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1. Donít skimp on warm-up work. A warm muscle is much less likely to get injured than a cold muscle. Begin each workout with a general warm-up activity until you break a sweat, then do specific warm-up sets before your work sets for each exercise.

2. Only gifted easy gainers can build mass and refine muscle at the same time. Most of us need to first spend a few years building the required mass.

3. Try both a pronated and supinated grip, and different hand spacings, when performing pull-ups and chins to find the most comfortable and powerful grip for you. You can even try a parallel grip if your gymís chinning setup has parallel handles.

4. Pull-ups should be done to the front, not the rear. The pull-up to the rear is a somewhat unnatural movement that can put exaggerated stress on your shoulders. Pull-downs are similar to pull-ups. Always pull to the front.

5. Take it relatively easy the first few weeks youíre on a new program, then start pushing hard. But listen to your body: if you feel tired regularly, youíre overtraining or underrecovering. Get more rest and recovery, and/or cut back in the gym.

6. You should be tired when you finish training, but it should be an exhilarated feeling of tiredness, combined with the satisfaction of a job well done. Cut back on sets and exercises until you find the volume of work you can cope with without wiping yourself out. If in doubt, do less work rather than more.

7. When doing stiff-legged deadlifts, keep your back flat. To avoid rounding your back, avoid using an excessive range of motion. Donít go any deeper than the point at which your back is parallel to the floor.

8. Only at the top of the stiff-legged deadlift should your legs be straight; keep your knees slightly unlocked at all other times.

9. Building mass means you have to get stronger. To keep using heavier and heavier weights, you need to rest adequately between sets - up to several minutes between sets on your heavy compound exercises.

10. When doing biceps curls, choose a medium grip. A very close or very wide grip puts exaggerated stress on the elbows. If the barbell curl irritates your elbows and your form is good, try dumbbell curls. Dumbbells permit your wrists to find their natural positioning. Also, keep your wrists straight when curling; donít extend them backward or flex them forward when doing the movement.

11.Increasing your strength, and hence your muscle size, is a slow process. You canít hasten it by adding poundage to your exercises faster than your body can build strength. Add only very small plates instead of going for the big ones .

12.When doing pull-downs, lean back a little and arch your back at the bottom of each rep. Pull your shoulder blades back and down at the bottom of the movement. If you canít retract your shoulder blades, youíre using excessive resistance .

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