NOTE: All christenings, marriages and burials below occurred in Gwithian, unless otherwise noted. Individual notes follow, coded to the number of each person. 1. Richard Hockin d. 1591 m. Margaret ________ (bur. 6 Apr 1633 m2. 1 Oct 1591, Humphrie Williams) 2a. Cheston Hockin chr. 7 Dec 1581 m. 14 Feb 1608/9, Richard Paul 2b. Thomas Hockin b. ca. 1583 bur. 21 Oct 1633 m. 3 Feb 1610/11, Grace d/o Thomas Allen (bur. 23 May 1656 m2. 17 Apr 1637, Thomas Guyan) 3a. Francis Hockin bur. 12 Apr 1689 m. 26 Apr 1659, Ann d/o John Carthew (bur. 4 Oct 1692) 4a. Grace Hockin chr. 10 Mar 1659/60 4b. Elinor Hockin chr. 30 Jun 1662 4c. Francis Hockin chr. 12 Dec 1669 3b. Oliver Hockin bur. 12 Jan 1678/9 m. 15 Feb 1660/1, Cheston (Williams) Cock, widow of Henry Cock (bur. 2 Jul 1665) (no issue) 3c. Richard Hockin chr. 17 Jun 1616 bur. 14 May 1685 m. 19 Jul 1641, Phillack, Elizabeth Andrewartha (bur. 30 Aug 1682) 4d. Margaret Hockin chr. 28 May 1642 bur. 1 Feb 1642/3 4e. John Hockin chr. 1 Dec 1644, Phillack bur. 12 Oct 1706 m. 18 Jan 1667/8, Camborne, Alice Harry (bur. 27 Jan 1728, age 84) 5a. ?Elizabeth Hockin m. John Nicholls? 5b. John Hockin bur. 18 Jan 1739 m. Catherine Harris 5c. Grace Hockin chr. 24 Feb 1672/3 bur. 8 Dec 1755 m. April 1705 John s/o Charles Cock (issue) 5d. Richard Hockin chr. 4 Jan 1674/5 d. 1761 m. 30 Oct 1703 Ann Cock d/o Bennett Cock (bur. 17 Jul 1748) 6a. Margaret Hockin chr. 1 Aug 1704 bur. 8 Dec 1789 m. 2 Sep 1731, Charles, s/o Charles Cock (issue) 6b. Elizabeth Hockin chr. May 1706 bur. 26 Sep 1763 m. 31 Dec 1733, Benjamin, s/o Charles Cock (issue) 6c. Richard Hockin chr. 25 Mar 1710 6d. John Hockin chr. 26 Oct 1713 6e. Charles Hockin chr. 7 Jul 1716 5e. Francis Hockin chr. 18 Mar 1676/7 5f. Thomas Hockin chr. 24 Feb 1678/9 m. 2 Apr 1706, Miriam Ellis (issue) 5g. William Hockin chr. 23 Jan 1680/1 bur. 7 Dec 1756 m. 18 Feb 1705/6, Phillack, Jane Stephens 6f. William Hockin bur. 16 Dec 1707 6g. William Hockin chr. 3 Jan 1708/9 6h. Elizabeth Hockin chr. 3 ___ 1713 6i. Oliver Hockin b. 15 Apr 1718 6j. Jane Hockin chr. 3 ___ 1720 6k. Grace Hockin chr. 21 Jul 1722 6l. Mary Hockin chr. 8 Jan 1725/6 5h. Oliver Hockin chr. 4 Feb 1682/3 bur. 27 Sep 1685 5i. ?Charles Hockin? 5j. ?Alice Hockin? 5k. Margaret/Margery Hockin chr. 27 May 1685 bur. 3 Apr 1687 3d. Marie Hockin chr. 2 Mar 1618/19 bur. 22 Mar 1618/19 3e. James Hockin chr. 25 Jan 1620/1 bur. 14 Feb 1620/1 3f. Joan Hockin chr. 3 Feb 1627/8 bur. 10 Feb 1627/8 3g. Charles Hockin chr. 15 Dec 1632 bur. 5 Jul 1716 m1. 25 Jun 1659, Alice Christopher (bur. 24 Feb 1659/60) m2. Ann ?d/o Richard and Amy (Mitchell) Hockin? (bur. 4 Feb 1714/5) 4f. Thomas Hockin chr. Feb 1659/60 bur. 24 Feb 1659 4g. Thomas Hockin chr. 28 Dec 1661 m. 16 Jan 1696/7, Elizabeth Cock d/o Bennett Cock 4h. Francis Hockin chr. 22 Nov 1663 4i. Richard Hockin chr. 16 Mar 1665/6 bur. 23 Feb 1721/2 m. 30 Nov 1717, Jane Cock d/o Bennett Cock (no issue) 4j. Eleanor Hockin chr. 4 Aug 1668 ?bur. 16 Apr 1730 m. 21 Sep 1694, Richard Bennetts? 4k. Henry Hockin chr. 14 Feb 1670/71 4l. Charles Hockin chr. 16 Nov 1673 4m. Ann Hockin chr. 29 Apr 1676 bur. 18 Aug 1719 m. 20 Sep 1716, Hannibal Walters 3h. ?Margaret Hockin b. ca. 1634? chr. 25 Sep 1642 2c. Mary Hockin chr. 1 Jan 1586/7 bur. 2 Feb 1666/7 m. 21 Nov 1614, William Cock of Connerwartha (d. 1645) (issue) 2d. Richard Hockin chr. 16 Sep 1589 bur. 27 May 1639 m. ca. 1625, Amy, d/o Reynold Michell (b. ca. 1600 bur. 22 Jun 1676 m2. 13 Jan 1639/40, Francis Cock) 3i. Barbara Hockin chr. 5 Apr 1626 bur. 16 Nov 1665 3j. Benjamin Hockin chr. 5 Feb 1627/8 bur. 14 Feb 1687/8 m. Blanche d/o James Harris (bur. 6 May 1701) 4n. Catherine Hockin chr. 10 Sep 1673 4o. Ann Hockin chr. 12 Jun 1675 d. 1728-30 m. 24 Apr 1703 Charles, s/o Charles Cock (issue) 4p. Richard Hockin chr. 17 Feb 1677/8 bur. 4 Mar 1755/6 m. 11 Jun 1701, Agnes Cock d/o Charles Cock (bur. 7 Apr 1747) 5l. Blanche Hockin chr. May 1702 m. 14 Dec 1725, John Phillips (issue) 5m. Richard Hockin chr. 3 Dec 1703 bur. Jan 1703/4 5n. Benjamin Hockin chr. 20 Oct 1705 5o. Richard Hockin chr. 22 Jan 1708/9 d.v.p. 5p. Jane Hockin chr. 1711 m. Francis Harris 5q. Charles Hockin chr. 7 Apr 1716 d.v.p. 5r. John Hockin chr. 3 Oct 1719 d. 1765 4q. Blanche Hockin chr. Nov 1682 bur. 11 Apr 1729 m. 5 Feb 1707/8, Thomas Carthew (issue) 4r. Benjamin Hockin m. 28 Dec 1712, Alice Hockin 3k. Thomas Hockin chr. 17 Mar 1629/30 m. Catherine ________ (bur. 24 Dec 1675) 4s. Richard Hockin chr. 29 Apr 1665, Gwinear d. young 4t. Barbara Hockin chr. 12 May 1666, Gwinear 4u. Benjamin Hockin chr. 30 Jan 1668/9, Gwinear bur. 8 Jun 1738 m. 25 Nov 1693, Jane Cock d/o Charles Cock (bur. 8 Oct 1740) 5r. Thomas Hockin chr. 1694 bur. 5 Aug 1699 5s. John Hockin 5t. Benjamin Hockin chr. 22 Apr 1698 5u. Jane Hockin 5v. Thomas Hockin chr. 30 Oct 1704 5w. Catherine Hockin 5x. Richard Hockin bur. 24 Nov 1710 4v. Catherine Hockin chr. 31 Mar 1672/3 3l. Elizabeth Hockin chr. 3 May 1631 m. 13 Nov 1662, John Jenkin (bur. 27 May 1684) (issue) 3m. Margaret Hockin chr. 31 Aug 1634 3n. ?Ann Hockin bur. 4 Feb 1714/5 m. Charles Hockin

All christening, burial and marriage dates above are taken from the filmed
parish registers of the particular parish.

1. Two Richard Hockins are buried early on at Gwithian: one on 20 June 1590,
   and the other on 13 July 1591. The one Richard could be father, uncle or
   a cousin of the other; most likely an uncle or father, as Richard appears
   to have died rather young, having only been married about 10 years.

2b. Thomas Hockin's birth is not recorded, but in his will he identifies 
    his sister Cheston, known to be a daughter of Richard Hockin.
    Thomas' will, written 28 Sep 1633, proved 7 Feb 1633/4, named wife 
    Grace; sister Cheston, sons Oliver, Richard, Charles and Frances; he
    also left bequests to Barbara Hockin, John & James Pawlye, and James Cock.
    Barbara Hockin and James Cock were his niece and nephew, the daughter of
    Thomas' brother Richard Hockin and of his sister Mary Cock, respectively.
    John and James Pawlye were the sons of Stephen Pawlye, who married Thomas'
    half-sister, Ann Williams. Stephen Pawlye and William Cock, Thomas'
    brothers-in-law, and Humphrie Williams, his step-father, were named as 
    overseers of the will.

2c. Mary was William Cock's second wife, his first was Alice Edwards, who 
    died in 1614. William and Mary's children were Cay (dy), Roger, Frances 
    (dy), Richard (dy), Constance, Grace, Anthony, Bennett, James and Charles.
    Many of Mary's descendants intermarried with the Hockin descendants of
    her two brothers.

2d. Richard died intestate and the only extant estate paper for him is his 
    inventory, which is dated 5 Jun 1639. At the bottom of the paper above
    another date of 24 Jun 1639 are the words: "Amea relict des." (Amy,
    widow of the deceased.)
 .  Amy Hockin married Francis Cock eight months after Richard's death. Her 
    son by Francis, James Cock of Gwinear, is named in Benjamin Hockin's 
    will as his "brother-in-law" (ie: half-brother). This James is also one 
    of the bondsmen for the estate of Benjamin's widow (q.v.). 
 .  The will of John Michell, written 6 Feb 1683 mentions legacies to Benjamin 
    Hockin, Thomas Hockin, James Cock and Elizabeth w/o John Jenkin. These are 
    all children of Amy. The will of Jennitt James, written 28 Mar 1615 mentions
    brother Reynold Michell, his wife and her daughter Amye, then mentions John
    and Jane Michell, both known children of Reynold. So Amy, w/o Richard Hockin 
    and then Francis Cock is therefore a sister of John Michell and daughter of 
3a. Francis' will is written 14 Mar 1687 and proved 21 May 1689. Names
    wife Ann, son Francis; daughters Grace & Eleanor.

3b. The will of Henry Cock, dp. 8 Jan 1660/1, names wife Cheston, and 
    father-in-law, Richard Sadler. Henry's will is undated, but he died in
    1659. Cheston Cock, widow, witnessed the will of her stepmother-in-law,
    Mary Cock in April 1660. Her marriage to Oliver Hockin took place in
    February of the following year, a month after the probate of her first
    husband's will. Cheston was actually the stepdaughter of Richard Sadler.
    She was chr. at Gwithian on 1 Jan 1625/6, the daughter of Edward and Agnes
    (Jenkin) Williams. Her mother married Richard Sadler in 1631. Agnes
    Sadler's will, proved 15 Jun 1671, names son-in-law Oliver Hockin, and
    grandchildren John and Mary Cock.

3c. Richard's will was proved 25 May 1685. Names son John. Also names
    brother Charles Hockin and brother's son Thomas Hockin.
    Elizabeth Andrewartha, Richard's wife, is probably the daughter of
    Phillip and Agnes (Cock) Andrewartha, chr. 27 Feb 1604/5 as Elizabeth,
    d/o Phillip Trewartha. She would be age 36 at marriage, but this is
    not uncommon in Cornwall, and would explain why only two children
    were born to the couple.

3g. Charles' will was written 4 Jul 1713 and proved 26 July 1716. Names 
    wife Ann; sons Thomas, Frances, Richard, Henry and Charles; daughters
    Eleanor and Ann; 11 grandchildren.

3h. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Hockin, was christened at Gwithian in 1642.
    As there is no Thomas Hockin of age to be having children in Gwithian or
    the surrounding parishes at this time, the only explanation for this 
    entry is that Margaret was a posthumous child of Thomas, born after his 
    death in 1634, and christened in childhood. Thomas' will was written
    10 months after the birth of his son Charles, and Thomas' wife could
    certainly still be of childbearing age. No expectant child is mentioned
    in the will, but as Thomas' wife was the residual legatee, she would
    have been able to provide for a future child, and no provision would 
    need to be stated in the will. It is also possible that she was newly
    pregnant and that neither she nor Thomas was aware of it at the time 
    the will was written. That Margaret was the name of Thomas' mother, and
    the name Margaret was used with some frequency in the next two generations
    of this family lends a bit of extra weight to the theory.

3j. Benjamin's will is written 30 January 1687 and proved 5 March 1687.
    Names eldest daughter Catherine, daughter Blanch, daughter Ann; wife 
    Blanch; younger son Benjamin, son Richard; brother Thomas Hockin; 
    brother-in-law James Cock; kinsman John Hockin. Mentions tenement to 
    wife Blanch "....where I now live formerly her father's tenement," and 
    later the "....tenement of Naterow being the tenement that I now live 
    in formerly James Haris tenement..." 
    The Gwithian P.R. records the christening of Blanche, d/o James Harry 
    in 1646.

3n.  The will of John Michell of Gwithian, names Benjamin Hockin, Thomas 
     Hockin and James Cock. These are the sons of John's sister Amy by her 
     two husbands. He next names John and Joan Wills, apparently the son 
     and daughter of his sister Jane, who was known to have married William 
     Wills. Next he names a Phillip Michell, probably a son of John's only 
     brother, William Michell. Lastly named are Ann, w/o Charles Hockin, 
     and Elizabeth, w/o John Jenkyn. Elizabeth is the daughter of John's 
     sister Amy by her first husband, Richard Hockin. Ann therefore, must 
     be another niece of John Michell's. Since she does not name a child 
     William, is is unlikely that she is either the child of William Michell 
     or William Wills. Her second and third sons are named Francis and 
     Richard (the first is called Thomas after her husband's father). Ann 
     is most likely then the daughter of Amy Michell, by either her first 
     husband Richard Hockin or her second husband Francis Cock. Since Ann 
     had both a Francis and a Richard, it seems most likely that she is the 
     daughter of Richard Hockin, and named her second son for her stepfather 
     Francis Cock, who raised her, and the third son Richard for her dead 

4i. Richard's will is written 18 Jan 1721/2 and proved 4 May 1722. Names wife
    Jane, but no children. Also names brother Thomas, brother Francis,
    sister Eleanor, brother Henry and youngest brother Charles. Mentions 
    land in Camborne and Gwithian. 
  . Jane's will is written 23 May 1752 and proved 2 Oct 1754. She leaves 
    legacies to her nieces and nephews and the bulk of her estate to her 
    brother William Cock.

4j. Eleanor was left only 1 L. in her father's will, compared to her sister
    Ann's 20 L., so Eleanor was probably already married and had received
    her portion. She is possibly the Eleanor who married Richard Bennetts. 
    She is referred to in both her father and brother's will simply as 
    "Eleanor," with no surname given.

4m. Ann received 20 L. in her father's will; her sister Eleanor received 
    only 1 L. indicating that Ann was probably still unmarried. She would 
    have to be the Ann Hockin who married Hanniball Walters in 1716. She 
    is the only sibling not mentioned in her brother's will, so was deceased 
    before 1722, and Ann, w/o Hanniball Walters died in 1719.

4p. Agnes Cock's christening is not recorded. However, among the Gwithian Cocks,
    only Charles Cock and James Cock are lax in recording their children, and 
    James' children are named in his will. Since Richard and Agnes name a
    son Charles, she is assumed to be a daughter of Charles Cock. (See also 
  . Richard's will was written 20 October 1752 and proved 8 May 1756. Names 
    sons Benjamin and John; daughter Blanch w/o John Phillips and her daughter 
    Agnes; daughter Jane w/o Francis Harris of Camborne; Grace Ellis; Anne w/o
    son John.
4u. The birth order of Benjamin's children is uncertain. The Gwithian P.R. 
    shows two children (name and sex unreadable as the register is torn)
    christened on 3 Oct 1708 and Feb 1715/6.
  . Benjamin's will was proved 24 May 1739, and named daughters Jane and 
    Catherine; sons John, Thomas and Benjamin. Wife mentioned but not named.

5a. This child's name provided by Dave Hockin.

5b. This child's name provided by Dave Hockin.

5d. Richard's will was written 25 Nov 1752 and proved 2 Jan 1761. Names son
    Richard, daughters Margaret & Elizabeth; "two younger sons" Charles & 

5g. William's will was written 3 March 1755 and proved 21 January 1757. Names
    sons Oliver and William; daughters Elizabeth, Jane and Grace.

5i. This child's name provided by Dave Hockin.

5j. This child's name provided by Dave Hockin.

5r. John's will was written 28 March 1765 and proved 4 October 1765. Names
    elder sister Blanch Philips; second sister Jane Harris; nephew Richard
    Phillips; kinsman Benjamin Hockin; servant Philip Andrewartha; brother 
    Benjamin Hockin; wife Anne Hockin.

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