Tour Stop #2, Silverware Drawer

Here's the silverware drawer, with its contents spread out. Still in the drawer is a pot strainer, for pasta. From left to right on the table, there's a tiny cheese grater, above it a garlic press, then a stirring spoon, a small lighter, a big red and white sparker which is used for lighting the stove (it doesn't use fuel, it just has a piezo element that makes sparks), a sharp knife in its custom wooden sheath, and a nylon spatula (the spatula and spoon both have folding handles). Proceeding right, we have a T-shaped wine cork remover, an aluminum pot grabber, another stirring spoon, lexan silverware for four (with my initials on each piece, for those group events), a small metal waterproof match safe filled with matches, and finally a can opener.

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