In January of 1996, Col. Charles Hansen published an excellent article in 
"The American Genealogist" regarding the ancestry of Ann (Bagley) Brinton.
I would urge everyone who has Brinton/Bagley ancestry to obtain a copy of
his article (Vol. 71, No. 1)

Hansen did a wonderful job on the Brinton/Bagley family, but I did find a 
couple of mistakes and ommissions. I also add a few notes and speculations.
All of my information was taken from the original parish registers (on 
microfilm) of Sedgley, Staffordshire; and St. Edmund and St. Thomas, Dudley 
parish, Worcester.

Additions and corrections to Hansen:

From the Sedgley Parish Register:

1. Christened was William son of Thomas Mason laborer the xvii day (Dec. 1584)
2. Christened was Thomas son of Tho Brinton la. the same day (xixth July 1607)
3. Buried was Elizabeth Mason widdow the xth day (Jan 1627/8)
4. Buried was Thomas son to John Bagley the xixth day (Sep 1629)
5. Wid. Biddle was buryed the 5th of November (1641)
6. Bur: was old Thomas Brianton of Nether Gornall, Nayler, the 6th (Mar 1680)
7. Buried was old Ann Brainton of Nether Gornall widd. the 2nd (Sep 1684)
8. Buried was Stephen Branton of Nether Gornall the 17th day (Aug 1686)

My notes on the above:

1. Col. Hansen only listed one child for Thomas Mason... (Ellin); here 
   is a second...
2. Hansen had this Thomas listed incorrectly as 19 JUNE 1607. I suspect 
   this was just a typo.
3. Burial not listed by Hansen...
4. Hansen had this incorrectly listed as a christening (see additional notes
   on John s/o John Bagley, below)
5. Possibly the mother of Ann Biddle Brinton; this in the only Biddle
   listed at Sedgley.
6. Burial not listed by Hansen...
7. Burial not listed by Hansen...
8. Same. This is the adult son of Thomas and Ann (Biddle) Brinton.

Note: There is an entry in the IGI for the the christening of Thomas Brinton, 
s/o Thomas and Ann (Biddle) Brinton (Hansen gives only the burial); 
I checked this in the original Sedgley P.R., and the listing IS indeed there, 
but I did not copy this one verbatim. This Thomas was chr. on 30 May 1641.

John s/o John Bagley: According to Hansen, this man married Margaret ___, 
and had a son Thomas chr. at Sedgely on 19 Sep 1629. I have seen this entry,
(see above) and it is a BURIAL, not a christening. Hansen also credits this
John with the "Richard, s/o John Bagley" buried at St. Edmund in 1639.
There are also three other children (Margaret 1638, St. Thomas; Jane 1640,
St. Edmund; and John 1643/4 St. Edmund) all baptised as sons of John (and
Margaret). Because of the gap between the burial of Thomas and these last
three children, I believe that both Thomas s/o John buried at Sedgley and 
Richard s/o John buried at St. Edmunds are BROTHERS of John who married
Margaret, not sons. The elder John was known to have sons of these names
who pre-deceased him, and both Thomas and Richard would be under age 21 and
could certainly be buried as "son of John" although neither were children.
The three children baptised 1638-1644 would then be the only children of the 
younger John and his wife Margaret.


From the St. Thomas Parish Register:

1. William Tomlinson married Agnes Orres, Feb. 1561/2
2. William Biddle buryed the iiii day (Feb. 1625/6)

My notes:

1. Hansen listed Agnes' surname as DUES, but the beginning letter of her
   surname does not match any of the letter "D"s on the same or the 
   preceeding P.R. page. The preceeding page has the word October with a
   capital "O"; this matches perfectly the beginning letter of Agnes'
   surname. The name IS difficult to read, but it definately begins with
   an "O" and appears to be Orres or Ores.
2. This may be the father of Ann (Biddle) Brinton. Or it could be the same
   person as #1 under St. Edmund (below) but the chronology seems to suggest
   there might be two Williams, perhaps a father and a son.


St. Edmund Parish Register:

1. Mara daughter to William Biddell baptised Oct __ 1573
2. George Gresebrocke buried March xxx 1597
3. John Greasebrocke buried March xxx 1597
4. John son to Elyzabeth Gregson & Reputed to be the sonne of 
   John Gresebrock baptised xv Feb 1609/10
5. John Bagley a Gemsmith buryed the 17th day (Jan 1643/4)

My notes: 

1. Is this William the same man who was buried in 1625...? 
2, 3 & 4. Some miscellaneous Gresebrooks residing in the area.. 
5. Is this the same man as the husband of Margaret? If so, then Margaret's 
   husband is not the son of "our" John Bagley, who was still living in 
   1648 when his father wrote his will....

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