Dinosaur II -- Go Big or Go Home -- Return to Limestone Island

Girdled We arrive at Limestone Island, which was our primary work site for the previous year. The island looks good, with only a couple of exceptions. Last year we ran out of time and didn't finish scouring the island completely. This plant was one where we sawed the main branches down, and dug down to the crown, but we didn't have time to completely remove it. We decided, as an experiment, to "girdle" the tree by stripping eight inches of bark off, all around the trunk, below the root crown. This action will kill many types of plants, but we found that it doesn't work for Tamarisk; this one seems to be quite healthy. Since it's already mostly dug out, it's a fairly easy matter to dig the rest of the way down and kill it completely.

We work for a few hours at Limestone Island, completing the task of tamarisk removal there.

Bryan Checking Map
Here Bryan is checking the river map upstream of Steamboat Rock, the rock in the background with the dramatically upturned sedimentary layers.

Roy Rowing
Roy is rowing, and Andrew is a passenger, but where's Ralph?

Tony Carving Carving Carving Carving
We arrive at our final beach, underneath Harper's Corner. Tony has been spending much of his spare time doing woodcarving.

Somehow, Alison manages to continue looking like a cover girl after three days with no plumbing.
Dave and Alison
When I ask Dave and Alison to scoot together and pose like they like each other, this is what they do.

That evening, we celebrated our last night on the river. All our tamarisk was pulled (though there was still plenty left on the river). It was a late night for some. Judy starts burying people in the sand. I stayed buried for quite awhile; it was very comfortable. Jung had us play silly Korean numbers games that kept us on our toes.

Breakfast Crew
Here's Jaime, Judy, Dave, and Alison, doing the last morning's dishes.
Andrew Reading Jim's Backrub Judy
Andrew reads a piece from the "Earth Speaks" book, and Maria gives Jim a backrub. We were all set to hit the river, but then as Tamara's boat was being pumped up, the valve pulled out of the boat entirely, deflating a tube completely. We had to wait about half an hour for the rubber cement to cure on the boat patch before we could depart. This gave Judy an opportunity to rest on the beach, displaying one out of the series of smiles that were almost always gracing her face.

We had a long, long final day on the river. Fortunately, it was rather uneventful. We took out about an hour late, mostly due to the late start due to patching the boat. We said our goodbyes to the great Dinosaur crew and went into Vernal for dinner. We camped one more night at Split mountain; all of us were VERY tired. The next morning we headed back off toward home in California.

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