN THOMAS. AP/P/1358 .......... JOAN PHILLIPPS, widow, of Phillack written: 22 Oct 1722 proved: 23 May 1728 son: GREGORY PHILLIPPS 1 piece of old gold of 20 Sh., my wedding ring & 1 mourning ring cousin: CHRISTOPHER MILLWOOD 4 L to help put him to some trade JANE SYMONS w/o RICHARD SYMONS for the care she has had with me when I was in trouble 4 L servant: MARGERY TRESISE 10 sh. JOHN GARTRELL who is poor & blind 5 sh. grandchild: JASPER PHILLIPPS all the rest & executor cousins: HUGH PAWLEY & WILLIAM BUSVARGUS, gents, to assist the executor Joane Phillipps witnesses: JAMES SAUNDRY, WILLIAM CANARTHEN, CHARLES CARNARTHEN Vol. 8, p. 155 .......... THOMAS POTTER, blacksmith, of Lelant written: 16 Sep 1754 proved: 17 Sep 1760 daughter: MARY 1 sh. daughter: MARTHA w/o SAMPSON HAWIS 1 sh. daughter: DORCAS 1 sh. daughter: SUSANNA 1 sh. daughter: CATHERINE 1 sh. wife: DORCAS all the rest & executrix Thomas Potter witnesses: ANDREW HOSKING, MARY ( ) PENBERTHY Vol. 33, p. 189 .......... FRANCIS PULGLASE, day laborer, of St. Hilary written: 19 May 1738 proved: 3 Oct 1739 son: FRANCIS PULGLASE 1/2 guinea son: JOHN PULGLASE 1 sh. daughter: SENOBIA w/o HANABALL TREVASKES 1/2 guinea wife: SENOBIA & son: GEORGE PULGLASE all the rest & executors Francis ( ) Pulglase witnesses: JOHN KING, HANIBAL TREVASKES Vol. 14, p. 49 .......... JAMES RICHARDS, yeoman, of Lelant written: 11 Jan 1733/4 proved: 13 May 1736 son: JOHN RICHARDS 1 sh. son: JAMES 20 L daughter: ANN 20 L son: THOMAS 20 L when 20 son: WILLIAM 20 L when 21 daughter: MARY 20 L when 16 son: FRANCIS 20 L when of age son: EDWARD all the rest & executor & to maintain his younger brothers and sister MARY till age 16 son: JOHN trustee till EDWARD is of age James ( ) Richards witnesses: ANDREW HOSKING, ELIZABETH ( ) RICHARDS, MARY ( ) UREN Vol. 12, p. 21 .......... JOHN RICHARDS, of Lelant written: not given proved: 26 Apr 1765 wife: MARGARET 8L per year daughter: MARGARET 8L when age 21 daughter: ELIZABETH 8 L when age 21 daughter: DUEANS 8 L when age 21 son: JOHN RICHARDS (under 21) all the rest & executor BENJAMIN RICHARDS SINGER, THS. SANDOWE and wife MARGARET to care for the children John ( ) Richards witnesses: CHRISTOPHER ( ) DAVES, ELIZABETH ( ) DAVES Vol. 9, p. 168 .......... THOMAS ROWE, farmer, of Tregiddle in Cury* written: proved: 11 May 1869 wife: SUSANNAH son: THOMAS ROWE daughter: AMY w/o FRANCIS JOSE daughter: SUSAN w/o HUMPHRY TRYMBATH son: JOSEPH GLASSON ROWE son: JAMES GLASSON ROWE daughter: MARY ANN ROWE son: WILLIAM ROWE .......... RICHARD SADLER, blacksmith, of Gwithian Admon granted 8 January 1660 to AGNES SADLER, relict. Bondsman THOMAS COCKE. Inventory taken 7 January 1660 by JOHN WHITE & WILLIAM STEVENS. AP/S/1040 .......... ELEANOR STEVENS, widow, of Borough of St. Ives written: 14 Oct 1727 proved: 23 May 1728 cousin: WILLIAM JENNINGS 1 sh. sister: JANE GRENFIELD 1 sh. brother-in-law: RICHARD NICHOLAS of St. Ives all the rest & executor Eleanor ( ) Stevens witnesses: THO: BLIGHT, JOHN NOALL, HONOUR BLIGHT Vol. 8, p. 160 .......... GEORGE STEVENS, yeoman, of Lelant written: 15 May 1736 proved: 15 Jul 1736 brother: RICHARD STEVENS 1 sh. sister: AMY TRERY, widow 1 sh. niece: JANE TRERY 40 sh. niece: MARY TRERY 3 L nephew: JOHN STEVENS s/o brother RICHARD STEVENS my great Bible, largest brass pot, 1 dozen pewter plates nieces: MARY & ELIZABETH STEVENS dd/o brother HUGH STEVENS cow and calfe brother: HUGH STEVENS Estate in Lelant; all the rest & executor MARY w/o said HUGH to have all after Hugh's death, then to her heirs George ( ) Stevens witnesses: HENRY HARRY, JOHN NOALL Vol. 12, p. 84 .......... RICHARD STEVENS, yeoman, of Trenoweth in Lelant written: 14 Mar 1760 proved: 12 May 1760 wife: ANN 5 L yearly from estate in Trenoweth during her life and the life of ELIZABETH RICHARDS, widow of JAMES RICHARDS brother: JOHN STEVENS 1 guinea sister: ELIZABETH widow of JAMES RICHARDS 3 L SARAH, MARY & PRUDENCE, dd/o JOHN PETERS of Lelant 1 sh. each HONOUR & AMY CURGENVEN dd/o PERTER CURGENVEN of Lelant 1 sh. each sister: MARY STEVENS 1 guinea in gold daughter: ANN STEVENS (under age) all the rest if she die to go to: nephew: RICHARD STEVENS s/o JOHN STEVENS executor: brother JOHN STEVENS Richard Stevens witnesses: CHAS: WORTH, WILLIAM HAWES Vol. 7, p. 73 .......... JOHN THOMAS, yeoman, of Lelant written: 28 Sep 1724 proved: 9 Mar 1724/5 wife: PRUDENCE estate in Venven, 1 cow, various household goods & 20 L brother: JAMES THOMAS 12 L (if he die to go to his daughter ELIZABETH) sister: JOAN THOMAS 5 L each and every of my brothers' and sisters' children 5 sh. daughters: ELIZABETH & PRUDENCE all the rest & executrixes John ( ) Thomas witnesses: ___ POLKINHORNE, Vicar; WILL. PENBERTHY, RICHARD WHITE Vol. 6, p. 352 .......... JOHN THOMAS, tinner, of Lelant written: 1 Dec 1763 proved: 30 Jan 1764 brother: WILLIAM THOMAS 1 sh. sister: SARAH 1 sh. 4 daughters: MARY, MARGARET, ELIZABETH & SARAH 50 L each when 21 wife: MARY THOMAS 8 L yearly 2 sons: JOHN & JACOB THOMAS all the rest & executors brother WILLIAM THOMAS to aid & assist John Thomas witnesses: JOHN MICHELE, HENRY HOSKING, PETER THOMAS Vol. 8, p. 578 .......... RICHARD TREVOROW, tinner, of Lelant written: 16 Jun 1718 proved: 6 May 1719 wife: ANN 20 sh. daughter: KATHERINE 20 sh. daughter: URSULA 20 sh. daughter: ANNE 20 sh. daughter: MARGARET 20 sh. daughter: JAELL 20 sh. son: RICHARD all the rest & executor Richard ( ) Trevorow witnesses: HENRY HOSKING, JOHN LEANE, THOMAS HOSKING Vol. 4, p. 276 .......... TOBIAS TREVORROW, yeoman, of Lelant written: 4 Sep 1762 proved: 21 Sep 1763 daughter: ELANOR w/o GOERGE KELLWAY 1 sh. granddaughter: DORCAS pied cow wife: DORCAS all the rest & executrix trustees: JOHN EDWARDS & HANNIBAL EDWARDS of Lelant daughter: BLANCH w/o JOHN HOSKING 1/3 after death of wife daughter: MARGARET w/o ROBERT DAVY 1/3 after death of wife 3 grandchildren: TOBIAS TREVORROW, DORCAS TREVORROW & ANN TREVORROW c/o son JOHN TREVORROW, deceased 1/3 after death of wife Tobias ( ) Trevorrow witnesses: ELIZABETH PREVIN, JOHN MICHELL, WILLIAM ( ) BRYANT Vol. 8, p. 538 .......... JAMES TYACK, yeoman, of Lelant written: 17 Sep 1733 proved: 13 Feb 1733/4 wife: MARY TYACK 6 L a year brothers: WILLIAM TYACK & JOHN TYACK, both of the borough of Helston, yeoman all the rest & executors (as trustees for sons) sons: JAMES TYACK & RICHARD TYACK under 21 James Tyack witnesses: EDWARD BANFIELD, JOHN TREVOROW, EDWARD ( ) TYACK Vol. 10, p. 267 .......... JOHN UREN, husbandman, of Lelant written: 19 Jan 1723 proved: 29 Jul 1724 son: JOHN UREN 5 sh. granddaughter: ELIZABETH TILLY d/o THOMAS TILLY 5 sh. son-in-law: THOMAS TILLY 1 sh. wife (not named) 5 sh. and to be provided for by the executrix daughter: ALICE TILLY all the rest & executrix John ( ) Uren witnesses: THOMAS HAWES, STEPHEN ( ) PENBERTHY Vol. 6, p. 275 .......... ROBERT WILLIAMS, yeoman, of Penzance written: 28 Sep 1727 proved: 23 May 1728 grandchildren: JAMES PAINTER & THOMAS PAINTER all household goods, excepting one brass pan EDWARDS WILLIAMS & daughter-in-law: MARY WILLIAMS the widow of MARTYN WILLIAMS all my fishing craft EDWARD WILLIAMS, MARY WILLIAMS widow & THOMAS PAINTER the elder my dwelling house where I now live daughter-in-law: MARGERY WILLIAMS' 3 children 20 sh. apiece PETER WALLISH his 3 sons & 1 daughter 5 sh. apiece EDWARD WILLIAMS, MARY WILLIAMS & THOMAS PAINTER joint executors & to sell the brass pan aforesaid and to share the money between them Robert ( ) Williams witnesses: ANNE ( ) JAMES, ALEXANDER GENDALL, WALTER RICHARDS Vol. 8, p. 160 .......... GEORGE WOOD, blacksmith, of Germoe written: 12 Sep 1739 proved: 3 Oct 1739 daughter: CATHERINE w/o THOMAS KITCHEN of Germoe 120 L daughter: ANN w/o RICHARD BROWNFIELD 10 L + 10 L yearly daughter: BLANCH w/o Mr. DANIEL GOSZIER of Plymouth, goldsmith 100L poor of Germoe 3 L servant maid: CANDACE PASKOE 2 guineas of gold apprentice boy: ISMAEL LOBB 1 guinea of gold only son: GEORGE WOOD all the rest & executor George Wood witnesses: CHA. PENNECK, JOHN LAKES Vol. 14, p. 48

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