Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of his birth order in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the end of the info.

1. HENRY EDWARDS b. 1515, Lelant d. aft. 1593 (a) (b) m1 Matilda Launce (no issue) m2 ________ (Samford) Stephens m3 ca. 1560, MARGARET GAVERIGAN, d/o John Gaverigan of Gaverigan, St. Columb Major (c)


(by wife #2)

2. William Edwards d.y.?
2. Stephen Edwards

(by wife #3)

2. William Edwards b. ca. 1560? (d) d. bef. Jan 1644/5 (d) (issue) (e)
2. Jenefer Edwards d. in infancy
2. Elizabeth Edwards d. in infancy

2. THOMAS EDWARDS b. 1564, (f) Lelant d. aft. 1629 (g) m. ca. 1596, JANE ROSKRUGE, d/o John Roskruge of St. Anthony in Meneage


3. Jane Edwards b. ca. 1598, Lelant (h)
3. Anne Edwards b. ca. 1603, Lelant (h)
3. Thomas Edwards b. 1607, Lelant (i)
3. Margaret Edwards b. ca. 1609, Lelant
3. Prudence Edwards chr. 31 Dec 1611, Lelant (t) d. 1686, St. Austell, unm. (j)
3. Benjamin Edwards b. 1613, Lelant (i)

3. HENRY EDWARDS b. 1600, (h) (i) Lelant d. 1679/80, Lelant (k) m. 28 Jun 1624, Buckland Monachoram, Devon, MARY CRIMES. (r)


4. Francis Edwards (k) chr. 27 Mar 1627, Lelant (o) d. 1702, Lelant unm. (l)
4. Jane Edwards (s) d. bef. 1679 m.?
4. Thomas Edwards (s) b. ca. 1631 bur. 30 Oct 1661, Buckland Monchoram, Devon m. 29 May 1653, Buckland Monachoram, Joan Sowton (issue)
4. Margaret Edwards (k) m. ________ (issue?)
4. Agnes Edwards (k) bur. 28 May 1704, Lelant unm. (m)
4. Elizabeth Edwards (k) m. ________ (issue?)

4. ARTHUR EDWARDS (k) chr. 10 Apr 1625, Lelant (o) d. 1716, Lelant (n) m. ?JANE _________ (q) bur. 29 Jun 1683? (m)


5. Thomas Edwards chr. 7 May 1667, Lelant (o) d. aft. 1686 (j)(n) (no issue)

5. GERTRUDE EDWARDS (n) b. ca. 1670 d. Aug/Sep 1725 (p) m. 13 Apr 1702, Lelant, ANDREW HOSKING (p)



All unfootnoted information taken from the following source: J.L. Vivian, "The Visitations of Cornwall, Comprising the Herald's Visitations of 1530, 1573 and 1620" (Exeter: William Pollard & Co., 1886), p. 145, pedigree of Edwardes, from the original visitation taken in 1620, signed by Thomas Edwards, and providing information on the first three generations consisting of Thomas' parents, siblings and children. The notes below are coded to the letters ( ) in the body of the information:

a. Charles G. Henderson, "Calendars of Cornish Manuscripts" Vol. 15, p. 79, depositions taken at St. Erth, 36 Eliz. (1593), regarding a land dispute at Tredreye, ".... Henry Edwards of Lelant yeo. age 78...."

b. Henderson, Vol. 2, p. 66 #51, Fine: Octave of Hilary 6 Jas I (1609) "Tho Edwards gent & Henry Edwards, quer....." regarding land at St. Erth and Ludgvan, known to be held of this Edwards family. Thomas Edwards' son Henry was only nine, and could not be the second party mentioned; Thomas' father would be 94, unlikely, but not impossible; there were also Edwards cousins in Ludgvan who may have held an interest in this property.

c. Henderson, Vol. 10, p. __, Consistory Court Depositions Book, 1566-1569, fo. 26: "Margaret wife of Henry Edwards of St Uny juxta Lanant against Nichs Kernishe vicar of Lanant & Agnes wife of Maurice Davye of the same for diffamation. Agnes says `Margaret's good fame is not hendered by any words she may have said & she ackn: there was multiplying of words betw: them by not blutshed or blowes given.'"

d. Vivian, pedigree of Edwardes, William is listed before Thomas, but children are frequently listed out of order to make the pedigrees symmetrical. It does not specify which is the elder son. William however, appears much earlier than Thomas on the Lelant Subsidies lists (1585). William died before 23 January 1644/5, when an inventory was taken on his estate. (Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Admon of William Edwards, gent, AP/E/218, dp. 16 April 1645). Arthur Edwards was one of the appraisers.

e. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of Henry Edwards, AP/E/356, dp. 8 Mar 1679/80. Mentions friend and kinsman, Henry Edwards of Ludgvan. This is assumed to be a descendant of Henry's uncle William. (A Harry Edwards is chr. in 1681 at Ludgvan to a William). William is definitely the father of John Edwards, gent, who appears on some of the later Lelant subsidies lists, and may be the father of Frances (Edwards) Harry of Gwithian, whose husband's inventory is taken by John Edwards, gent, of Lelant. Francis (sic) Harry is one of the witnesses to the 1653 will of Henry Edwards of Ludgvan.

f. John Hobson Matthews, "A History of the Parishes of Saint Ives, Lelant, Towednack and Zennor in the County of Cornwall" (London: Elliot Stock, 1892), p. 130, Examination of witnesses at St. Ives, 44 Eliz. (1598), regarding smuggling at St. Ives: "Thomas Edwards of Lelaunte gent, aged 34..."

g. Matthews, pp. 198-204, Thomas Edward gen., pays a subsidy at Lelant in 1625 on goods rated at four pounds, and in 1629 on goods rated at five pounds. In 1641 Thomas is not listed in Lelant, but a Thomas Edwards gen. has goods at St. Ives rated at 3 pounds. This could be the elder Thomas, or possibly his son. The next list for St. Ives (1664) does not list any Edwards at St. Ives.

h. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of John Roskruke, dp. 3 October 1605. Written 26 August 1605. Names daughter Jane Edwards, and grandchildren Jane Edwards, Henry Edwards and Ann Edwards. In the Visitation of 1620 as presented by Vivian, the four girls are named first, then the three boys with the boys ages only given. John Roskruke's will gives a clue to the correct birth order; obviously the last four children are not yet born by August 1605.

i. Vivian, pedigree of Edwardes, (Visitation of 1620). Henry is listed as age 20, Thomas as age 13 and Benjamin as age 7.

j. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of Prudence Edwards, dp. 25 Feb. 1685/6. Mentions "cosens" Arthur, Francis and Agnes Edwards; daughter of Arthur (not named); Thomas s/o Arthur is the main beneficiary and the executor.

k. Will of Henry Edwards (see "e" above) Mentions son Arthur, son Francis (unmarried), daughter Agnes (unmarried); daughters Elizabeth and Margaret (apparently married but husbands not named); granddaughter Mary, w/o Alexander Bamfield; granddaughter Jane (no surname given).

l. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Estate of Francis Edwards, dp. 7 May 1702. Brother, Arthur Edwards, named administrator.

m. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Bishop's Transcripts, LDS film #90272.

n. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, Will of Arthur Edwards, dp. 8 May 1716. Mentions daughter Gertrude, w/o Andrew Hosking; grandson Andrew Hosking; granddaughter Gertrude Hosking. Son Thomas not mentioned in will; presumed deceased without issue, as Gertrude receives the entire inheritance.

o. Vivian, Pedigree of Edwardes of Lelant; Vivian adds Henry's two sons Arthur and Francis and Arthur's son Thomas-- dates taken from the original Bishop's Transcripts at Exeter.

p. St. Uny Lelant, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595781.

q. Arthur's wife is already long deceased when he made his will. All attempts to secure her name have been unsuccessful. She appears to be deceased before 1686; as the will of Prudence Edwards (Arthur's aunt) makes reference to "Arthur Edwards and his daughter," but mentions no wife. She is possibly the Jane Edwards buried at Lelant in 1683. There were a couple of other Edwards living at Lelant, but their wives' names are known and they were not called Jane.

r. Vivian's Visitations shows "Grimes of Devonshire" as the wife of Thomas Edwards, son of Thomas and Jane (Roscruge) Edwards. This appears to be a typo, as Henry, Thomas' brother, was married at Devonshire to Mary CRIMES. Mary was christened 22 Jul 1596 at Buckland Monachorum to William and Margaret (Harris) Crimes. In the 1620 Visitation of Harris of Hayne and Kenegie, Mary's uncle Arthur Harris gives the name of his brother-in-law as William GRIMES of Buckland Monachorum.

s. Predeceased their father. Named in the will of their uncle, Lewis Crimes (P.C.C. 150 Berkeley, dp. 15 May 1656.)

t. Original Bishop's Transcript of Lelant, Cornish Studies Library, Redruth.

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