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I own a 1997 Volkswagen EuroVan Camper, purchased in March of 1997. This page describes the van and things I've done to it. I get pretty detailed, and this page is mostly designed to be of interest to other EuroVan owners or potential owners.

Thumb's up to the sign at the start of Sonora Pass on California's highway 108! I've taken my van over much steeper, twistier, more treacherous roads (many of them unpaved), but this one has my favorite sign. It's a beautiful scenic drive that reminds me why I won't drive anything much bigger than the EuroVan.

Click Here for a Guided Tour of the Van, featuring interior photos, and a whole lot of useful gadgets that I keep stashed in the various cabinets.

Click on the thumbnails below for a few interior details and descriptions of modifications I've made and accessories added.


Some modifications I've made to the van:

If you want to see a detailed checklist that I use for camping, click.

Here's a list of problems I've had with the van. Almost all the problems were relatively minor Winnebago problems that were there when the vehicle was first purchased.

Here are my procedures for servicing the refrigerator.

A wonderful resource for EuroVan owners is the ev_update mailing list. Go to to sign up or to view the archives.

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