Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person
who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given
in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of birth order
in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the end of the info.

1. EDMUND UREN  b. ca. 1620  d. 1684, Towednack, Cornwall (a)
     m. ALICE ________ (bur. 2 Jan 1695/6, Towednack)

2. Richard Uren  b. ca. 1647  d. 4 Jan 1691/2, St. Ives, Cornwall (b)
     m. Elizabeth Painter (h) (bur. 2 Dec 1691, Towednack) (issue)
2. Henry Uren  b. ca. 1650  d. "of Gwinear"  m. 23 Oct 1675, Gwinear, 
     Florance ________. (c) (no issue?) (d)

2. VINCENT UREN  b. ca. 1652  d. 1682, Uny Lelant, Cornwall (e)
     m. HONOR TREVOROW (f)

3. Richard Uren  chr. 14 Sep 1679, Uny Lelant, Cornwall (g)
3. Mary Uren (f)
3. Thomas Uren (f)

3. EDMUND UREN (f) b. ca. 1682, Uny Lelant, Cornwall (h)  d. Polpear, Lelant, 
     Cornwall  bur. 15 Jan 1737/8, Lelant  m1. ca. 1706 ________.
     m2. ca. 1713 CHRISTIAN BENNATTS  (i)  (see Bennatts file)

4. Margaret Uren  chr. 10 Aug 1707, Lelant  d. Oct 1718? 
4. Jane Uren  chr. 20 Feb 1714/5, Lelant ?m. 6 Nov 1733, Lelant, William Note?
4. Mary Uren  chr. 19 Aug 1716, Lelant
4. Elizabeth Uren  chr. 6 Apr 1718, Lelant
4. Edmund Uren  b. ca. 1719  m. 3 Sep 1748, Lelant, Elizabeth Mollard (j) 
4. Christian Uren  chr. 12 Apr 1723, Lelant  ??bur. 19 Dec 1800, Lelant  
     m. 19 May 1759, Lelant, Thomas White?? (k)
4. Vincent Uren  chr. 5 Dec 1725, Lelant  d. in infancy
4. Vincent Uren  chr. 3 Apr 1727, Lelant  m. 29 Sep 1758, Lelant, 
     Anne Nicholls
4. George Uren  chr. 8 Sep 1729, Lelant  bur. 16 Sep 1729, Lelant
4. Eleanor Uren  chr. 25 Oct 1730, Lelant  m. 15 May 1757, St. Erth, John 
     Tremellin  (issue)
4. Esther Uren  chr. 29 Jul 1733, Lelant  (l)
4. Richard Uren  chr. 14 Jun 1736, Lelant

4. THOMAS UREN  chr. 30 July 1721, Lelant  d. Polpear, Lelant  bur. 
     7 Sep 1784, Lelant (m)  m. 7 June 1744, Lelant, JOAN NINNES 
     (d. 19 Mar 1800?) (n)

5. Joan Uren  b. ca. 1745  m. 4 Oct 1764, Lelant, John Pellow (o)  (issue)
5. Mary Uren  chr. 21 Aug 1748, Lelant  m. 22 Oct 1772, Lelant, John 
     Hosking (q)
5. Elisabeth Uren  chr. 7 Oct 1750, Lelant  m. 2 Jun 1774, Lelant, 
     John Roberts (r)
5. Thomas Uren  chr. 10 Dec 1752, Lelant  bur. 4 May 1754, Lelant
5. Thomas Uren  chr. 20 Apr 1755, Lelant
5. Ann Uren  chr. 27 Nov 1757, Lelant  m. 6 Dec 1777, Lelant, Richard Williams

5. CHRISTIAN UREN  chr. 27 July 1746, Polpear, Lelant  d. Polpear
     bur. 28 May 1827, Lelant  m. 26 Dec 1770, John Glasson (p) (see GLASSON FILE)

                         SOURCES AND NOTES:

. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall Parish register, LDS film #1595781.
. Towednack, Cornwall, Parish Register Transcripts, 1676-1813, baptisms and 
    burials only, LDS film #254222.

                Notes coded to ( ) in body of info:

a. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills and Admons, AP/U/55, LDS film #1471580,
   Edmund Uren (also Euren, Yuryon) dp. 28 April 1685. Written 26 August 1684.
   Inventory taken 25 November 1684. 1/4 estate to wife Alice, 1/4 to "eldest
   son Richard Yuryon and children," 1/4 to son Henry, 1/4 to "Vincent 
   Yuryon's tow sons (when they are of age)," with their uncles Richard and 
   Henry to be guardians till they are of age. Sister (not named) to be 

b. Buried at Towednack 6 Jan 1691/2. Resided at St. Ives.
   Will written 4 Jan 1691/2; inventory taken 9 January and gives Richard's
   death date as the 4th. (Note: will names daughter Alice and son Henry; 
   Alice survived her father by only 6 days).

c. International Genealogical Index, England, Cornwall, Extracts of
   various Cornish parish registers.

d. Henry is "of Gwinear" in the administration bond of his father (1685),
   and in the will of his brother (1691/2). He appears to be the man who 
   married Florance in 1675, but although he remained in Gwinear, no children
   are recorded for this couple. In his father's will, both brothers are 
   referred to as having children, but not Henry.

e. Deceased by August 1684, when his father's will is written. Living in July 
   1682, when named in the will of his father-in-law. Since both the parish
   register and the Bishop's transcripts are missing for the year 1682, but 
   the latter exists for both 1683 and 1684, with no burial of Vincent recorded, 
   it can be assumed that Vincent died late in 1682.

f. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/N/353, Will of John Nicholas alias Trevorow,
   dp. 22 October 1683. Written 20 July 1682. Names daughter Honor, wife of 
   Vencsent Uren and their 4 children Richard, Mary, Thomas and Edmond. 
g. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Bishop's Transcripts, LDS film #90272.

h. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/P/1462, Admon of Jane Painter, widow of 
   Peter Painter. Administration account of Jane Painter, daughter of the
   deceased, dated 21 Jun 1680 names 4 brothers-in-law of the administrator.
   One of these was Richard Uren, who therefore was married to Peter's 
   daughter Elizabeth (the other 3 remaining daughters are already proven to
   their respective husbands.)

i. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills, Vol. 3-5, Jul. 1716-Aug. 1722, LDS film 
   #90187, Thomas Bennatts, dp. 19 May 1720. Mentions daughter Christian 
   Uren. Also "son and three daughters of Edmund Uren." As the latter must
   have been Thomas' grandchildren and the first was born early in 1715,
   Christian and Edmund were probably married around 1713.

j. This Edmund named a daughter Christian. Although his christening was not
   recorded, he must have been the son of Edmund referred to in the will
   of Thomas Bennatts (above); since the next son, Thomas Uren, was not 
   christened until 1721, it is unlikely he was born by April 1720, when 
   Thomas Bennatts' will was written.

k. The Christian Uren who married Thomas White and died in 1800 could also
   be the daughter of Richard and Catherine Uren of Lelant (b. 1720). Either
   would have been married in their late 30s (not an uncommon occurance
   in west Cornwall), but Christian, daughter of Edmund, would have been a bit 
   younger. So far there is no concrete evidence to connect Christian Uren 
   White with either one family or the other.

l. This child's parents are listed as CLEMENT and Christian Uren. There was a
   Clement Uren in the parish; however, there is no evidence that he ever had
   a wife Christian, and there are no other children recorded for this 
   "couple." Since this child fits perfectly into the family of Edmund and
   Christian, I suspect that the clerk made a mistake in recording the name of
   the father.

m. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Churchwarden's Accounts 1722-1800, LDS film 
   #254226. Two Thomas Urens resided in Lelant; our Thomas paid the rate on
   Polpear after the death of Christian Uren, his mother. In the rate list
   for 1784-5, Thomas is replaced by "the occupation of Thomas Uren's-
   Pulpear." Shortly after, "Pellow and Glasson" his sons-in-law, take over 
   the rate. The other Thomas "Lelant Town" continues through the end of
   the lists. Since two burials of Thomas Urens occur in the P.R., this
   analysis of the Churchwarden's Accounts was neccessary to determine which 
   of the two was ours.

n. The Lelant P.R. lists burials for two Joan Urens, both widows. The first 
   was buried 13 Jan 1795, just four days after the burial of a Eustace Uren.
   Since Eustice also had a wife Joan, this is possibly his widow; they may
   have succumbed to a similar illness. The second Joan was buried 19 Mar 
   1800, and is probably Thomas' widow. Not proven.

o. No Joan Uren is found in the P.R. as a daughter of Thomas and Joan. 
   However, Joan's marriage record is signed by the same Thomas Uren who
   signs the marriages of Christian and Mary. In the Churchwarden's Accounts,
   Thomas Uren and his apparent son-in-law, John Pellow, take over the rate 
   on the Polpear land after the death of Christian Uren, widow of Edmund.

p. Banns published 2, 11 and 16 December 1770. Witnesses were Thomas Uren 
   (the brides father) and John Edwards. John Glasson signed his name; 
   Christian signed with an "O".

q. Witnesses were Thomas Uren (the bride's father) and James Hosking. The
   groom was a resident of Ludgvan.

r. Witnesses were John Pellow and John Glasson.

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