Appendix A - The Van and Other Gadgets

My vehicle was a 1997 Volkswagen Eurovan Camper. I bought the van in March of 1997, so I had had it for five months or so before the trip. During my first couple of camping trips in the van, I noticed and fixed a few glitches in the camper, but on this trip, everything performed flawlessly.

Modifications I've made to the van:

Here you can see the driver's view of my van, with a couple of the additions I made.

Van Dashboard

Other gadgets I brought along:

All of this, plus clothes, coats, food, and a dog, fit very easily into the van. I was able to stow everything behind the back seat or in the cabinets for travel, so the seats and floor of the van were empty when I was on the road.

However, since the van has to function as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and "driving room" (most architects leave that room out), I was constantly rearranging things. For example, every morning began with stripping the sheets of the bed, folding the mattress, and making the bed back into a seat. Before driving, I'd take all the luggage from the front, where I'd placed it the night before, to the back, behind the back seat. And in the evening, I'd have to make sure all the dirty dishes were washed and put away before I would transfer the luggage to the front and make the bed up. It was a constant battle against clutter, requiring a good place for everything.

©1997 Richard Cochran
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