Some of the original buildings on Polpear farm in Lelant, the home of the Uren and Glasson families in the 1700s and 1800s.

Photo courtesy of Jo Glasson Smith, Sacramento, Ca.


Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of his birth order in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the end of the info. 1. JOHN GLASSON bur. 14 Mar 1714/5, Madron, Cornwall (x) m. HONOR PERRY, (y) d. Penzance bur. 18 Mar 1738/9, Madron, Cornwall ........ 2. Eleanor Glasson chr. 8 Jun 1685, Madron, Cornwall (b) 2. John Glasson (a) m. 31 Dec 1711, Madron, Jane Dale (z) (issue) 2. THOMAS GLASSON (a)(c) b. ? d. St. Hilary bur. 15 Jan 1765, Madron m. 3 Aug 1717, Madron, SUSANNA TROUNSEN (z)(see Trounsen) ......... 3. John Glasson chr. 28 Jun 1718, Madron m. 3 Mar 1746, Madron, Elizabeth Lanksbury. Resided at Ludgvan. (issue) 3. Thomas Glasson chr. 22 Aug 1719, Madron m. ? (issue) 3. Joseph Glasson chr. 25 Mar 1721, Madron d. Sithney bur. 26 Dec 1806 m. 6 Jan 1745/6, Madron, Katherine Bennatts (issue) 3. Stephen Glasson chr. 1 Jan 1726/7, Madron bur. 11 Feb 1729/30, Madron 3. James Glasson chr. 14 May 1727, Madron bur. 25 May 1802, Madron m. 17 Feb. 1755, Madron, Jane Hosking (issue) 3. Susanna Glasson chr. 8 Jun 1729, Madron bur. 1 Jan 1729/30, Madron 3. Stephen Glasson chr. 1 Jan 1731/2, Madron d. Marazion bur. 7 Oct 1804, Madron m. 8 May 1759, Madron, Alice Perry (issue) 3. Susanna Glasson chr. 26 Aug 1733, Madron bur. 28 Mar 1742, Madron 3. Elizabeth Glasson chr. 13 Jul 1735, Madron bur. 7 Nov 1735, Madron 3. WILLIAM GLASSON chr. 27 Dec. 1723, Madron bur. 1 Sep 1765, Ludgvan m. 19 Feb 1745, Madron, HONOR WALLISH (d) "of Penzance" (b. ca. 1725, bur. 12 Feb 1794, Ludgvan) ........ 4. William Glasson chr. 29 Jul 1753, Ludgvan m. 12 Dec 1776, Ludgvan, Ann Walker (issue) 4. Honor Glasson chr. 27 Dec 1755, Ludgvan bur. 12 Jun 1758, Ludgvan 4. Susanna Glasson (e) b. ca. 1760, Ludgvan m. 28 Jul 1789, Uny Lelant, Thomas Reddiford (issue) 4. Honor Glasson chr. 2 Feb 1763, Ludgvan 4. JOHN GLASSON (f) chr. 27 Aug 1749, Ludgvan d. Ludgvan bur. 22 Nov 1817, Uny Lelant m. 26 Dec 1770, Uny Lelant, CHRISTIAN UREN (g) (see Uren). Resided Polpear, Uny Lelant. (h) ......... 5. William Glasson (i) chr. 8 Sep 1771, Lelant d. at Towednack (j) bur. 21 May 1851, Lelant m. 29 Dec 1798, Ludgvan, Ann Glasson (k) (issue) 5. Ann Glasson chr. 26 Sep 1773, Lelant m. 10 Jun 1797, Lelant, William Trewhella (issue) 5. Susanna Glasson chr. 11 Jun 1779, Lelant d. at Chyangweal, Lelant bur. 31 May 1847, Lelant m. 2 Jun 1799, Lelant, George Perry (l) (issue) 5. Jakeh Glasson chr. 21 Oct 1781, Lelant d. Gwinear bur. 18 May 1823, Lelant m. Jennifer ________ (issue) 5. Elizabeth Glasson (m) chr. 8 May 1784, Lelant d. St. Hilary bur. 9 Mar 1850, St. Buryan (o) m. 5 May 1803, Lelant, Thomas Jelbart (issue) 5. Josias Glasson chr. 15 Oct 1786, Lelant d. 22 Jul 1867, Hayle bur. Phillack m. 19 Aug 1814, Towednack, Elizabeth Dunstone (issue) 5. Joseph Glasson chr. 26 Nov 1789, St Ives (n) d. at Polpear, Lelant bur. 19 Feb 1866, Lelant m. 29 Feb 1812, Towednack, Wilmot Quick (p) (issue) 5. Mary Glasson b. ca. 1792? bur. 3 Jun 1792, Lelant 5. JOHN GLASSON chr. 30 Mar 1777, Lelant d. at Polpear, Lelant bur. 6 Oct 1862, Lelant m. 1 Mar 1800, Towednack, ELIZABETH TREWHELLA (see Trewhella) (p) ........... 6. John Glasson chr. 14 Dec 1800, Lelant d. at Trelyon, St. Ives bur. 8 Jan 1870, Lelant m. 18 Oct 1828, Lelant, Jane Jennings. (q) 6. William Glasson chr. 26 Sep 1802, Lelant (u) m. 30 Nov 1824, Lelant, Margaret Grenfell (r) (issue?) 6. Elizabeth Glasson b. ca. 1803/4 bur. 23 Oct 1806, Lelant (u) 6. Jakeh Glasson chr. 22 Sep 1805 m. 22 May 1829, St. Ives, Philippa Quick (v) (issue) 6. Elizabeth chr. 7 Aug 1808, Lelant bur 3 Dec 1891, Lelant m. 15 May 1831, Lelant, William Bryant (s) (issue) 6. Ann Glasson chr. 28 Jan 1811, Towednack 6. Christian Glasson chr. 30 Jan 1814, Lelant m. John Trevillian (issue) 6. Josiah Glasson chr. 31 Jan 1819, Lelant d. 1882 m. Surrey, ENG, Ann Leahy (w) (issue) 6. Phillis Trewhella Glasson chr. 19 Oct 1823, Lelant m. 11 Mar 1845, Lelant, Henry Arthur (issue) 6. ELIZA GLASSON chr. 28 Apr 1816, Lelant bur. 31 Dec 1891, Lelant m. 6 Oct 1834, Lelant, JOHN HAMPTON (t) (b. 1811 bur. 31 Mar 1853, Lelant, s/o John and Catherine (HAWES) HAMPTON. (see Hampton) ------------------------------------- SOURCES and NOTES: The majority of the information has been taken from the following four sources. Individual notes follow. . Madron, Cornwall original Parish Register, LDS film #1595913. . Ludgvan, Cornwall original Parish Register, LDS film #1595868. . St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall original Parish Register, LDS film #1595781. . Towednack, Cornwall, transcripts of original Parish Register, baptisms and burials only, thru 1812. LDS film #254222. Notes coded to letters ( ) in body of info: a. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of Honor Glasson of Madderne widow, dp. 2 May 1739. Written 13 February 1738/9. Names John and George Glasson "sons of son John"; Jane and Susanna Glasson "wives of sons John and Thomas"; Thomas Glasson Jr. "son of son Thomas." Mentions also a "tenement at Hea." b. Madron, Cornwall, Bishop's Transcripts. c. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of Thomas Glasson, dp. 29 May 1765. Written 5 September 1759. Names sons John, Thomas, Joseph, William, James and Stephen. Also mentions tenement at Hea. d. Honor Glasson, widow, married at Ludgvan, 12 Feb 1768, Nathaniel Honeychurch. Honor Honeychurch bur. 12 Feb 1794, age 68. e. Susanna Glasson who married Thomas Reddiford in Lelant is almost certainly a sister of John Glasson, who was the "pioneer" Glasson in Lelant. No Susanna of the correct age can be found in any of the local parish registers, so her christening went unrecorded. William Glasson's mother was named Susanna, and John Glasson named a daughter Susanna. (Note: it is also possible that the second daughter called Honor found in the Ludgvan register was actually Susanna and the clerk recorded the name incorrectly). f. Note: John Glasson was Overseer of the Poor for Lelant parish in 1799-1801. g. Lelant P.R.: Banns published 2, 11 and 16 December. John signed his name; Christian signed with an "O". Witnesses were Thomas Uren (the bride's father) and John Edwards. h. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Churchwarden's Accounts, 1722-1800, LDS film #254226. John Glasson paid rates for "part of Polpear" beginning in 1787, shortly after the death of his father-in-law. i. Lelant P.R.: parents listed incorrectly as "John and Catherine." The names Christian and Catherine can be found interchanged with some frequency in the Lelant registers. j. Lelant P.R.: Residence at death Towednack. Census of Great Britain 1851, Chylasson, Towednack, Cornwall, #33, William Glasson, age 79, b. Lelant, wife Ann, age 74, b. Ludgvan. k. William's wife was his 1st cousin, Ann Glasson, daughter of William and Ann (Walker) Glasson of Ludgvan. l. Witnesses John Glasson and Richard Hawes (parish clerk). m. Lelant P.R.: Marriage of Elizabeth Glasson of Lelant and Thomas Jelbart of Lelant; witnesses John Glasson (same signature as on several of Elizabeth's siblings marriages) and Phillis Trewhella. Elizabeth named children William, John, Josiah and Joseph. She was buried at St. Buryan in 1850, age 66, which puts her birth to 1784. There was a christening at Lelant in 1784 of a son William to John and Christian; however, their 1st son William was alive and well, and the later records on him (see note j.) fit his birth in 1771. There is no evidence of a second William existing; It appears that this was a clerk's error, and the child christened was actually Elizabeth. Note also that Elizabeth's husband, Thomas Jelbart, was one of the bondsmen for the estate of John Glasson of Lelant. n. International Genealogical Index, Cornwall, LDS. Extracts from various Cornish parish registers. Parents listed as John and "Kitty" Glasson. o. Burial record of Elizabeth Jelbart provided by Rob Wilson, Cirencester, Gloucester, England. p. International Genealogical Index, Cornwall, LDS. Extracts of marriages from various Cornish parishes. q. Witnesses Thomas Bryant and John Glasson. r. Witnesses Richard Grenfell and Jakeh Glasson. s. Witnesses William Glasson and Jacke Glasson. t. Witnesses were John Glasson and Thomas Richards (parish clerk). u. Parents given as John and SUSANNA Glasson. No known family of this name in the area; clerk may have confused name of John's wife with that of his sister. v. St. Ives, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595570. Witnesses were William Glasson and Tho. Williams. w. Wife's name and death date provided by Jo Glasson Smith. In 1881 Josiah was living with his sister Christian Trevelyanin Penzance. He wass age 62, married, but his wife was not present. In 1871 his wife was living at St. Ives, listed as marreid, but husband not present. x. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Index to Wills and Admons, Madron, bond of Johis Glasson, dp. 10 October 1715. y. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of George Perry, dp. 3 October 1723. Names sister Honor Glasson. z. John Glasson's wife Jane Dale, and Thomas Glasson's wife Susanna Trounsen were first cousins, Jane being the daughter of John and Katherine (Trounsen) Dale, and Susanna being the daughter of Peter Trounsen, Katherine's brother.

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