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I recently got an Icom R2 scanning radio, which has a computer interface for programming its frequencies. Unfortunately, the available software was all pretty user-unfriendly. It would allow you to save and restore the configuration of the radio, but it was not good at editing frequencies, copying them from one bank to another, and other types of manipulations.

Rather than write software to do all possible editing I might want to do, I took a simpler approach. I wrote software which dumps the radio's frequencies into a plain ASCII text file, so that I can use a text editor, spreadsheet, or other program to manipulate things any way I see fit. This approach allows other people to use my software to manipulate their own configurations in ways I never thought of.

I named the R2 Upload/Download software R2Pepper, after my dog, who is small, lean, energetic, smart, and versatile.

Latest Icom R2 Upload/Download software, with instructions, is at

A few years back, I wrote some software to build a DGPS beacon receiver. This allows you to receive Coast Guard signals that help improve accuracy of GPS navigation. Be warned that the software is only one of the things you'll need to build your own DGPS reciever, and the other things require some technical knowledge. Several people have e-mailed me saying they got it to work and found it useful, but most of them used ham radio callsigns behind their names, and the questions they asked demonstrated that they had a solid background in electronics.

I can't support this software, but the source code is available, and you're welcome to use it.

If you're still interested, the DGPS software, along with instructions, is at

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