eSabbatical 2000i

Or, How I spent My Summer Vacation

One of the great things about my employer is that they give me six weeks off every four years, in addition to the regular vacation. I added in some regular vacation time, and didn't go to work during all of July and August, 2000. This journal chronicles the second month of my second sabbatical. The first month was spent going to Dinosaur National Monument with friends, taking a government sponsored class in how to use a chain saw, visiting local museums, and other stuff.

I apologize for the eSabbatical 2000i title, but one of the things I've learned from observing the masters of marketing in the high tech industry is that if you want to make something, new, fresh, and exciting, without actually doing anything much different, you must follow the trite convention of inserting lower case e and i letters into the name and making the capitalization violate the rules of standard English. The number 2000 really helps, too.

Chapter 1 -- Earth's oldest living things
Chapter 2 -- Mammoth Vulcanism
Chapter 3 -- Across Nevada
Chapter 4 -- Capitol Reef
Chapter 5 -- Return to Silverton
Chapter 6 -- Valley View
Chapter 7 -- St. Louis
Chapter 8 -- Back West

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©2000 Richard Cochran
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