Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person
who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given
in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of his birth order
in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the of the info.
1. WILLIAM HAWES  bur. 2 Mar 1683/4, Lelant, Cornwall (b)
     m. ca. 1649, Lelant, ANNE KELWAY (j) chr. 22 Feb 1625/6, Lelant, d/o 
     William and Margaret (    ) Kelway  d. bef. Nov. 1683 (c)

2. Elizabeth Hawes  m. 12 Feb 1672/3, Lelant, Lewis Penberthy (c)(d) (issue)
2. Jane Hawes  bur. Mar 1692, St. Ives  (n)  m1. Christopher Penberthy (c)(m)
     (issue)  m2. 17 Oct 1687, St. Ives, William Hawking (n) (issue)

2. WILLIAM HAWES (b)  b. ca. 1660  m. ca. 1686
     m. JOAN THURLEBY  chr. 23 Feb 1667/8, d/o Thomas and Sedwell (Edwards) 
     Thurleby (l)  bur. 31 Dec 1728, Lelant, Cornwall

3. Thomas Hawes  chr. 24 Sep 1687, Lelant  bur. 3 Jan 1732/3, Lelant  
     m. 28 Sep 1717, St. Just in Penwith, Cornwall, Mary Shakerley (e)  (issue)
3. William Hawes  chr. 6 Jul 1689, Lelant  bur. 14 Sep 1728, Lelant
     m. 19 Feb 1718/9, Lelant, Agnes Geen  (issue)
3. Ann Hawes  b. ca. 1691, Lelant  bur. 17 Feb 1696/7, Lelant (b)
3. Alice Hawes  chr. 29 May 1694, Lelant
3. Sedwell Hawes  chr. 2 Jun 1696, Lelant
3. Bridgett Hawes  chr. 21 Sep 1698, Lelant  bur. 26 Jul 1730, Lelant
     m. 14 Apr 1718, Lelant, Phillip Hosking  (issue)
3. John Hawes  chr. 29 Mar 1701, Lelant  m. Susanna ________  (issue)
3. Richard Hawes  chr. 20 Aug 1703, Lelant  bur. 2 Feb 1703/4, Lelant (b)
3. Samuel Hawes  chr. 4 Feb 1704/5, Lelant  bur. 15 Sep 1728, Lelant
3. Joseph Hawes  chr. 1709/10, Lelant (f)  bur. 8 Jan 1773, Lelant (g)
3. Joan Hawes  chr. 10 Jun 1711, Lelant  bur. 2 Feb 1780, Lelant
     m. 2 Feb 1730/1, Lelant, Stephen Noall (issue)

3. RICHARD HAWES  chr. 11 Oct 1707, Lelant  bur. 17 Mar 1775, Lelant
     m. 31 Aug 1734, Lelant, GERTRUDE HOSKING (k) (1704-1741)

4. Joseph Hawes  chr. 23 Apr 1739, Lelant
4. JANE HAWES  chr. 1 May 1737, Lelant  bur. May 1791, Lelant
     m. 10 Jun 1760, Lelant, ROBERT HAMPTON (1732-1805--see HAMPTON FILE)

4. RICHARD HAWES  chr. 10 Aug 1735, Lelant  bur. 25 Aug 1807, Lelant
     m. 17 Jan 1771, Lelant, CATHERINE PENBERTHY  (b. 1735) (h)  bur. 
     19 Feb 1824, Lelant)

5. Richard Hawes  chr. 14 Jun 1772, Lelant
5. Gertrude Hawes  chr. 27 Nov 1774, Lelant  bur. 4 Jun 1776, Lelant
5. Gertrude Hawes  chr. 30 Aug 1778, Lelant  bur. 27 Jun 1820, Lelant
     m. 20 Jun 1801, Lelant, Thomas Hampton (see HAMPTON FILE) (i) (issue)

5. CATHERINE HAWES  chr. 17 Jul 1782, Lelant  d. Carnes Downs, Lelant
     bur. 9 Oct 1846, Lelant  m. 29 Oct 1804, Lelant, JOHN HAMPTON (see 
     HAMPTON FILE) (i)


                         SOURCES AND NOTES:

The majority of the above information has been taken from the following
source. Individual notes follow.

St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595781.

        Notes coded to letters ( ) in body of info:

a. The 1641 Protestation Returns for Cornwall show a John, Richard and
   a William Hawes at Lelant. All would be born before 1623, as men had to
   be 18 to be listed. William is probably our William, and either John or
   Richard may be his father.

b. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Bishop's Transcripts, LDS film #90272. 

c. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Wills & Admons, AP/H/2105, Will of William
   Hawes, dp. 21 May 1684. Written 1 Nov. 1683. Mentions son William, 
   daughter Elizabeth Penberthy, daughter Jane Penberthy, brother-in-law, 
   George Kelway and Lewis Penberthy (no relationship given).

d. Lewis Penberthy mentioned in the above source is undoubtedly one of
   William Hawes' sons-in-law, as he was in possession of William's
   field. The Bishop's Transcript for Lelant shows the marriage of Lewis
   Penberthy to Elizabeth--no surname given.  

e. International Genealogical Index, England, Cornwall. Excerpts of
   various Cornish parish registers.

f. Month and date of christening unreadable, but near the end of the 
   year, probably February or March.

g. There are a lack of burials for Joseph Haweses. This burial could be 
   as likely that of Joseph son of Thomas, or Joseph son of Richard.

h. Lelant P.R. Age 88 at death. Catherine's age at death does not match
   the christening of the only known Catherine Penberthy born in the area
   (1745 to Stephen and Margaret Penberthy). Catherine born 1745 disappears 
   from the records, and it is POSSIBLE that she may be our Catherine with 
   the age at burial recorded incorrectly. However, this is NOT PROVEN.

i. Gertrude and Catherine both married their first cousins, brothers
   Thomas and John Hampton, sons of their aunt, Jane (Hawes) Hampton.

j. William's will names brother-in-law, George Kelway. The original Bishop's
   Transcript for Lelant for Lelant includes an undated marriage return for
   William Hawes and Anne Kelway in the 1600s. Anne's christening is also found
   in these Transcripts.

k. Charles G. Henderson, "Henderson's Cornish Manuscripts," Vol. 12, p. 103,
   Milton Collection, Penwith Deeds: No. 315, dated 1735, "Richd. Hawes of
   Uny Lelant yeoman and Gertrude his wife daughter of Andrew Hosking of Uny
   Lelant gent, deceased...."

l. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/T/1590, 11 May 1696, adminstration of Sedwell 
   Thurleby, widow, granted to daughter Joane, wife of William Hawes of Lelant.
   Ibid. AP/T/1303, 22 Oct 1683, will of Thomas Thurelby of Lelant names 
   daughter Joane and wife Sidwell.
   Note: Sedwell Thurleby was the daughter of John and Alice Edwards of Lelant;
   Henderson's Cornish Manuscripts, Vol. 8, p. 145, deed by John and William 
   Edwards dated 1673--lives named are the said William, Dorcas his wife, and 
   Sidewell wife of Tho Thurrelby. William was the son of John, and was involved
   in the administration of both Thomas and Sedwell Thurleby's estates. Alice, 
   wife of John Edwards was buried at Lelant on 19 April 1669. Sedwell Thurleby 
   named her first daughter Alice. John Edwards was the son of William Edwards of 
   Lelant; Henderson, Vol. 7, p. 127, deed dated 1632 mentions Sidwell Thomas, now 
   wife of William Edwards of Lelant. So Sedwell wife of Thomas Thurleby who was one
   of the lives on the 1673 deed was John's daughter, and named for his mother.

m. Admon of Christopher Penberthy (Archdeaconry of Cornwall AP/P/1657, 1686) names
   his widow as Jane. William Hawes (Jane's brother) was one of the bondsmen. A 
   further administration paper dated 1688 now calls Jane the wife of William Hawkin.

n. St. Ives, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595570.

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