Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person
who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given
in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of his birth order
in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the end of the info.

1. JAMES HAMPTON, of St. Uny Lelant, found on the muster roll of 1569.

2. EDWARD HAMPTON  b. ca. 1577  d. 1655, St. Erth (a)  m1. 18 Sep 1598, 
     Camborne, Dwens ______  (f)  m2. 20 Apr 1622, Lelant, ELIANOR TRESISE (p)  
     (bur. 9 Jan 1669, St. Erth)

3. James Hampton (a) b. ca. 1600  m. ca. 1622, Frances _______  (issue) (r)

3. ROBERT HAMPTON  chr. 30 Mar 1630, St. Erth  d. Lanuthnow, St. Erth  (q)
     bur. 2 Feb 1696/7, St. Erth  m. 20 Jan 1661/2, St. Erth, ANN COCK
     d/o Christopher Cock, gent. (b) (bur. 17 Sep 1705, St. Erth)

4. Robert Hampton  chr. 3 Nov 1662, St. Erth  bur. 25 Nov 1662, St. Erth
4. Elianor Hampton  chr. 8 Dec 1663, St. Erth  bur. 14 Oct 1689, St. Erth
4. Edward Hampton  chr. 2 Feb 1665/6, St. Erth  
4. Thomas Hampton  chr 8 Jul 1668, St. Erth  bur. 3 Apr 1753, St. Erth (c)
     m. 27 Apr 1695, St. Erth, Jane Nicholls  (issue)   
4. Jane Hampton  chr. 6 Mar 1669/70, St. Erth
4. Mary Hampton  chr. 3 Aug 1673, St. Erth (s)

4. ROBERT HAMPTON  chr. 22 Mar 1674/5, St. Erth  bur. 23 Sep 1733, St. Erth
     m1. GRACE ________  (bur. 25 Jan 1720/1, St. Erth)  m2. 1 Oct 1721, 
     St. Erth, Elizabeth (?Painter?) Bennatts (d)

5. Robert Hampton  chr. 18 Apr 1697, St. Erth  bur. 9 Jun 1697, St. Erth
5. Elizabeth Hampton  chr. 3 Feb 1704/5, St. Erth  m. 4 Nov 1727, St. Erth,
     Stephen Rule  (issue)

5. JAMES HAMPTON  chr. 1 Feb 1698/9, St. Erth  d. Wheal Fortune, Ludgvan (e)
     bur. 9 Mar 1737/8, St. Erth  m. 15 Jun 1723, Lelant, AMY BENNATTS 
     (chr. 21 Feb 1703/4, Lelant--see Bennatts file)

6. James Hampton  chr. 23 Jul 1727, St. Erth  bur. 8 Nov 1758, St. Erth
     m. 19 Feb 1749/50, Elizabeth (Vivian) Blight, widow (t) (issue)
6. Amie Hampton  chr. 12 Oct 1729, St. Erth  bur. 29 Dec 1801, Truro
     m. 19 Oct 1753, St. Erth, William Tresise  (issue)
6. ?Grace Hampton  chr. 21 Jun 1730, St. Erth (g)  bur. 23 Oct 1734, St. Erth?
6. Grace Hampton  chr. 12 Feb 1737/8, St. Erth  m. 31 Jan 1768, St. Erth,
     Henry Pengilly  (issue)

6. ROBERT HAMPTON  chr. 5 Nov 1732, St. Erth  bur. 16 Nov 1805, Lelant
     m. 10 Jun 1760, Lelant, JANE HAWES (h) (chr. 1 May 1737, Lelant  bur.
     May 1791, Lelant--see Hawes)

7. Jane Hampton  chr. 21 Dec 1760, Lelant  d. Breage  bur. 11 Sep 1831, 
     Lelant  m. 11 Aug 1800, Edward Richards  (issue) (i)
7. Robert Hampton  chr. 21 Mar 1762, Lelant  bur. 3 Jan 1827, Lelant  
     m. 28 Nov 1786, Lelant, Elizabeth Cooper  (issue)
7. Amy Hampton  chr. 5 Feb 1764, Lelant  m. 3 Aug 1799, St. Agnes near 
     Truro, James Peters (j)
7. James Hampton  chr. 10 Aug 1766, Lelant  bur. 19 Dec 1832, Lelant
     m. 3 Dec 1797, Alice Anthony  (issue)
7. Thomas Hampton  chr. 9 Jul 1769, Lelant  m. 20 Jun 1801, Gertrude 
     Hawes (see Hawes file)  (issue) (k)
7. Catherine Hampton  chr. 14 Apr 1771, Lelant  bur. 17 Aug 1823, Lelant
7. Mary Hampton  chr. 8 Mar 1773, Lelant  bur. 20 Jul 1776, Lelant
7. Gertrude Hampton  chr. 28 Jul 1775, Lelant  bur. 27 Jul 1776, Lelant
7. Mary Hampton  chr. 14 Feb 1781, Lelant

7. JOHN HAMPTON  chr. 11 Apr 1779, Lelant  bur. 5 Jun 1841, Lelant 
     m. 29 Oct 1804, Lelant, CATHERINE HAWES (chr. 17 Jul 1782  bur. 
     9 Oct 1846--see Hawes file)  (l)

8. Mary Hampton  b. 1806, Lelant  bur. 23 Jan 1885, Lelant  
     m. 28 Aug 1823, Sampson Hawes  (issue)
8. Richard Hawes Hampton  chr. 24 Jan 1808, Lelant  m. 10 Sep 1837,
     Helston, Thomasine Bartle (j)  (issue)
8. Elizabeth Hampton  chr. 9 Sep 1814, Lelant  bur. 18 May 1884, Lelant
     m. 30 Jul 1839, Lelant, Thomas Curvengen Martin  (issue)
8. Jane Hampton  chr. 2 Mar 1817, Lelant  bur. 12 Dec 1823, Lelant

8. JOHN HAMPTON  chr. 3 Mar 1811, Lelant  bur. 31 Mar 1853, Lelant  
     m. 6 Oct 1834, Lelant, ELIZA GLASSON (chr. 28 Apr 1816, Lelant  
     bur. 31 Dec. 1891, Lelant--see Glasson file)

9. John Hampton  chr. 14 Dec 1834, Lelant  bur. 12 Mar 1836, Lelant
9. Richard Hawes Hampton  chr. 21 Aug 1836  bur. 30 Nov 1860, Lelant
9. Eliza Hampton  chr. 15 Apr 1838, Lelant  bur. 28 Jan 1923, Lelant
     unmarried  (issue) (m)
9. John Hampton  chr. 15 Mar 1840, Lelant  d. 29 Nov 1915, Newton-Chilwell, 
     Grant, Victoria, Australia  (o)  m. 24 Dec 1874, Sandridge, Victoria, 
     Elizabeth (Whatty) James (u)  (issue)
9. Jane Hampton  chr. 29 Jul 1842, Lelant
9. JOSEPH GLASSON HAMPTON (n)  b. 13 Jun 1844, Lelant  (chr. 19 Jul 1844)
     d. 18 Apr 1914, Dale, Cambria Co., Pa.  m. 25 Dec 1867, Danville,
     Montour Co., Pa., SOPHIA (EDGAR) MARR  (issue)
9. Robert Hampton  chr. 24 May 1846, Lelant  d. 1915, Bendigo, Victoria,
     Australia  m. 1868, Victoria, Elizabeth Jane Tyack (v) (issue)
9. Catherine Hampton  chr. 27 Feb 1848, Lelant  bur. 8 Jan 1849, Lelant
9. Ann Quick Hampton  chr. 3 Feb 1850, Lelant  bur. 24 Nov 1888, Lelant
     m. Thomas Scadden  (issue)
9. Elizabeth Catherine Hampton  chr. 23 Mar 1853, Lelant  res. South Fork,
     Cambria Co., Pa.  m. ca. 1871, Cornwall, Frederick Trevenen  (issue)

                          SOURCES AND NOTES:

The majority of the above information has been taken from the following two
sources. Individual notes follow.

. St. Erth, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595497.
. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595781.

         Notes coded to letters ( ) in body of info:

a. P.C.C., 1655, folio 446, Will of Edward Hamton, dyer, of St. Erth, dp.
   28 Nov. 1655. Written 7 Feb. 1654/5. Names wife Ellinor; grandchildren--
   sons and daughters of James Hamton; son Robert Hamton; sisters-in-law
   Ann Winch and Frances Kent.

b. Date from St. Erth P.R. Surname not given. Will of Christopher Cock, gent,
   of Helston (Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/C/1812, dp. 28 July 1679) mentions
   daughter Ann Hampton, and leaves legacies to each of her six children,
   given as the children of "Robert Hampton of St. Erth."

c. St. Erth P.R. Age 86 years.

d. Elizabeth Bennatts was the widow of Thomas Bennatts of Lelant,
   and the mother of Amy Bennatts who married Robert's son James.

e. St. Erth P.R. "....killed at wheal fortune." Apparently a mining 

f. That Edward was the same man who married both Dwens and Elinor is proven
   from the fact that Edward's childless sister-in-law, Frances Kent, did 
   not name James Hampton or his children in her will. Since she left lagacies 
   to each of her brothers and their children, and to her nephew Robert and 
   his 3 children, the fact that James was not mentioned certainly proves that 
   she had no nephew James; ie: that James Hampton was not the son of Elinor, 
   but of an earlier marriage of Edward. Edward in his 1655 will states that 
   James had "sons and daughters," so he must have had at least 4 children 
   by that time. Had he been the son of Elinor, then there should have been
   some record of this James and his family at St. Erth or Lelant. But the 
   only James found was at Lelant and had children born in the 1620s and 1630s,
   including a son Edward and a daughter Dwens. This James is obviously a son 
   of the Edward Hampton/Dwens marriage, and must be the son referred to in 
   Edward's will. Edward must have been married to Dwens quite young (about 21), 
   and married Elinor as a second wife in his late 40s.  

g. St. Erth P.R. This child is recorded as a daughter of ROBERT Hampton,
   but the only Robert in the parish at the time was James' father, twice 
   widowed. Unless Robert had an unknown, third wife, then this child
   was probably the daughter of James, and the clerk made an error when
   recording the entry (this happens with some frequency). The only other
   explanation for this entry is that the elder Robert and wife Grace had
   another son Robert (no christening recorded) who may have had a child
   baptized at St. Erth. However, there is no marriage or death found for
   another Robert.

h. St. Uny Lelant P.R.: Banns called 11, 18 and 25 May 1760. Robert and Jane, 
   apparently both illiterate, signed with their marks, Robert with an "R,"
   Jane with an "H." Witnesses were Richard Hawes, the bride's father and 
   also parish clerk, and Samuel Uren.

i. Lelant P.R.: Edward Richards, base child of Jane Hampton was christened
   3 Oct 1790 and buried 6 Jul 1791. Jane married the father of the child
   nine years later. Witness was Robert Hampton, probably Jane's brother,
   who was later parish clerk.

j. International Genealogical Index, England, Cornwall.

k. Thomas' wife was his first cousin, and sister to his brother John's wife.
   Thomas and Gertrude had five children, but none lived to adulthood.

l. Lelant P.R.: Banns called 7, 14 and 28 October 1804. John and Catherine
   both signed with an "O." Witnesses were Catherine Hawes, the bride's 
   mother, and Jane White.

m. Edwin Hampton, base son of Eliza Hampton, was christened 13 June 1858
   at Madron, and buried 8 July 1859 at Lelant, residence given as Balnoon.

n. State of Pennsylvania Death Certificate of Joseph Hampton (file #35913,
   18 April 1914) gives his date of birth as 13 June 1845, but as he was
   christened in July 1844, it is obviously off by one year. His birthplace
   is listed as England and his parents as John Hampton and Eliza Glasson.
   U.S. Civil War Pension application #191899, for the minor children of
   William and Sophia Marr (Joseph's stepchildren) gives the date and
   place of his marriage to Sophia.

o. State of Victoria Death Certificate #370, 29 Nov 1915, John Hampton.

p. St. Uny Lelant, Bishop's Transcripts, Cornish Studies Library, Redruth.

   Note: Elinor's parents are still unknown. Her siblings were Frances m.
   William Kent, Ann m. Thomas Winch, James, Anthony and Walter Tresise.
   The will of Frances Kent (Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/K/286, dp. 26 Feb
   1669/70) names the three brothers, and names "cousin" (ie: nephew) Robert
   Hampton of St. Erth, and his children, with Robert's eldest son Edward as
   the residual legatee.

q. Charles G. Henderson, "Calendars of Cornish Manuscripts" Vol. 30, pp.
   238 and 240. Painter Deeds, #44 and #52. Robert Hampton is listed as
   a resident of Lanuthnoe in St. Erth in 1661 and 1676.

r. The 1662 and 1664 Hearth Tax for Lelant shows Edward Hampton (son of 
   James) and Frances Hampton, widow, together. Since Edward named a 
   daughter Frances, this is probably his mother.

s. Perhaps the Mary Hampton who married John Lanyon on 22 April 1710 at

t. Samuel Blight and Elizabeth Vivian were married at St. Erth on 
   18 August 1746. Samuel was buried on 27 Feb 1747/8.

u. State of Victoria Marriage Certificate #4104, 24 Dec 1874, John Hampton 
   & Elizabeth James.

v. Victoria, Australia, Vital Registration Index.

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