1. Robert Jenken bur. 23 Sep 1569, Gwithian m1. ?? m2. 30 Jul 1565, Gwithian, Jennet (____) widow of ?John? Tremeryn (bur. 5 Jan 1588/9, Gwithian) 2a. Richard Roberts als. Trevernan als. Jenken bur. 29 Oct 1624, Gwithian m. 7 Oct 1565, Gwithian, Johan/Jane d/o John Tremeryn (bur. 14 Sep 1603) 3a. John Roberts bur. 21 Nov 1566, Gwithian 3b. Eleanor Roberts chr. 24 Dec 1567, Gwithian bur. 5 Jul 1655, Gwithian m. 16 Dec 1591, Gwithian, John Carthew (issue) 3c. Maude Roberts 3d. John Roberts bur. 25 Oct 1630, Gwithian 3e. Thomasin Roberts m. 11 Jul 1604, Gwithian, William Whita (issue) 3f. Catherine Roberts chr. 25 Nov 1581 bur. 10 Feb 1585/6, Gwithian 3g. Thomas Roberts bur. 20 Nov 1654, Gwithian m. 29 Apr 1633, Gwithian, Mary Nichols (bur. 8 Nov 1662, Gwithian) 4a. Gregory Roberts chr. 15 Mar 1633/4, Gwithian 4b. John Roberts chr. 14 Aug 1637, Gwithian bur. 5 Nov 1715, Towednack m. 24 Jan 1657/8, Gwithian, Emblem d/o Thomas Quick of Zennor 5a. Zenobia Roberts chr. 5 Jan 1660/1, Gwithian bur. 20 Dec 1729, Towednack m. James Woolcock (issue) 5b. Jane Roberts bur. 3 Jan 1747/8?, Towednack m. 24 Jan 1692/3, Towednack, David Curnow (bur. 23 Jan 1738/9) (issue) 5c. Richard Roberts bur. 11 Apr 1744, Gwithian m. 15 Dec 1708, Zennor, Emblem Mitchell (bur. 22 Jan 1751/2, Gwithian) (no issue) 5d. Elizabeth Roberts bur. 29 Jan 1701/2, Towednack m. 9 Oct 1700, Towednack, Baldwin Hingston (issue) 5e. Andrew Roberts chr. 22 Sep 1677, Towednack d.y. 5f. John Roberts chr. 15 May 1681, Towednack bur. 9 Dec 1759, Towednack m. Mary, d/o Peter Curnow (bur. 15 Jan 1777, Towednack) 6a. Richard Roberts chr. 24 Mar 1711/2, Towednack bur. 6 Nov 1799, Gwithian m1. 31 Oct 1738, Gwithian, Ann d/o Charles Cock (bur. 1 Jan 1639/40) m2. 16 Sep 1740, Gwithian, Jane Hockin 7a. John Roberts chr. 20 Dec 1739 bur. 26 Dec 1739, Gwithian 7b. Johanna Roberts chr. 13 Aug 1753 7c. John Roberts chr. 6 Nov 1757 6b. Mary Roberts ca. 1714, Towednack bur. 3 Jun 1795, Gwithian m. 25 Jul 1740, Phillack, Roger s/o Charles Cock of Gwithian 6c. Emblem Roberts chr. 12 Feb 1716/17 bur. 26 Apr 1717, Towednack 6d. Anne Roberts chr. 28 Apr 1719, Towednack 6e. Zenobia Roberts chr. 28 Jun 1720 bur. 30 Nov 1720, Towednack 6f. John Roberts chr. 8 Oct 1721 bur. 2 May 1739, Towednack 6g. Thomas Roberts chr. 10 Jan 1725, Towednack 6h. Joan Roberts chr. 20 Apr 1728 bur. 7 Apr 1752, Towednack 6i. Josiah Roberts chr. 24 Mar 1733/4 bur. 29 Apr 1734, Towednack 4c. Richard Roberts chr. 5 Jul 1641 bur. 21 Aug 1641, Gwithian 4d. Margaret Roberts b. 1647, Gwithian 3h. Mary Roberts chr. 15 Dec 1588 bur. 15 Apr 1643? 2b. Eleanor Jenken or Roberts m. 1573, Phillack, James Nichols (issue)

NOTES: The majority of the above information is taken from the following two sources: . Gwithian, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595600. . Towednack, Cornwall, Parish Register Transcripts, 1676-1813, baptisms and burials only, LDS film #254222. 1. Robert's marriage to "Jennet [some]tyme wife of Tremeryn" took place a few months before Richard married "Johan daughter of John Tremeryn." It would appear that Richard probably married his step-sister. Note: the name "Tremeryn" (also Treveryn or Trevernan) is a name of a place; Richard's will showed that he held land at Trevernan. John Tremeryn was probably an alias and he possessed an additional, unknown surname. 2a. In his will, Richard refers to himself as Richard Roberts alias Tevernan. At the time of his inventory, he is referred to as Richard Roberts alias Jenkin. At his marriage he is "Richard, son of Robert Jenkin." Additional proof that Richard is indeed the son of Robert Jenkin is that in his will he mentions James Nichols as a kinsman; this James Nichols was married to Eleanor a daughter of Robert Jenkin. Not also that Richard named one of his daughters Eleanor. . Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills, AP/R/405, Richard Roberts als. Trevernan dp. 3 March 1624/5. Written 27 May 1609. Names eldest son John; son Thomas; daughters Maude and Mary; Richard s/o William Whita; John Carthew's children. Overseers John Tremeane "vicar of Paul" and "neighbors, kinsmen and friends" James Nichols & John Williams of Tolsethen. 2b. Married as the daughter of Robert Jenkin. Eleanor probably had no actual surname until her marriage. 3c. Christening not recorded. Named in the will of her father (see 2a. above). 3d. Christening not recorded. Named in the will of his father (see 2a. above). . Buried as the son of Richard Roberts, several years after his father's death. 3e. Christening not recorded. Thomasin was married to William Whita as the "daughter of Richard Roberts" and in his will, Richard leaves a legacy to William Whita's son. 3g. Christening not recorded. Named in the will of his father (see 2a. above). 3h. Buried as the daughter of Richard Roberts. Richard had been dead almost 20 years at this time; however, there is no evidence of any other Richard Roberts in the parish. 4b. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills, Vol. 2, p. 278, John Roberts, dp. 17 March 1715/6. Written 28 May 1709. Names wife Emblyn; sons Richard and John; daughters Zenobia w/o James Woollcock and Jane w/o David Curnow. . Marriage recorded as John Roberts to Emblem daughter of Thomas Wicke deceased. The pioneer Quick family in the area was Thomas Quick of Zennor, whose sons settled at Towednack and Gulval. Thomas' widow, Zenobia, lived at Towednack after Thomas' death. The first child of John and Emblem, baptized at Gwithian, was named Zenobia, and John and Emblem relocated to Towednack shortly after her birth. 5b. No christening is found for Jane or Richard, but both are named in their father's will. They were probably born at Towednack, since the register there does not begin until 1676, and the last two children ARE recorded. 5c. See note for 5b. above. 5d. No christening is found for Elizabeth. She is assumed to be the daughter of John and Emblem because she married at Towednack and they were the only Roberts family there at the time. Since Elizabeth predeceased her father, and since her only child died in infancy, there would be no mention of her in her father's will. 5e. Not named in his father's will. 5f. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills, Vol. 7, p. 67, John Roberts, dp. 12 May 1760. Written 15 January 1757. Names wife Mary; sons Richard and Thomas; daughters Mary Cock and Ann Thomas. . John's wife's name is given as Mary at the christening of several of their children. The will of Peter Curnow (Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Vol. 12, p. 188, dp. 3 February 1736/7), written in 1732, names daughter Mary Roberts and also makes reference to the fact that she has children. 6b. Christening not recorded. Mary's birth must have occurred in the gap between her siblings Richard and Emblem (the P.R. and B.T. is not extant for that time period). Mary is named in the will of her father as daughter Mary Cock. Back to Cornish Database....
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