Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of his birth order in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the end of the info. 1. THOMAS TROUNSEN bur. 30 Jul 1622, Ludgvan m. MARGARET THOMAS (g) bur. 28 Dec 1631, Ludgvan ............ 2. John Trounsen (a) d. 1627, St. Hilary m. Margaret ________ (issue) (j) 2. Margaret Trounsen m. John Heamen (a)(g) (issue) 2. Susanna Trounsen d. 1664, Marazion m. William Curnow (a)(k) (no issue) 2. Frances Trounsen (a) 2. ALEXANDER TROUNSEN (a) bur. 12 Aug 1651, Ludgvan m. FLORANCE ________, (a) (bur. 30 Apr 1658, Ludgvan) ............. 3. Francis Trounsen (a) b. ca. 1600 3. Jane Trounsen b. ca. 1603 m. 25 Jun 1625, Ludgvan, John Rogger (b) 3. Grace Trounsen b. ca. 1605 m. 3 Nov 1627, Ludgvan, Michael Perrat (b) 3. NICHOLAS TROUNSEN (c) b. ca. 1610 bur. 8 Jan 1684/5 m1. 21 Apr 1640, Ludgvan, Margaret ________ (d); m2. ca. 1661?, (e) MARY ________ (f), (bur. 5 Apr 1705, Ludgvan) ............. 4. Alexander Trounsen chr. 15 Mar 1642/3, Ludgvan bur. 25 May 1650, Ludgvan 4. Richard Trounsen chr. 16 Jul 1645, Ludgvan bur. 25 May 1650, Ludgvan 4. John Trounsen chr. 23 Mar 1649/50, Ludgvan bur. 25 Mar 1650, Ludgvan 4. Florance Trounsen chr. 16 Jul 1652, Ludgvan bur. 7 Jan 1676/7, Ludgvan 4. Catherine Trounsen chr. 30 Aug 1654, Ludgvan m. 1 May 1685, Ludgvan, John Dale (issue) 4. John Trounsen b. 26 Apr 1656 chr. 4 May 1656, Ludgvan bur. 30 Jul 1683, Ludgvan 4. Mary Trounsen b. 25 Oct 1659 chr. 1 Nov 1659, Ludgvan bur. 14 Nov 1659, Ludgvan 4. Margaret Trounsen chr. 6 Dec 1663, Ludgven bur. 31 May 1664, Ludgven 4. PETER TROUNSEN chr. 1 July 1666, Ludgvan bur. 24 Feb. 1715/6, Ludgvan m1. 9 Jun 1694, Ludgvan, SUSANNA TOMMES (bur. 13 Mar 1694/5); m2. 2 Dec 1704, Ludgvan, Grace Lenine ............. 5. Mary Trounsen chr. 17 Jun 1705, Ludgvan bur. 15 Jan 1705/6, Ludgvan 5. John Trounsen chr. Dec 1706, Ludgvan bur. 12 Jul 1707, Ludgvan 5. John Trounsen chr. 5 Nov 1708, St. Hilary (h) m. ?Anne ________? 5. Nicholas Trounsen chr. 27 June 1714, Ludgvan bur. 14 Mar 1730/1, Ludgvan? 5. SUSANNA TROUNSEN chr. 13 Mar 1694/5, Ludgvan bur. 17 April 1759, Madron (i) m. 3 August 1717, Madron, THOMAS GLASSON (l) (see GLASSON FILE) -------------------------------------------------- SOURCES AND NOTES: All unfootnoted information is taken from the Ludgvan, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595868. Notes keyed to letters in () in above information: a. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/T/396, Thomas Trousene of Ludgvan, dp. __ December 1622. Written 29 July 1622. Names son John, son Alexander, brother George (decd.); daughter Margaret Heamen, daughter Susanna Cornowe, daughter Frances; Florance w/o son Alexander; Francis s/o son Alexander; Thomas s/o son John. Mentions several "closes" at Tolwaden (Gwele Down, Gwele Helles, Parc an Barad, Parc an Poole) b. Ludgvan P.R. "25 June 1625 was married John Rogger to Jane ye daughter of Alexander Trowson" Ibid. "3 November 1627 was married mychell Perat and Grace ye daughter of Alexander Trouson" c. I believe this is one case where omnastic evidence can stand alone: Nicholas Trounsen resided in Ludgvan as did Thomas and Alexander, and was of the generation immediately following Alexander; Nicholas named his eldest son Alexander, and his eldest daughter Florance. d. Margaret's surname is not given in the Ludgven P.R. e. Mary was probably the mother of the last two children. There is no record of her predecessor's death in the P.Rs., but there is a gap in the children between 1659 and 1663. Nicholas' youngest son Peter was almost certainly a son of Mary, since he gave a daughter that name, but did not name a daughter Margaret. But NOT proven; wife #1 COULD have been the mother of all the children. f. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills, Nicholas Trounsen of Ludgvan, dp. 22 April 1686. Written 6 December 1684. Names son Peter, daughter Catherine, wife Mary. g. The will of Thomas' son John (q.v.) names an uncle, Walter Thomas. This Walter Thomas left a will (Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/T/483), written 8 Mar 1626/7 and proved 3 April 1627, which names Alexander Trounsen and his children; sister Margaret Trounsen, widow; Susan Curnow and her husband William; Margaret Heyman and her husband John and son Richard. h. International Genealogical Index, Cornwall, LDS. Extracts of various Cornish parish registers. i. Madron, Cornwall, original Parish Register, LDS film #1595913. j. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/T/491, Will of John Trounsen of St. Hilary, written 7 Nov. 1625, proved 31 May 1627. Names wife Margaret, children, Thomas, Walter, John and Ann Trounsen; uncle Walter Thomas; brother-in-law, William Curnow; deceased father Thomas Trounsen; Florance w/o Alexander Trounsen. k. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/C/1372, Will of Susan Curnow of Marazion, widow. Written 28 Oct 1664, proved 7 Jan 1664/5. Names various persons with no relationship stated. Bulk of estate to Grace Perrott, neice. l. Note: Susanna's mother died at her birth (she is buried on the day of Susanna's christening). Since Peter Trounsen did not remarry for several years; it is likely that Susanna was raised by someone else other than her father. Peter's only surviving sister, Katherine Dale, very possibly raised Susanna; this Katherine's daughter Jane Dale married John Glasson, the brother of Susanna's husband.

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