Each generation of siblings is represented by the same number. The person
who is the direct ancestor (and the parent of the next generation) is given
in CAPITALS at the end of each generation, regardless of his birth order
in the family. Letters in ( ) are coded to notes at the end of the info.
All events where places are not specifically noted occurred in Towednack.

1. JOHN BARAGWANATH  b. ca. 1590 (a)  d. 1660, Towednack, Cornwall (b)
     m. ELEANOR ________. (c)

2. John Baragwanath  b. 1618 (d)(h)  d. aft. 1680 (d) (issue) (i)
2. Emblem Baragwanath b. ca. 1620 (a)  bur. 20 Jul 1684, Towednack, Cornwall
2. Elizabeth Baragwanath  chr. 6 Oct 1623, Towednack (e)  bur. ?4 Mar 1714/5, 
   Towednack? (k)(h)
2. Catherine Baragwanath  b. ca. 1626 (a)
2. ?Joan? Baragwanath (j) b. ca. 1629 (a)  m. John Thomas? (f) (issue)
2. ?Mary? Baragwanath  b. ca. 1633 (a)  m. John Curnow. (g) (issue)
2. Jane Baragwanath  b. ca. 1636 (a)

2. RICHARD BARAGWANATH  b. ca. 1631 (a)  bur. 25 Dec 1711, Towednack, Cornwall
     m. ?

3. Jane/Joan Baragwanath  chr. 30 Jun 1664, Towednack (e)  bur. 29 Oct 1731,
     Towednack  m. 23 Aug 1689, William Trewilla. (issue)
3. Eleanor Baragwanath  chr. 6 Jun 1679, Towednack  m. 6 Oct 1723
     William Tyacke.
3. WILLIAM BARAGWANATH (m)  b. ca. 1668, Towednack (a)  d. Trevissa, 
     Towednack (n)  bur. 15 Oct 1725  m. 17 Oct 1696, Towednack, 
     JANE CURNOW, d/o Robert & Catherine (Painter) CURNOW (o)

4. William Baragwanath  chr. 30 Jan 1696/7, Towednack  bur. 2 Jan 1766, 
     Towednack  m. 30 Jan 1728/9, St. Ives, Prudence Uren. (p) (issue)
4. Richard Baragwanath  chr. 6 Aug 1699, Towednack  bur. 19 Oct 1758, 
     Towednack  m. 29 Dec 1729, Zennor, Zenobia Stevens.  (issue)
4. Michael Baragwanath  chr. 11 Feb 1703/4, Towednack  d. ca. 1732/3 (r)
     m. 25 Jun 1731, Ladock, Cornwall, Martha Curnow.  (issue)
4. Jane Baragwanath  chr. 6 Apr 1708, Towednack  m. 5 Mar 1727/8, James
     Curnow. (issue)
4. John Baragwanath  b. ca. 1710, Towednack (q) d. St. Ives  bur. 30 Jun 1795,
     Towednack  m. 6 Mar 1738, Catherine Trewhella. (issue)
4. Peter Baragwanath  chr. 5 Apr 1714, Towednack  d. Zennor  bur. 29 Mar
     1782, Towednack  m. 12 May 1760, Zennor, Margaret Curnow (l) (no issue)
4. Elizabeth Baragwanath  chr. 29 Dec 1717, Towednack
4. Anne Baragwanath  chr. 9 Jun 1721, Towednack  m. 23 Feb 1754, Joel Martens

4. CATHERINE BARAGWANATH  chr. 16 Nov 1701, Towednack  bur. 10 May 1799,
     Towednack  m. 29 Dec 1724, MARTIN TREWHELLA (see TREWHELLA FILE)

                            SOURCES AND NOTES:

All unfootnoted information is taken from the Towednack, Cornwall, Parish
Register Transcripts, 1676-1813, baptisms and burials only, LDS film #254222;
and from the International Genealogical Index, England, Cornwall, extracts
of marriages for Towednack.

		Notes coded to ( ) in body of information:

a. Date estimated.

b. Archdeaconry of Cornwall, AP/B/1283, Will of John Baragwanath, 
   dp. 7 January 1660/1. Written 7 September 1657. Names daughter Emblem, 
   daughter Elizabeth (to share the lease on the house in Chylason for 
   the years remaining); daughter Catherine; granddaughter Mary; "John 
   ______?? his children"(crossed out); "John Thomas' children"; son 
   Richard; "John Cornow's children `my grandchildren'"; wife (not named); 
   daughter Jane (the latter two to be executors).
   Inventory taken 3 January 1660/1, so John probably died shortly before 
   that date.

c. "Cornwall Hearth and Poll Taxes 1660-1664" (Bristol: T.L. Stoate, 1981),
   p. 83, lists "Elinor Barragwannatts" in Towednack in 1662 and 1664. John 
   Baragwanath mentions his wife in his will, but does not give her name,
   so we know that she probably outlived him. Since John's son Richard 
   named a daughter Eleanor, this is undoubtedly John's unnamed widow.

d. John Hobson Matthews, "A History of Saint Ives, Lelant, Towednack
   and Zennor, in the County of Cornwall" (London: Elliot Stock, 1892),
   p. 264: A deposition taken September 1680, concerning a non-payment
   of a tithe, shows "John Baraguanath, of Towednack, yeoman, age 62" as
   one of the deponees. 

e. Original Bishop's Transcripts, Towednack, Cornwall County Records 
   Office, Truro.

f. Will of father (see "b" above). The sixth legacy in the will is as 
   follows: "I give one red calfe unto John Thomas his children." Since
   John Baragwanath later used this same wording, with the addition of 
   "my grandchildren" (see note "g"), it would appear that John Thomas
   was a son-in-law.

g. Will of father (see "b" above). The eighth legacy in the will is as 
   follows: "I give to [Mary C J] (words crossed out) John Cornow his 
   children my grandchildren 3 shelens." It is obvious that John had a 
   son-in-law John Curnow, and that his wife was probably named Mary. 

h. John is not named in the will of his father; however, the scarcity of 
   Baragwanaths would seem to indicate that he IS a son of the elder John.
   His birth year fits perfectly into the family, and as he is the likliest 
   candidate to be the father of an ELEANOR Baragwanath (see note "i," below);
   I am confident in placing him as the son of John and Eleanor. It is not 
   unheard of in England for a father to omit the name of the eldest son in
   his will, as he automatically inherits anything not bequeathed; also  
   as an eldest son, he may have already received his inheritance.
i. John Baragwanath must have married and had issue. He and Richard are the
   only Baragwanaths in the area, and Richard is too young to be the father of
   the following:
   Eleanor Barragwanath m. Thomas Carnsew  31 Aug 1669, St. Ives
   Margaret Baragwanath m. John Nicholas 1671, Towednack

j. "Joane wife of Jo: Thomas" buried 14 May 1664, Towednack, is probably John
   Baragwanath's daughter.

k. A second Elizabeth Baragwanath was buried at Towednack in 1722, but this
   person was likely much too old to be John's daughter.

l. Margaret Baragwanath, widow, of Zennor, was buried at Towednack 31 May
   1785. Peter married Margaret quite late, and the couple had no issue. It
   is very likely that Margaret was Margaret Woolcock, widow of Robert Curnow
   of Zennor.

m. William is assumed to be the son of Richard, as he is of the appropriate 
   generation, and he named his second son Richard (the eldest was William).

n. Records of the Manor of Ludgvan Leas and Porthia has the following in
   the Manor Court Roll for 1726: "itm, Wee p'sent ye death of Willm. 
   Baragwanath being a Life on a Moiety of a Tenant. in Trevissa in the 
   p'ish of Towednacke and a best be(a)st due on his death & Jane his
   widow the next Life." Note: William was appointed Reeve for the Manor 
   for the year beginning 21 June 1717. His signature appears on most of 
   the Manor Court Rolls between 1716 and 1723.

o. There has been some very odd speculation among the Curnow descendants
   that Jane Curnow, wife of William Baragwanath was formerly married to
   William Ninnes at age 15, was widowed, and married William Baragwanath
   using her maiden name! This was based on the premise that no earlier Jane
   Curnow was found, ignoring the fact that the extant Towednack P.R.
   does not begin until 1676. However, William Ninnes and wife were having
   children christened at Towednack AT THE SAME TIME as William Baragwanath
   and wife. The Jane Curnow who married William Ninnes was actually the
   daughter of Thomas and Joan (Painter) Curnow (b. abt. 1672, chr. not
   recorded), while William Baragwanath's wife was the daughter of Robert
   and Catherine (Painter) Curnow, chr. in 1676, the first year of the 

p. St. Ives, Cornwall, Parish Register, LDS film #1595570.

q. The Will of Peter Baragwanath (Archdeaconry of Cornwall, dp. 1 April
   1782) names brother John Baragwanath. John's christening is not recorded
   at Towednack, and must have occurred during one of the years in which
   both the P.R. and the Bishop's Transcripts are missing (1706-1707, 
   1709-1710, 1712-1713).

r. Wife remarried in 1734. One son was born to Michael and Martha: Michael
   in 1731.


Any of the following could either be children of Richard Baragwanath, or
children of John Baragwanath (b. 1618):

3. Emblem Baragwanath  m. 14 Aug 1679, Towednack, Matthew ________. 
3. *Ann Baragwanath  bur. 28 Dec 1686, Towednack
3. Catherine Baragwanath  m. 25 Jun 1687, Zennor, William Stevens. 
3. John Baragwanath (had child chr. at Towednack in 1695)
3. Robena Baragwanath  m. 21 Nov 1691, Ludgvan, John Chelew.
3. *Elizabeth Baragwanath  bur. 15 Dec 1722, Towednack

*Either of these two could rather be a wife of John Baragwanath (1618),
 or of Richard Baragwanath. The likliest scenario is that Ann is the 
 wife of John and Elizabeth is the wife of Richard.

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