The following lines in my family search have come to a dead-end. Can anyone help?

EDGAR --  Nathaniel T. Edgar b. 1784 in Penna. m. ca. 1813 to Susanna ROTGER. Nathaniel resided in Upper Mt. Bethel Twp., Northhampton Co., Pa. until about 1845, when he removed to Columbia Co., Pa. He died in the mid 1850s in either Columbia or Montour Co. He served in the War of 1812 from Easton, Pa., but with a New Jersey Regiment. I believe him to be the son of Nathaniel Edgar who died in Columbia Co. in 1837. The elder Nathaniel was m. to Elizabeth Bogert, possible d/o Isaac Bogert of Hunterdon Co., NJ. Two sons, Isaac Bogert Edgar and Moses Edgar were b. to this couple in Hunterdon in 1791 and 1792. Moses later showed up in Northhampton Co. (1830), both Moses and Isaac were with the Militia in Columbia Co. ca. 1818. Nathaniel T. Edgar is almost certainly a son of Nathaniel the elder, perhaps an older child of Elizabeth (if she is indeed the daughter of Isaac Bogert she was age 37-38 when she bore Isaac and Moses), or perhaps the son of an earlier, unknown wife. Seeking proof of the relationship between the two Nathaniels.

(solved - it is now established with a degree of certaintly that the younger Nathaniel was the son of the elder Nathaniel and of Elizabeth Bogert.)

ROTGER/REDIKER? --  Susanna Rotger, wife of the above Nathaniel Edgar, b. 1795 in Pa., d. 1863 in Montour Co., Pa. Married to Nathaniel ca. 1813, probably in Northhampton Co., Pa. Ch: Phillip, Jacob K., Catherine, Elizabeth, Maria, William, Hannah, John and Sophia. Susanna's maiden name taken from the death certificate of her daughter Sophia Hampton. Cannot locate any ROTGERS in the early Pa. census. I believe the name may possibly have bee REDIKER or RODOCKER, or something similar.

(solved. Susanna was the daughter of Philip and Catherine Krotzer [death certificate of daughter apparently said "Rotzer" not "Rotger"] of Upper Mt. Bethel, Northhampton Co., Penna.)

HARSHBARGER/HERSHBERGER --  Isaac Harshbarger m. Isabella RAMAGE in Lewiton, Mifflin Co. Pa., in 1834. Isaac was b. ca. 1814 in Pa. He and Isabella had six children , all b. in what is now Frankstown, Blair Co., Pa. from 1837-1849: David Wilson, Samuel A., Mary Angeline, Emma Saloma, William T. and Martha A. Isaac d. in Franktown in 1854. He had one known brother, David, b. ca. 1813. David resided first in Tremont Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa., then in Halifax Twp., Dauphin Co., and finally in Plymouth Twp., Luzerne Co., where he died in 1877. He was twice married; his first wife is unknown; the second was Elizabeth SINGER of Dauphin Co. His ch. were: William I, Emma F., Margaret, Joseph W., John H., Sarah, Abraham D., Isabella and Irene. Have been unable to locate the parents of these two brothers. Both practiced trades: Isaac was a shoemaker, and David a plasterer. Isaac belonged to the Methodist Church. Based on naming patterns, I suspect that Joseph Wilson Harshbarger who m. Pamela Leslie in Chester Co., Pa. MAY be an older brother of this pair, but have no proof at this time. Joseph lived in Mifflin Co., Pa in 1850, and then disappeared.

(solved. Isaac and David were the sons of David and Susanna [Kleber] Harshberger of Harrisberg.)

RAMAGE --  Isabella RAMAGE, wife of the above Isaac HARSHBARGER was b. ca. 1818 in Pa. She married Isaac in 1834 in Mifflin Co., Pa. and they moved to Frankstown, Blair Co., Pa., where she d. in 1871. Was she a daughter of Thomas Ramage of Williamsburg, Blair Co., Pa.? Thomas later moved to Bedford Co., where he died bet. 1840-1850. I have been unable to find any info on this Thomas.

SANDERS --  Albert Sanders was b. in Duncansville, Blair Co., Pa. in 1842. He lived there all his life, and died in the same house he was b. in, in 1929. He was m. 3 times, divorced twice, and had at least 2 illegitimate children. At the time of his death his third wife had pre-deceased him, and he had no legitimate issue. His obituary and death certificate info was given by friends. His death certificate gives no father's name and gives his mother's maiden name as EMIGH. Obit states that his parents moved to Baltimore when he was young, leaving him in the care of an Uncle, Peter EMIGH. The parents died shortly after, and Albert was raised by his uncle. Suspect this is a cover-up for an illegitimate birth. The obit also said that he had two siblings, long since deceased. In 1850, Albert SANDERS, age 8 was in the household of Sarah MILLER, the unmarried d/o Henry and Elizabeth Miller of Duncansville. Two other children, Ann E. ZUBLON, age 3, and Samaria MOORE, age 2, also resided there. Peter EMIGH and his wife Catherine, both in their 60s, lived nearby. This Peter and his wife were known to be childless. In the 1860 census, Albert , now age 17, is again living with Sarah Miller. Ann E. is also in the family, both Albert and Ann are called by the surname MILLER in this census. Albert Sanders is buried with his third wife at the Carson Valley cemetery near Duncansville. Near his grave is a four sided obelisk probably placed at the time of his wife's death in 1894. On one side are listed Albert (no death date) and his wife. On a second side are Peter EMIGH and his wife Catherine. On a third side are Henry and Elizabeth MILLER, the parents of Sarah. And on the fourth side are Sarah SANDERS and Samarah SANDERS. The ages match those of Sarah Miller and Samaria Moore found with Albert on the 1850 census. I believe that Ann ZUBLON and Samaria MOORE are the "siblings" referred to in Albert's obit, and I think it possible that Sarah Miller is his real mother. If so, then his father must have been a SANDERS. In 1840 the childless Peter EMIGH, later called Albert's uncle, and his wife have a male and a female in their household, both age 16-26. I think this may be Sarah Miller and Mr. Sanders. Albert was born two years later. Wondering if SANDERS might be a brother of Catherine EMIGH (her maiden name is yet undiscovered). Can anyone solve this mystery?