1636 through 1816

I have abstracted all of the following wills with these exceptions--the Glasson wills marked with an asterick * are courtesy of Ray Glasson from the Glasson Archive. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but some of the wills are hard to read, and I may have made mistakes. If you see a will that you need for documentation of one of your lines, you should obtain a copy of the original. See my Cornish Probate Guide for help on this.


Angove, Bennetts, Berriman, Cargenven, Carnsewe, Clements, Cock, Courtis, Dale, Fox, Gartrell, Geach, George, Gilbert, Giles, Ginver, Glasson, Gribble, Gubbes, Hammell, Harris, Hockin, Jones, Kelway, King, Leathan, Man, Michell, Nicholls, Pascow, Pawley, Paynter, Phillipps, Quick, Richards, Rule, Stevens, Thomas, Tonken, Tregear, Tremenheer, Tresise, Tresteen, Trewhela, Trounsen, Uren, Veale, Vivian, Wallish, Wearen.

ALICE ANGOVE of Phillack

written: 21 Jan 1668/9
proved: 11 Feb 1668/9

each godchild 12 d.
WILLIAM PEARCE's children  2 sh. 6 d. apiece and the 20 Ls I
	formerly left him
FFRANCIS TOMKEN's children  2 sh. 6 d. apiece and the 20 L I
	formerly left him
PETER GAWES' children  5 sh. apiece
JOHN DAVIS' children my grandchildren  5 L apiece 
son: NATHANIELL ANGOVE  all the rest & executor

Allson ( ) Angove, widow


.......... CHRISTOPHER BENNETTS, tinner of Camborne written: 5 Jul 1712 proved: 25 Oct 1716 daughter: ELIZABETH 1sh. 2 sons: SAMUEL & RICHARD all the rest & executors wife: JANE 5 L a year Christopher ( ) Bennetts witnesses: GILBERT BENNETTS, HENRY BENNETTS Vol. 3, p. 130
.......... CORDELIA BENNETTS, spinster, of town of Penzance written: 21 Apr 1809 proved: 3 May 1815 JAMES WALLIS 5 L & a gold ring NICHOLAS WALLIS 5 L & a gold ring WILLIAM CARNE 1 L 1 sh. for and on behalf of the Methodist Society in Penzance ANN LEMBREY all the rest & executrix Cordelia Bennetts witnesses: WILLM. CARNE, THOMS. HODGE Admon granted to ANN LEMBREY of Penzance, cousin Vol. 32, p. 127
NICHOLAS BERRIMAN, yeoman, of Towednack written: 6 Jun 1807 proved: 17 Jun 1815 son: ELICKSANDOUR BERRIMAN 1 sh. son: JOHN BERRIMAN 1 sh. son: NICHOLAS BERRIMAN 1 sh. daughter: MARY CECEAT 1 sh. daughter: LESTREA COLMAN 1 guinea a year daughter: PHILLIS 1 guinea a year NICHOLAS BERRIMAN Junior 1 guinea a year daughter: SUSANAW estate in Towednack after the death of wife wife (not named) all the rest & executrix Nicholas Berriman witnesses: JOHN BERRIMAN, DAVID MARTINS Vol. 32, p. 179
BENJAMIN CARGENVEN of Lelant written: 25 Jan 1754 proved: 9 May 1757 wife: ANNE 5 L yearly out of Treva in Lelant; parlor & chamber above it in the dwelling house in Treva; bed & bedding, etc. son: BENJAMIN 15 L daughter: HONOUR w/o HENRY WILLIAMS 25 sh. daughter: RACHEL w/o SAMUEL UREN 25 sh. daughter: ANNE w/o JOHN NENNIS 1 sh. daughter: TIBERY CARGENVEN 5 L granddaughter: w/o JAMES LETCHA 10 sh. grandson: JOHN CARGENVEN 1 heifer sons: PETER CARGENVEN & THOMAS CARGENVEN land & stamping mill in Treva; also joint executors son THOMAS the best cow son PETER the rest of the stock Benjamin Cargenven witnesses: JNO HARVEY, ELIZA HARVEY, GILES HALLIDAY Vol. 5, p. 616 ..........
JOHN CARNSEWE of Crowan written: 12 Nov 1715 proved: 26 Jul 1716 son: JOHN 1/6 part of all my goods & chattels son: THOMAS 1/6 part of all my goods & chattels daughter: ELIZABETH 1/6 part etc. daughter: MARY 1/6 part etc. THOMASINE PHILPE 1/6 part etc. wife: executrix John Carnsewe witnesses: EDMUND CARNSEWE, ( ) TEAGE Vol. 3, p. 45
.......... JOHN CLEMENTS, yeoman, of Illogan written: 6 Nov 1712 proved: 26 Feb 1716 wife: JANE CLEMENTS bed in the parlor daughter: ANN TRESAWDREN 5 L daughter: BARBARA BLIGHT 5 L daughter: MARGARET CLEMENTS 20 L grandchildren: 20 sh. apiece daughter: ELIZABETH CLEMENTS all the rest & executrix John Clements witnesses: RIC: ANGOVE, NICHOLAS ( ) CLEMS. Vol. 3, p. 191
.......... JOHN COCK, yeoman, of Sithney written: 1 Apr 1717 proved: 16 May 1717 wife: JANE so much money as will make the rent at the tent. in Hendray poor of Constenton 20 sh. poor of Wendron 20 sh. poor of Sithney 20 sh. son-in-law: JOHN PASCHOE's 4 children 1 ewe sheep each 2 daughters-in-law 2 sh. 6 d. each to buy gloves 2 servants 5 sh. each daughter; ELIZABETH WILLIAMS all the rest & executrix John Cock witnesses: GEORGE BEER, M: TUBB, FFRAN: DUNGEY Jr. Vol. 3, p. 303
.......... SAMUEL COURTIS of St. Hilary written: 4 May 1714 proved: 19 May 1715 sister: ALICE WALLISH 20 sh. sister: ANN THOMAS 20 sh. cousin: NICHOLAS WALLISH 20 sh. cousin: ALICE THOMAS 5 L cousin: ELINOR THOMAS 5 L brothers: RICHARD COURTIS & HENRY COURTIS executors (Richard to have 1/2 of the tent. in Tergwenn & after his death to Henry if the lease remains) Sam: ( ) Courtis witnesses: JAMES ( ) ROGERS, RICHARD ( ) WILLIAM Vol. 2, p. 99
.......... JAMES DALE, of Crowan written: 17 May 1714 proved: 22 Mar 1714/5 son: STEPHEN 20 L daughter: JANE 10 sh. MARGERY NINES 30 sh. son: JOHN all the rest & executor James Dale witnesses: SAMUEL PELLER, HUGH JORDAN Vol. 2, p. 20 ..........

, spinster, of Sancreed written: 12 Nov 1813 proved: 4 Dec 1815 sister: MARY w/o DANIEL PENGILLY of Madron 5 L ANNE w/o WILLIAM MADDERN & d/o sd. DANIEL & MARY PENGILLY 2 L 10 sh. CATHERINE PENGILLY "or CHRISTIAN PENGILLY" d/o DANIEL & MARY PENGILLY 2 L 10 sh. DANIEL s/o DANIEL & MARY PENGILLY 1 L 1 sh. MARY EDDY w/o WILLIAM EDDY of St. Buryan, yeoman all the rest & executor Lydia Fox witnesses: EDWARD FOX Junr., CHR. ELLIS RICHARDS Admon granted to MARY EDDY w/o WILLIAM EDDY, niece Vol. 32, p. 334
.......... GEOFFREY GARTRELL, husbandman, of Breage written: 17 Dec 1641 proved: 6 Feb 1660/1 son: AMBROSE GARTRELL 1 heifer calf or 10 sh. daughter: KATHERINE 3 L or 1 cow GEOFFREY CARLION, her son 1 heifer of 3 years when 16 VERNON, WILLIAM, JOHN & EDWARD KERLYON her sons a ewe each wife: KATHERINE her wearing apparel, her chest & what is in it; to be maintained by my son GEOFFREY & to lodge at the porch chamber at Tregonning (adj. the tent. of Sparnon) & 10 sh. yearly son: GEOFFREY GARTRELL all the rest & executor overseers: nephew JOHN GARTRELL of Phillack; RICHARD LAKES & WILLIAM LANYON Geoffrey Gartrell witnesses: WM. BOWDEN, JOHN LANYON, GEOFFREY ( ) GARTRELL, SUSAN ( ) LANYON Inventory taken 10 May 1650 by BENNETT RIPPER & RICHARD TREWEEK AP/G/608
.......... JOHN GEACH, yeoman, of Perranuthnoe written: 1 Sep 1674 proved: 19 Nov 1675 wife: PHILIP GEACH tent. called Nantures where I now dwell, 1 cow, 1 bed, various household goods JAMES GEACH tent. of Nantures after wife's death during the life of son JOHN GEACH; also 3 sh. son: JOHN GEACH 3 sh. 4 d. every grandchild: 1 sh. daughter: PHILLIP GEACH 3 score L daughter: ELIZABETH GEACH 3 score L ELIZABETH HAIDEN 4 pence and her maintenance out of Nantures as long as she lives with my wife or with son JOSEPH JAMES & JOSEPH GEACH all my bounds between them wife & son JOSEPH tin work in Nantures son: JOSEPH GEACH my rights in tent. of Tolvadden & Wooneswidden in St. Hilary & Marazion; all the rest & executor John Geach witnesses: JOSEPH SHEREWOOD JUNR., JOHN LEGAWE, CHARLES ( ) LEGOWE Inventory of JOHN GEACH of Treveneage in St. Hilary taken 16 Nov 1675 by JAMES RALPH of St. Hilary & JOHN GEACH of Perranuthnoe, yeoman AP/G/795
.......... RICHARD GEACH, bachelor, of Perranuthnoe written: 9 Jan 1672 proved: 5 Apr 1673 brother: DANIELL GEACH 1 sh. sister: REBECA LUCAS 1 sh. sister: PHILLIP GRELEVA 1 sh. sister: JANE NINNIS 1 sh. sister: AN FFRITHY 1 sh. sister: MARY GEACH all the rest & executrix Richard ( ) Geach witnesses: HENRY DAVYS, ELIZABETH ( ) BASTIAN Inventory taken 28 Mar 1673 by RALPH FFRETHY & HENERY DAVYS AP/G/771
.......... BLANCH GEORGE, widow, of Penzance written: 20 Sep 1674 (nuncupative) proved: 25 Nov 1674 3 children of daughter ELIZABETH CHIRGWIN 1/2 of total estate daughter: BLANCH PEARSE 1/2 of total estate; executor & to care for the children BLANCH d/o ELIZABETH CHIRGWIN 5 L more witnesses: JULIAN ( ) FINNY, HONOR ( ) CHAMBER "& others" Inventory taken 23 Nov 1674 by THOMAS GROSSE, gent & JACOBB PENHOLLOE, gent, both of Penzance AP/G/786
.......... JOHN GILBERT, yeoman, of Camborne written: 1 Feb 1716 proved: 16 May 1717 CHRISTINA VIVIAN the Elder 50-0-0 RICHARD THOMAS 25-13-0 THOMAS HARRIS 23-0-0 MARGERY HARRIS 10-0-0 ALICE VIVIAN w/o JOHN VIVIAN 10-0-0 SARAH VIVIAN d/o FRANCIS VIVIAN 10-0-0 CLARINDA BENNETTS w/o MATTHEW BENNETTS 5-0-0 CHRISTIAN PHILLIPPS w/o WILLIAM PHILLIPS 3-0-0 JOHN THOMAS 0-10-0 JOHN VIVIAN & FRANCIS VIVIAN ss/o FRANCIS VIVIAN the mason all the rest & executors John Gilbert witnesses: FFRANCIS VIVIAN, AVINE TEWELAN Vol. 3, p. 324
.......... MARGERY GILBERT, widow, of Gulval written: 22 Sep 1671 proved: 8 Mar 1671/2 HENRY EVAH of Gulval 1 l or 20 sh. THOMAS EVAH s/o sd. HENRY EVAH 40 sh. MARY EVAH of Towednack, sister of sd. HENRY EVAH 20 sh. RICHARD EVAH of Gulval, brother of sd. HENRY EVAH all the rest & executor Margery ( ) Gilbert witnesses: WILL: VEALE, ANN ( ) DONITHORNE Inventory taken 16 Feb 1671 by WILLIAM VEALE & WILLIAM DONITHORNE of Gulval AP/G/746 .......... ROBERT GILES of Towednack Admon granted 26 Jul 1673 to brothers JOHN GILES, tinner of Towednack & RICHARD GILES, glover, of St. Ives. Bondsmen JOHN HICKS of St. Ives and ANDREW ROSEWARNE (signed as ROSEWALL) of Towednack, tinner Inventory taken 9 Jul 1673 by ROBERT MICHELL & ANDREW "AR" ROSEWALL AP/G/776 .......... NICHOLAS GINVER, yeoman, of Gulval written: 17 Feb 1673 proved: 8 Apr 1675 poor of Gulval 2 sh. daughter: JOANE w/o JOHN RICHARDS 2 sh. each of her children 1 sh. WARNER BIGS s/o HUGH BIGS 10 sh. each of the children of HUGH BIGS 1 sh. NICHOLAS, JOHN, WILLIAM, ABRAHAM, MARY & ANNE ss & dd/o my son WILLIAM GINVER 2 sh. 5 d apiece wife: MARY GINVER 2 cows, 1 bed, various household goods son: WILLIAM GINVER dwelling house & garden in Penzance, held of THOMAS FLEMMING of Madron, gent; tent. of Growan gallis held of WILLIAM HARRIS, Esq., decd.; tent. in Madron pt of tent. of Boskinning held of WILLIAM BOSKINNING; tent. called Kidgeo- vean held of GEORGE VEALE, gent, decd.; all the rest & executor Nicholas Ginver witnesses: JOHN KESKEYS, ALEXANDER "R" RICHARDS Inventory taken 5 Nov 1674 by JOHN PAINTER & ISAAC NUTON AP/G/798
.......... BLANCH GLASSON, widow, of St. Levan* written: 30 Apr 1724 proved: (inventory taken 17 Jan 1724/5) ELIZABETH NICHOLAS d/o THOMAS NICHOLAS of St. Levan largest platter on the cupboard ELIZABETH PAULE d/o JOSEPH PAULE of Sennen 2nd largest platter SIMON MICHALE s/o JAMES MICHALE of St. Levan 3rd largest platter ARTHUR BERRYMAN s/o NICHOLAS BERRYMAN of Paul 1 sh. JAMES BERRYMAN s/o NICHOLAS BERRYMAN of Paul 1 sh. JONE WALLIS d/o PETER WALLIS all the rest letter dated 12 Mar 1724 dealing with debts and insolvency states that ELIZABETH w/o THOMAS NICHOLAS and PETER WALLIS are brother and sister .......... JOHN GLASSON, of Ludgvan* Admon granted 7 Apr 1818 to CHRISTIAN GLASSON, widow. Bondsmen THOMAS JELBART of St. Buryan, yeoman and WILLIAM GLASSON of Uny Lelant, blacksmith .......... JOSEPH GLASSON, husbandman, of St. Levan* written: 3 Jan 1720 proved: not given brother: JOHN GLASSON's children 1 sh. each sisters: MARY, MARGARET MITCHELL & ELIZABETH NICHOLAS 1 sh. each kinsman: PETER WALLISH 1 sh. kinswoman: JANE WALLISH bed & furnishings after death of my wife BLANCH & 3 L kinsman: JOSEPH PAULL of Sennen right in Chynoly? in St. Levan after death of my wife wife all the rest
.......... ROBERT GLASSON, yeoman, of Crowan* written: 28 Jul 1788 proved: 15 Jul 1789 wife: SUSANAH GLASSON 12 L yearly out of leasehold estate called Trethanes son: ROBERT GLASSON 3 L 10 sh. per year out of said estate after death of wife son: WILLIAM GLASSON 3 L 10 sh. per year out of sd. estate after death of wife son: JOHN GLASSON: 3 L 10 sh. per year out of sd. estate after death of wife each daughter (not named) 1 guinea after all debts are paid granddaughter: MARY GEORGE 1 guinea, if she remain with my wife after my death son: RICHARD GLASSON all the rest & executor Robert Glasson
.......... WILLIAM GLASON, of Camborne written: 26 Nov 1670 proved: 17 Oct 1677 son: JOHN GLASON 1 sh. daughter: JONE w/o RICHARD JACKSON 1 sh. grandson: WILLIAM GLASON 5 sh. to be paid after my wife's death granddaughter: JANE JACKSON 5 sh. to be paid after my wife's death; 1 butt of bees daughter: MARGARET GLASON all the rest & executrix and to provide maintenance for my wife granddaughter JANE JACKSON to have house & garden after daughter MARGARET's death William ( ) Glason witnesses: EDMUND PRISKE?, JONE ( ) JACKSON Inventory 19 May 1677 by ROGER GLANVELL & WILLIAM BUTCHER AP/G/833 .......... WILLIAM GRIBBLE, yeoman, of Illogan written: 20 Mar 1794 proved: 8 Apr 1815 son: WILLIAM GRIBBLE field of land behind the house I now live in; the south field adjoining JANE RULE's premises; & half the barn; all this after death of wife son: BENJAMIN GRIBBLE 3 fields adjoining Illogan Downs; 1/2 of the barn; all this after death of wife youngest son: JOHN GRIBBLE (not yet 21) dwelling house I now live in with the 2 gardens after death of wife daughters: ELEANOR, CATHERINE, JENEFER 1 guinea each when the sons get their inheritance wife: JOAN GRIBBLE all the rest & executrix William Gribbell witnesses: WILLIAM BRAY, JOHN HONEY Vol. 32, p. 26
.......... ALICE GUBBES, widow, of Penzance written: 22 Nov 1674 proved: 12 Apr 1675 son: JOSEPH GUBBES bond bearing date of 8 Jun 1671 of RICHARD & JOHN GRAYE for 11 L; 1 piece of gold of 20 sh. son: ANTHONY GUBBES 40 sh. son: SAMPSON GUBBES 40 sh. son: WILLIAM GUBBES 20 sh. son: THOMAS GUBBES 20 sh. son-in-law: GEORGE HAMMOND 20 sh. son-in-law: PETER HALLAMORE 20 sh. son-in-law: JOHN EVA 20 sh. son-in-law: THOMAS BOSON 20 sh. daughter: JOHAN HAMMOND 1 gold ring daughter: THAMSIN HALLAMORE 1 silver box daughter: URSLIA BOSON 1 gold ring daughter: FRANCES EVA 1 gold ring daughter-in-law: MARGAY GUBBES 1 gold ring daughter-in-law: ANN GUBBES 1 gold ring daughter-in-law: ANN GUBBES w/o son THOMAS GUBBES 1 gold ring daughter-in-law: KATTREN GUBBES 1 gold ring each grandson & granddaughter: 20 sh. granddaughters: THAMSIN GUBBES & ALIES GUBBES dd/o my son JOSEPH GUBBES all the rest & executrixes Alice Gubbes witnesses: MAREY GIBES, JAMES RAME? Inventory 10 Apr 1675 by WILLIAM PAYNTER, Esq. & REGINALD TRENHAYLE, clerk AP/G/805 .......... PETER HAMMELL of Gwinear written: 24 Mar 1715 proved: 8 May 1716 wife: MARY 20 sh., 2 stock of bees, 2 ewes son: PHILIP 1 sh. son: PETER 1 sh. son: JAMES 10 L son: BENNETT all the rest & executor Peter ( ) Hammell witnesses: ELIZABETH ( ) OLD, JAMES ( ) SUNDERS Vol. 2, p. 355
.......... MIRRIAM HARRIS, widow, of Camborne written: 11 Aug 1754 proved: 4 Dec 1748 brother: CHARLES 10 L, my bedtye & a pair of sheets son & daughter of CHARLES ELLIS 70 L each when 21 sister: CHARITIE 10 L a year, my bed and bedding, my wearing apparel, 2 pewter platters, 6 pewter plates, 3 chairs, the little round table; corn in the ground; Job's tent. in Reskejeag kinsmen: THOMAS ELLIS & JOHN ELLIS 25 L each HENRY ELLIS 1 guinea of gold ANN w/o WILLIAM WEARNE 30 L sister-in-law: ANN ELLIS 15 L GRACE ELLIS of Gwithian 5 L CINDRY HART 1 guinea of gold MIRRIAM d/o THOMAS ELLIS 20 guineas of gold when 21 poor of Camborne 40 sh. kinsman: CHRISTOPHER ELLIS all the rest & executor Mirriam Harris witnesses: RICHARD WILLIAMS, CHAS. HARVEY, GRACE HARRIS Vol. 6, p. 268 .......... FRANCIS HOCKIN, yeoman, of Phillack written: 15 Dec 1712 proved: 16 May 1717 poor of Phillack 5 sh. poor of Gwithian 5 sh. poor of Gwinear 5 sh. wife: CATHERINE | all the rest son: THOMAS | & executors brother: CHARLES HOCKIN & brother-in-law: THOMAS JORDAN guardians for son till he is 21 if son should die before age 16, his share to my mother, brothers & sisters Francis Hockin witnesses: JOHN HOCKIN, THOMAS HOSKYN Vol. 3, p. 306
.......... RICHARD HOCKIN, yeoman, of Nanterrow in Gwithian written: 20 Oct 1752 proved: 8 May 1756 sons: BENJAMIN HOCKIN & JOHN HOCKIN estate in Nanterrow son: JOHN HOCKIN estate in Treloweth Wartha in Illogan daughter: BLANCH w/o JOHN PHILLIPPS 100 L her daughter AGNES 20 L each of her other children 10 L apiece when 18 daughter: JANE w/o FRANCIS HARRIS of Camborne 40 L & estate called Gwealgerry in Camborne or 100 L GRACE ELLIS house she now lives in during her lifetime, provided she receive no relief from the parish she now belongs to ANNE w/o my son JOHN HOCKIN 5 L sons BENJAMIN & JOHN all the rest & executors Richard Hockin witnesses: ELIAS HISCUTT, A. ANGOVE, JAMES RICHARDS Vol. 5, p. 314 .......... EDWARD JONES, innkeeper, of Penzance written: 23 Jun 1716 proved: 6 May 1719 son: ARTHUR JONES all my fishing collar in Penzance near Cribben Sanne; boats, nets, craft & appurtanences of the fishery daughter-in-law: JANE w/o ARTHUR JONES 40 sh. grandson: WILLIAM JONES s/o ARTHUR JONES 5 L & my great new copper brewing kettle grandson: EDWARD QUICK 5 L grandson: ARTHUR QUICK 5 L daughter: JANE QUICK 10 L her other children 5 L apiece "she and they to live in the house they now live in without rent so long as my wife & son Arthur hold the estate" wife: ANN JONES | all the rest son: ARTHUR JONES| & executors guardians & trustees: good friends Mr. DANIELL HAWKEY & Mr. SAMUELL WILLIAMS of Penzance Edward Jones witnesses: GEO: VEALE, ALEXR. COTTELL Vol. 4, p. 250 .......... WILLIAM KELWAY, yeoman, of Lelant written: 7 Jun 1730 proved: 9 May 1734 kinsman: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS 30 L sister: KATHERINE BRIANT 3 L to be paid 3 years after my death if GEORGE KELWAY JR. do live so long MARGARET HOSKING 3 L (same conditions) JOHNSON BRIANT 3 L (same) HENRY HOSKING 3 L (same) KATHRINE d/o HENRY HOSKING 3 L (same) MARY d/o HENRY HOSKING 3 L (same) JANE d/o HENRY HOSKING 3 L (same) brother: GEORGE KELWAY & GEORGE KELWAY Junior his son executors William Kelway witnesses: HANNIBALL HOSKING, CLEMENT WILLIAMS Vol. 10, p. 327 .......... AVIS KING, widow, of St, Hilary written: 2 Jul 1710 proved 22 Mar 1714/5 JANE BANT w/o CHRISTOPHER BANT my best gown & coat, 1 suit of linnen RICHARD KING the younger, s/o WILLIAM KING all the rest & executor Avis King witnesses: JOHN JAMES, JOHN RALPH Vol. 2, p. 21 .......... JOHN LEATHAN, yeoman, of St. Just in Penwith written: 5 Oct 1714 proved: 19 May 1715 poor of St. Just 10 sh. sisters: MARGARETT PEROW, ALICE WALLISH & BLANCH WILLIAMS 1 sh. each kinsman: JOHN LEATHAN the cow that he formerly milked or another; 3rd part of the corne in the mowhay; 8 L of the best wool SUSAN LEATHAN widow of EDMUND LEATHAN, decd. 10 sh. MARY w/o RICHARD GRENFELL 10 sh. AN w/o WILLIAM JAMES 10 sh. KATHERINE w/o JOHN HOSKEN of Sancreed 10 sh. JAMES WALLISH s/o DIGORY WALLISH 10 sh, GRACE d/o DIGORY WALLISH 20 sh., 2 of my pewter dishes CHESSON d/o JOHN PEROW 20 sh. KATHERINE THOMAS, widow 2 ewes JOHN PEROWE Sr. of St. Just churchtown my middle suit of clothes kinsmen: THOMAS LEATHAN & THOMAS WALLISH all the rest & executors Jno. Leathan witnesses: JNO. EDWARDS, HANNA( ) SANDREY Vol. 2, p. 91 .......... JOHN MAN, yeoman, of Morvah written: 11 May 1754 proved: 30 Apr 1759 elder daughter: MARY 5 sh. son: WILLIAM 5 sh. daughter: SARAH 5 sh. daughter: MARGERT 5 sh. son: JOHN 5 sh. wife: JANE | all the rest son: RICHARD | & executors John ( ) Man witnesses: WM. RODDA, THOS. HARRY Vol. 6, p. 377 .......... RALPH MICHELL of Gwinear written: 5 Feb 1715 (nuncupative) proved: 16 May 1717 wife: ELIZABETH | executors eldest son: RALPH | everything to be equally divided between wife & children witnesses: WM. ( ) BLEWETT, CATHERINE ( ) ROBINS, TEMPERANCE ( ) EMETT Vol. 3, p. 303 .......... ROBERT MICHELL of Zennor written: 8 May 1810 proved: 3 May 1815 sister: LUCY RICHARDS 1 sh. sister: JANE MICHELL 1 sh. sister: GRACE GRENFELL 1 sh. sister's son: FRANCIS EDWARDS 1 sh. 2 brothers: GEORGE & DANIEL MICHELL all the rest & executors Robert "O" Michell witnesses: WILLIAM POLMEAR, THOMAS OSBORN Admon granted to DANIEL MICHELL, brother and surviving executor Vol. 32, p. 126 .......... CYPRIAN NICHOLLS, of Zennor written: 16 Apr 1814 proved: 3 May 1815 to be buried in the parish of Gulval wife: JANE | all and son: CYPRIAN (not 21) | executors guardian of son: ANDREW STEPHENS of Gulval Cyprian Nicholls witnesses: JOHN GRENFELL, JNO. UREN Sr. Vol. 32, p. 119 .......... HENRY NICHOLLS, yeoman, of Zennor written: 12 May 1814 proved: 29 Apr 1815 wife (not named) annuity of 4 L yearly out of tent. of Tremethack in Madron son: HENRY 2 sh. 6 d per week during his minority for his maintenance daughter: NANNY 2 sh. 6 d. per week during her minority for her maintenance daughter: JANE same daughter: MARY ANN same children to have tent. of Tremethack when age 21, HENRY to have 4/8 part, NANNY to have 2/8 part and JANE and MARY ANN each to have 1/8 brother: RICHARD suit of mourning sister (not named) a gown and a handkerchief uncle: CYPRIAN a hatband & gloves brother's wife (not named) a handkerchief and gloves nephews who attend my funeral a hatband & gloves each nieces who attend my funeral a handkerchief and gloves each son: HENRY all the rest & executor brother to be guardian of children; if he dies trustees to be Uncle CYPRIAN and nephew RICHARD NICHOLLS Henry Nicholls witnesses: WILLIAM POLMEAR, NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHER Vol. 32, p. 72 .......... JOHN PASCOW, husbandman, of Phillack written: 18 ___ 1676 proved: 24 May 1677 poor of Phillack 2 sh. cousin: CHESTEN w/o JAMES COCKE & her 2 sons which she had by her former husband 1/2 of the 11 L 10 sh. she owes me--she to have 5 sh., her sons to have 5 L 10 sh. (much detail regarding this debt) MRS. PATIENCE ORCHARD my part in the great pan now in my Master's custody fellow servant: ABEL NICHOLLS 2 sh. rest of my fellow servants now living with my Master 12 d. apiece CHESTEN DOLBIN 2 ewes all due me from RICHARD LEEKEY (excepting 10 sh.) to be divided between his son RICHARD & his 2 daughters JAMES CRASE & NATHANIEL TAMLYN all the rest & executors John ( ) Pascow witnesses: NICH: ORCHARD, WM: MICHELLE .......... PRUDENCE PAWLEY of Lelant written: 16 Feb 1749/50 proved: 25 Sep 1755 niece: PRUDENCE LANYON my good chain & locket niece: JANE LANYON, d/o TOBIAS LANYON of Gwinear 1 gold locket with 10 rubies in it servant maid: MARGETT BRYAN 1/2 guinea niece: JUDITH COLE al the rest & executrix Pru: Pawley witnesses: THOS. KINVERTON, MARY BRYANT, JAMES BRYANT Vol. 5, p. 101 .......... GEORGE PAYNTER of St. Ives Admon granted 27 Jul 1636 to SIBELLA PAYNTER, widow. Bondsman CHRISTOPHER COCKE, gent, of St. Ives. Inventory taken 16 July 1636 by RICHARD HEXT of St. Ives, gent & CHRISTOPHER COCKE of St. Ives. AP/P/695 .......... WILLIAM PAYNTER of St. Sampsons written: 27 Jun 1636 proved: 21 Jul 1637 daughter: FRANCES PAYNTER 30 L when 16 sons: WILLIAM PAYNTER & JOHN PAYNTER 20 L each when 16 daughter: PATIENCE PAYNTER 24 L when 16 wife: ELIZABETH PAYNTER | all the rest son: GEORGE PAYNTER | & executors overseers: brothers THOMAS PAYNTER, JOHN PAYNTER & EDWARD PAYNTER William Paynter no witnesses Admon granted 16 March 1639 to ELIZABETH PAYNTER, GEORGE still being a minor. Bondsmen ROBERT HARTWELL of Bodmin, gent & WALTER LADLAM of Tywardreth. Inventory taken 3 July 1637 by WALTER TRUBODY, gent; ROBERT HARTWELL, gent; THOMAS PAINTER & RALFE ??? AP/P/711 .......... JOHN PHILLIPPS, of Zennor written: 15 Nov 1654 proved: 23 May 1657 church of Zennor 5 sh. church of Crowan 2 sh. poor of Zennor 20 sh. son: THOMAS 5 L son: CORNELIUS 5 L daughter: EMBLINE 10 L son THOMAS' 2 daughters 20 sh. apiece JOHN s/o GEORGE MICHELL 20 sh. his 3 daughter's 30 sh. between them "if Cornelius have a child" 20 sh. to the child grandson: JOHN s/o THOMAS PHILLIPPS all the rest & executor John ( ) Phillipps witnesses: MARGERY PARINEARE, JOHN DIGGENS P.C.C., 1657, folio 180 .......... MARGARET PHILLIPPS, spinster, of Gulval written: 16 Feb 1737 proved: 13 Mar 1737 sister: LUCY PHILLIPPS all & executrix Margaret Phillipps witnesses: SAMLL. NICHOLLS, A. ANGOVE Jun. Vol. 13, p. 41 .......... GABRIEL QUICK of Gwennop written: 3 May 1715 proved: 25 Oct 1716 son: JAMES QUICK the eastern house which I now lodge in & the south meadow; the black cow; 5 L towards building the chimney in sd. house; James to pay FRANCIS 5 sh. per year towards the rent & taxes daughter: JUDETH 3 L daughter: BEATEN 1 L 10 sh. daughter: JANE 1 L 10 sh. wife: MARY 1 sh.; the bed 7 grandchildren 1 sh. each son: FRANCIS all the rest & executor Gabriel ( ) Quick witnesses: JOHN MICHELL, WILL: CRAP Vol. 3, p. 129 .......... HENRY RICHARDS of Camborne written: 3 Dec 1737 proved: 27 Mar 1738 wife: ANN 5L a year, one room with bed and bedding, 1/2 pound of tobacco per month, the little orchard by the mowhay 2 children: SUSANNA & ELIZABETH 1 sh. apiece cousin: JOHN RICHARDS s/o brother JAMES RICHARDS all the rest & executor Henry Richards witnesses: SAM: ROSEWARNE, CONSTANCE RICHARDS Vol. 13, p. 48 .......... JOHN RULE, yeoman, of Camborne written: 26 Nov 1812 proved: 16 May 1816 son: JOHN RULE, resident of Gwinear 2 L daughter: JANE w/o JAMES THOMAS of St. Erth 2 L son: JOHNSON RULE all the rest & executor John ( ) Rule witnesses: ANNE GRIBBLE, JOHN GRIBBLE Vol. 32, p. 501 .......... MARY STEVENS, widow, of borough of St. Ives written: 8 Apr 1815 proved: 4 Jan 1816 brother's son: JOHN STEVENS 1 sh. brother's son: WILLIAM STEVENS 1 sh. brother's son: JAMES STEVENS 1 sh. nephew: JOHN SICELY 1 sh. nephew: JAMES SICELY 1 sh. sister's son: JOHN STEVENS 1 sh. niece: ELIZABETH QUICK 1 sh. niece: CATHERINE MAJOR 1 L niece: JANE STEVENS 1 sh. all other nieces: 1 sh. each sister: PATIENCE CURNOW 1 sh. VIVIAN QUICK s/o BENEDICT QUICK of borough of St. Ives, Officer of His Majesty's Customs 1/12 pt. of the bounds in Wheal Wenns tin mine MICHAEL CURNOW the younger of Madron, joiner s/o my sister PATIENCE CURNOW 1/12 pt. of same 2 nephews: above BENEDICT QUICK & MICHAEL CURNOW the younger all the rest & executors Mary ( ) Stevens witnesses: MARY DANIELL, THOS. TAMBLYN Junr. Vol. 32, p. 361 .......... RICHARD THOMAS, yeoman, of Lelant written: 22 May 1716 proved: 16 May 1717 daughter: PRUDENCE 1 sh. daughter: MARY 1 sh. each grandchild 1 sh. son: RICHARD THOMAS to be maintained by his mother till age 18 wife: JOANE THOMAS all the rest & executrix Richard Thomas witnesses: JAMES ( ) PENBERTHY, CHRISTOPHER HOSKYN, WILL PENBERTHY Vol. 3, p. 315 .......... THOMAS TONKEN, taylor, of Madron written: 14 Apr 1714 proved: 23 Jun 1715 eldest daughter: MARY TONKEN black heifer of 3 years, my best crock & pan 2nd daughter: MARGERETT TONKEN brown heifer of 2 years, my 2nd best crock & pan 3rd daughter: GRACE TONKEN black heifer of 2 years, my 3rd best crock & pan mother-in-law: MARY USTICK to dwell with my executrix, and if my executrix should pre-decease her, she is to be maintained wife: MARGERY all the rest & executrix (if she remarry to have only the house & garden that RICHARD GUY now dwells in in Prosollow vean) guardians of children (if wife remarries): brother RALPH TONKEN, & WM. JENKEN of Madron estate in Prosollow veor--1 moiety to go to daughter MARY, and other moiety to be divided between daughters MARGARET & GRACE Thomas Tonken witnesses: JNO. LANYON, MARGERY RICHARDS, JOAN ( ) NICHOLAS Vol. 2, p. 139 .......... JOHN TREGEAR, gent, of Pentreath in Breage written: 11 Apr 1815 proved: 22 Apr 1815 sister: SARAH TILLY, widow of the late Mr. TOBIAS TILLY of the borough of Penryn 10 L sister: PHILLIS w/o Mr. JOHN DYKE of Constentine 10 L cousin: JOHN TREGEAR of Pentreath, yeoman 10 L cousin: GRACE TREGEAR d/o the above JOHN TREGEAR 20 L and to live with wife if she choose to continue doing so wife: MARGARET all the rest & executrix John Tregear witnesses: PETER PENDER HODGE, ANN TURNER Vol. 32, p. 39 .......... HENRY TREMENHEER, merchant, of Penzance written: 6 Dec 1714 proved: 19 May 1715 father-in-law: JOHN GROSSE gold ring valued at 20 sh. to wear in remembrance of me mother (not named) same as above sister: ELIZABETH ARUNDELL, widow same as above brothers: THOMAS, WILLIAM & JAMES TREMENHEER same as above sisters: ANN & JANE TREMENHEER same as above cousin: JOHN HEARLE, gent. gold ring of 20 sh. sister: SIBELLA TREMENHEER fee of the house that Mr. JOHN BARAGWANNA & LOVEDY his wife have a lease on trustees: cousin JOHN HERLE, gent. & father-in-law: JOHN GROSSE, gent. Henry Tremenheer witnesses: JNO. SYMONS, ELIZABETH ( ) GUY Vol. 2, p. 105 .......... RICHARD TRESISE, the elder, of Cruplight in Manaccan written: 4 Sep 1652 proved: 13 May 1657 eldest son: JAMES TRESISE 12 d. daughter: JANE STEVENS my great and best pan in Rosemorder servant: ELIANOR MARKES 10 L & 1 cow youngest son: JAMES TRESISE | all the rest RICHARD TRESISE, eldest s/o JAMES TRESISE the younger | & executors MARIE d/o JAMES TRESISE 1 cow overseer: son-in-law ROGER STEVENS Richard ( ) Tresise witnesses: JOHN CARBENS, DENNIS ( ) WILLS, ELINOR ( ) MARKES P.C.C., 1657, folio 175 .......... JOAN TRESTEEN, widow, of Penzance written: 7 Jul 1710 proved: 19 May 1715 poor of Gulval 20 sh. poor of Penzance 10 sh. poor of Madron 5 sh. poor of Marazion 5 sh. sister-in-law: ELIZABETH VEALE of Trevayler, widow 40 sh. her 3 daughters: HONOR COCKE, HANNA BUSVARGUS, & ELIZABETH VEALE, spinster 40 sh. each for rings or other token of remembrance cousin: SUSANNA VEALE, spinster, one of the dd/o my brother GEORGE VEALE, decd. 15 L and 1 of my best silver spoons cousin: JOAN w/o RICHARD WALLIS another of the dd/o my sd. brother 15 L & a silver spoon 4 eldest dd/o my brother JOHN VEALE, decd., viz: HONOR w/o WILLIAM EDWARDS 5 L MARGARET VEALE, spinster 5 L JOANE VEALE, spinster 5 L MARY VEALE, spinster 5 L cousins, 4 other of the c/o my brother JOHN VEALE decd., viz: WM VEALE, JUDETH VEALE, ELIZABETH VEALE & CONSTANCE VEALE 30 L between them, and Wm. to have 10 L more cousin: JAMES JEFFERY s/o my sister CONSTANCE JEFFERY, decd. 5 L his 3 sisters, dd/o my sd. sister, viz: CONSTANCE w/o THOMAS TREVENEN 8 L ELIZABETH JEFFERY, spinster 8 L ANN w/o HARRIS 8 L kinsman: THOMAS BOLITHO s/o my niece ELIZABETH BOLITHO, decd. 4 L his 2 sisters DOROTHY BOLITHO & ELIZABETH BOLITHO 40 sh. apiece niece: SUSANNA JEFFERY, spinster, that liveth with me, another d/o my sd. sister JEFFERY 40 L, my bed, table board, chairs & other furniture in the room I dwell in; all my clothes, various dishes, books ANN d/o my sd. kinswoman CONSTANCE TREVENEN 10 sh SUSAN d/o my sd. kinswoman JOAN WALLIS 10 sh. MARGARET d/o my sd. kinswoman HONOUR EDWARDS 10 sh. kinsman: GEORGE VEALE of Trevayler, gent. all the rest & executor Joan Tresteen witnesses: THO: PENROSE, ARTHUR JONES, MARY TOMAN Vol. 2, p. 116 .......... MARY TREWHELA, widow, of Crowan written: 10 Mar 1758 proved: 1 May 1758 son: THOMAS TREWHELA 1 sh., household goods & moveables son: JAMES 1 sh. son-in-law: WILLIAM GILL 1 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH 5 L daughter: MARY 1 sh. daughter: CATHERINE 1 sh. daughter: MARGET's 2 children 1 sh. each son: JOHN all the rest & executor Mary ( ) Trewhela witnesses: RICHARD DONNE Sr., RICHARD DONE Jr. Vol. 6, p. 129 .......... FRANCIS TROUNSEN, yeoman, of Mawgan in Meneage written: 1 Mar 1716 proved: 24 Jul 1717 daughter: JANE TROUNSEN 1 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH TROUNSEN 50 L son: JOHN TROUNSEN the tent. in St. Hilary called Lynes tent. in Tregortha with household goods and husbandry implements; & to pay the executor 100L son: FRANCIS TROUNSEN half of tent. of Bareawick Wartha & Woolas except the moiety late in possession of STEPHEN PERKIN & Illien Down moor daughter: GRACE TROUNSEN 50 L when 21 daughter: CATHERINE TROUNSEN 50 L when 21 son: THOMAS TROUNSEN estate, part of the Barton of Carminoe & 30L to put him to a trade when 21 wife: MARY TROUNSEN all the rest & executrix Francis Trounsen witnesses: THOMAS TROUNSEN, DOROTHY ( ) PULWINDEN Vol. 3, p. 369 .......... HENRY UREN, of Gwinear Admon granted 20 October 1703 to ELEANOR UREN, widow. Bondsmen GEORGE MICHELL of Zennor? and THOMAS DRAKE? of ?? .......... SAMPSON VEALE of St. Erth written: 20 Jan 1738 "memorandum" proved: 12 Feb 1738 his children: daughter: CATHERINE her mother's clothes my household goods equally between them bounds and lands between them SAMSON my cane GEORGE my silver buckles brothers-in-law: THOMAS & EDWARD trustees for the children Mr. Sampson ( ) Veale witnesses: JOHN ROGERS Vol. 13, p. 260 .......... FRANCIS VIVIAN, mason, of Camborne written: __ Apr 1716 proved: 26 Jul 1716 daughter: MARGERY 1 sh. daughter: CHRISTIAN 1 sh. daughter: CLARINDA 1 sh. daughter: SARAH 1 sh. son: FRANCIS 1 sh. wife: CHRISTIAN my right & interest in the dwelling house & garden in Camborne Church Town; bed, furniture, various household goods son: JOHN all the rest & executor Francis Vivian witnesses: JO: DAVY, FFRANCIS VIVIAN Jr. Vol. 3, p. 49 .......... THOMAS WALLISH, of St. Just in Penwith written: 11 Sep 1714 proved: 22 Mar 1714/5 wife: ANN 10 L yearly MARTEN MILLETT her father to pay 50 L to the executor, promised at the marriage mentions: "if my wife be with child" (provision made for the child) son: THOMAS WALLISH lands, tents. and houses in St. Just & 10 l when 21 daughter: JOAN 100 L daughter: MARY 100 L son: JOHN WALLISH all the rest & executor overseers: brother JOHN WALLISH & WILLIAM USTICK of St. Buryan, gent. (mentions that all the children are still minors) Thomas ( ) Wallish witnesses: THOMAS WALLISH, JAMES ADAMS, JOHN EDWARD Vol. 2, p. 27 .......... ROGER WEAREN of St. Erth written: 28 Apr 1753 proved: 25 Sep 1755 daughter: ANN 5 sh. daughter: ELIZABETH 5 sh. daughter: SARAH 5 sh. son: JOHN 40 sh. son: RICHARD 40 sh. son: JAMES all the rest & executor Roger Wearen witnesses: RICHD. OLIVER, AMBROS WEAREN, MARY WEARN Vol. 5, p. 107

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